Ready for serious entertainment?

  Ready for serious entertainment?

Numerous stalls were selling textiles and dresses. There were shops for novelties, products from cottage industries, khadi items, footwear, traditional toys, dress accessories and non-precious imitation jewellery. It is a no brainer, to guess that this is a walk thru through a ‘mele’. In all, there were over 300 stalls. Juice centres, fast food, pure veg stalls, sit down eat, Chinese, Mexican and many other varieties of food were sold in as many as 15 stalls. The fete is certainly a get together on a weekend for the people in the city. This is a serious day. But in all its seriousness is certainly an inherent value of entertainment. Devoid of the buffooning, the fun sports, the street foods and other comedy factors, this ‘mele’ could not have attracted such tens of thousands of people. Much enthusiasm was generated among the visitors to the stalls.

All the serious features enhance its own energy if infused with a dab of entertainment into it. Many motivational speakers deliver very serious topic in their words. The lessons they teach are spoken sincerely and earnestly. As you know that they give a generous number of anecdotes and human examples there by eliminating the chance of boredom. On the contrary, all the entertainers will not be successful without seriousness. Have you visited a standup comedy show lately? Though it is strictly a comedy show much thought has gone into calculations, articulations and measurements. The estimated duration of the show, the impact on the listener and even the timing of the laughter in the audience has been researched, studied and recorded. The stand up comedian must have rehearsed a show and has submitted himself to much scrutiny and examinations by a jury. If entertainment is the journey then seriousness is the destination. Then there is enthusiasm in consumer and his stamina to engage with you is your objective.

In schools, students would have studied better if the academics was not only seriously demanding but also had applied some entertainment.

Even religious festivals have entertainment value. Whether it is Temple Pooram, Diwali firecrackers, colourful Holi, the church festivals or even the festival of Eid, have all solemn frameworks of discipline, academic characteristics and civilized manners.

What can you say about a poetry recital, a ghazal, jazz or classical renderings? Are they strictly and seriously a matter of compliance or has in it the freedom to entertain? Only when seriousness and entertainment comes together, then the enthusiasm is invoked in the listener. The seriousness enlivens the frivolous and the entertainment balance the rigidities. This fine balance brings tasteful results. People flock to discotheques, pubs or even nightclubs for entertainment. Without a serious approach to exposure, spending and other extravaganza the night life-‘entertainment’ will appear to be trivial. Certainly the rap, reggae, hip-hop, retro and even indie pop are all consumed by a segment called young people. Responsible consumption of entertainment is an indicator of maturity. All entertainment stays intact for larger duration only if consumption is judicious. In short entertainment is a serious business.

The cinema in the theatre is considered as entertainment also. The Government even takes an entertainment tax when you indulge. But behind the scenes and the screens, this is a serious industry. Many Universities offer serious academic education in script writing, voice dubbing, light, sound engineering, camera and photography, acting and all other components of cinematography and the art of filmmaking. These are seriously certified educations. The filmgoers and the fans have enthusiasm because of a seriously organized format of the show and the theatre. The energy as they watch the movie is unhindered because of the correctness of power supply, sounds system, seating or even the correctly served refreshments.

The television channels comes on your face with its food shows. And all the food shows are certainly appetizing that even makes you to salivate. There are serious foods, designer, fun, street food and many others. But devoid of an inherent entertainment value in these foods most of them will appear bland and avoidable. Consider the fashion shows and the dress trends for summer, winter and for all the seasons and diverse moons in between. Cut colours, pester colours and infinite numbers of patterns are made to not only cover the body but also to entertain the wearer and the viewer. Consider giving an application to enroll in National Institute of Fashion Designing. You will be compelled to make an observation that fashion is a serious industry. Perhaps it has skipped your attention of all the serious toil and effort that goes into training. But please ask the sport champion. His show in competition in the stadium certainly is of entertainment to hundred’s of thousands of people. But the journey to the championship is of strive, struggle and exertion. For the athletes that entertain you, this entertainment is a serious competition. You will agree with me that it is shocking that the serious politics in many countries have become features of entertainment. Government, administration and legislators are serious. The under serving leaders has converted this mobility into a mockery. The struggle for power and greed for resources may drive the foolish person to violate. The serious criminal intention and even an exaggeration of horror have also found a position as an entertainer in drama and theatre.

The ‘mele’, the fete or even an international expo needs its seriousness and entertainment. The enthusiasm in a consumer is sparked off only when these come together. The consumers’ purchase decision is changed when the product satisfy the needs of amusement, enjoyment, comfort and convenience. Welcome to serious entertainment.



As published in Unique Times April edition. A company with the Chief Value Officer (C.V.O) will ensure a good life style for you and all the members of your community.

A company with the Chief Value Officer (C.V.O) will ensure a good life style for you and all the members of your community.

This is about two profiles of sample audiences. In the first case, they had dropped out of classroom and school when they were twelve, thirteen or may be even fourteen. They were just disinterested in education at that time. My friend Khalid studies their life style and body language. He makes inferences from his sixteen friends who assemble at his residence on the festive occasion. In the second case, he repeats the sharing of festivities during another occasion every year. Here, he invites those friends who have completed their management education from fancy universities and colleges. They have fancy jobs. Khalid makes inferences from their non – verbal communications. He makes comparisons between the two groups. All his friends, like him, are in the age group of mid forties.

The first group of drop-outs seem to be very happy, contented and has had harmonious family relationships. They all had vibrant social involvement and activities. They maintained very healthy relationship with parents, grand parents and all elderly people of their family. In the group of the ones who excelled in management education, the inferences were different.

Relationship with family and elders were not as harmonious. These ladies and men were isolated from many social and cultural events. Their body language communicated that they were less flexible and not very happy individuals.

Does our management system need introspection? Tens of thousands of colleges in India and others outside India claim to graduate people as bachelor or master of business administration. So we have streams such as human resource, finance, marketing and others, under the roof of business administration. No doubt, the curriculum and syllabi are designed after much consultation and consideration. One would think that Business administration colleges must bring solutions for attritions, unemployment and training of talent. Competition, cost reduction, profit enhancements, economical intelligence, persuasive selling and other forms of wealth creation are the chief objectives of this education on business administration.

If you research the results, you will discover the gap. Inability of two sets of people, the MBA graduate who finds it difficult to succeed, and the non-MBA, who is a school drop out, succeeds and is also happy. So what is the missing link of management system of companies? Is it worth to discuss this gap in management education?

A trendy name for this filler is called ‘human values’. We saw a decade of corporate social responsibility. Many companies were compelled to share a small percentage of their profits for social development. But there too became visible their vested interests. It is alleged that many companies used corporate social responsibility to enhance their image and reputation among recipients of the doles. These subsidies could not have been called as generosity. Under a federal law that compelled to give away donations, how can the ‘generosity’ become evident? Generosity is the human value, and not a compulsion.

Happiness in people is expressed in their philanthropy for the public. A set of personal austerities must be encouraged. How can we operationalize the value of caring and sharing if it does not become included in the curriculum of the books of Business administration?

It is the parents who influence the students, as they grow up in the houses. Most of the human values are incorporated in to the person at the time of his upbringing. Though management education must bring focus on the human values, yet, the parents are accountable at the time of upbringing. It is the ‘home values’ that the graduates will then express as ‘human values’. Every research has shown that unethical chase for profit is very costly. Social development is certainly linked to the upkeep of any business. It has become imperative that one subject in human values must be of credit in the MBA curriculum.

Encouraging people to improve their human values quotient alone can bring excellence in the product that they manufacture. But how to increase the capacity of people, so that they can endure more load on their performance? How can people learn to exert a bit more without stress? How to persuade the work force to stretch their capabilities? It is essential that everybody is socially responsible and functional at productivity.

Many human resource experts have introduced breathing techniques, stretches for the body and other exercises as part of employee welfare practices. Many experts and thought leaders vouch to the effectiveness of yoga and meditation for their well-being. Management and business administration will become complete only when business has a holistic approach. The transformation of a mind that has fixation on rights and demands must convert to the fresh approach of contribution. This will be the new definition of success.

The visit of the U.S president Barack Obama to India and his meeting with Narendra Modi has produced new narratives of business. But a run away optimism devoid of the values of sustainable generosity may not bring long-term gains. The camaraderie of the two leaders is laced with charitable views on friendship. But it is in the heart-felt value system of the work force in each country, that must convert this opportunity into an actionable reality.

Dignity to the management and business administration education will come, only if they establish themselves on human values, personal capacity building and social reforms.

Dignity to the management and business administration education will come, only if they establish themselves on human values, personal capacity building and social reforms.

Dignity to the management and business administration education will come, only if they establish themselves on human values, personal capacity building and social reforms. Perhaps the dropouts had to output the work of five people, as they had to swim against the current. Our transactions and interactions are like an ocean. In effect we are exposing ourselves to the surface and the depth of this ocean.

If the transaction is an ocean, then trading and ethical working is like the act of swimming. If you do not swim in the ocean, then the only other way is to sink. Similarly ethics and human values must become embedded in business, so that business can stay afloat.

A certificate of graduation from a reputed college may give you a work style that is an envy of many. But the company with the Chief Value Officer (C.V.O) will ensure a good life style for you and all the members of your community.

Welcome to the new member of C.X.O family. He will be called the Chief Value officer (C.V.O).