Everybody wants answers. Haven’t you been eager to search? Welcome to the solution industry. There are many search engines. Thanks to internet. Many of us are addicted to searching on internet search engines. Starting from Wikipedia and global positioning system, Google search and others all have almost a seductive attraction that makes you engage with it. What are other places from where we seek information? Social media such as ‘Instagram’,’ Linkedin’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ or even ‘Whatsapp’ have all got their limitations. There is a limit to which you can get personal in the dimension of the internet. The search on the internet can give you information. But its educational impact can become limited. There is a limit to which it can create an impression, in an internet surfer.
Do you remember the word “pedagogue?” A pedagogue can be a teacher, a real person who delivers an education program. Have you written off the teacher as strict, stiff and outdated? In real-time the teacher can assess the participation of students. The teacher gives sufficient leadership for large timeline, as much as many years. Many times the teacher is an educator who interacts with students in a specific procedure and systematic instruction.
Sometimes when the teacher is unable to impact, then the student seeks a private tutor. Have you had an experience with a personalized tutor? The tutor goes into much more details of how you learn, which is more of a personal handholding at the learner’s convenience. The tutor understands and explains at the pace of learning. Unlike an instructor, the tutor incorporates even Eco system and lifestyle of learner. Haven’t you at some point of time enrolled a private tutor to solve your learning handicaps?
As you mature in age and in your reasoning, you may start seeking a guide. Unlike an instructor, the guide may have less contact hours with you. The guide is certainly a domain expert in a specific stream of your interest. You will notice that your interaction with the guide becomes more informal and intimate. A guide needs to have humorous and creative methods to invoke the skills and talents. Steadily and slowly the guide excites the element of curiosity in the learner. He allows the learner to do research. A guide sparks off the need to learn. The onus and the accountability of learning is on the learner and not on the guide.
But what when the exit from pains and ignorance are more urgent? Whom do you seek then?
Who can give you a personal care and intense attention? Your maturity of professionalism and exposure can now connect you to a mentor. The mentor is a highly experienced person and knows how to deserve your trust. The mentor is capable of intercepting all attributes of your living.
They may want to understand the way you relate to other people, food habits, career aspirations, you have hidden weaknesses and other traits. Are you willing to reveal yourself to a mentor? The mentoring is generally about your personality. The mentor will demonstrate to you a high degree of intelligence in people skills, public relations, interactive skills, transaction analysis and other soft skills.
The mentor can even give you opinion on the kind of friends and other opinion leaders that you are involved with. A mentor should not hesitate to exercise the authority over the learner. Many times the mentors may become stern and even choose to punish behaviors that adversely affect the progress of learners. A good mentor will demand compliance to severe rules and regulations. You may even be expected to obey the mentor.
On the internet we can visit many sites that give us examinations and tests. It could be test of analytical skills , intelligence quotient, language tests or even about industries such as vocational training food, fashion or even sport and health. Web sites may have the possibility of examining your learning proficiencies in marketing, finance, accounts or in any other fields. They can test your knowledge by benchmarking you against other achievers. But do you want to consider some ‘esoterism’ and philosophy? Have you heard of the term ‘self referral’? Are you qualified to set your own benchmarks and exceed it? If you were to set your own benchmark of excellence and then strive to go beyond your ‘self referral’, then a mentor becomes inevitable. The nature of a personalized relationship with a mentor cannot be replicated in the digital world.
In many cases the learner avoids unpleasant news, such as that of difficulties in learning or even failures. Who will supervise your tasks? Don’t you need a watchdog who will observe your activities under a magnifying glass? It may be a good idea to engage an external regulator whom you authorize as your inspector. An inspector can enforce a framework .So that your labor and output is focused on the target of achieving desirable results. With an inspector, there is no room to maneuver through your emotions. Most of the emotions will become discarded. Academics, personality, relationship, health, career and even your businesses can become impeded due to emotional surges. As a business person you really can’t afford to be a victim of emotional imbalances.
In our learning efforts, we have been conditioned to believe specific methodologies to be correct and others to be incorrect. Don’t you feel confined in a sense of incapability? Where is the freedom from such confinement and mediocre understanding? It is not easy to find a good trainer? But when you find one, be ready to change your habits, patterns and routines. The trainer may challenge your fundamentals of principles and values. Many times a good trainer may be perceived as unnecessarily harsh. But then a trainer who is sincere will not hesitate to make you confront your ignorance and weaknesses.
For an easier way to learn, is the arrival of a coach. The coach has to set targets and goals. The coach can appear light and easy but will be firm about the goal setting. The coach gives you focus on the short term goals, details of a mid term goal and a vision of a long term goal. The coach can exit from his engagement only after you have reached your goals. The coach may consider himself duty bound to you to victory.
As you mature and upgrade yourself into an entrepreneur or business person, now your objective must be to engage an advisor. An advisor is less intimate and is impersonal. Unlike a mentor the advisor keeps you at an arm’s length. It’s up to you to use the advice or to reject it. The advisor is not involved in enforcing or making you implement the advice. An advisor considers that his client is capable of doing the correct actions. When the learner wants little more clinical approach to discover solutions, then learner has to turn to a counselor. Then counselor interrogates and probes much deeper in to the characteristics, personality and even the past experience of the learner. Many counselors expect that the learner expresses himself honestly and completely. The Counselor’s attempt is to give comfort and solace to the minds of the learner.
In case of pure achievement of target, what the learner needs is a consultant. The consultant does a research and makes statistical presentation to learner. The consultant demands much intellectual rigor. The learner is persuaded on the statistical data. The consultant thrives on compiling and studying real data from the environment and market. The learner can expect that the consultant will make excellent presentation to impart the data. The consultant is driven to create a good impression about himself in the mind of the learner.
As is evident, it is not easy to be able to influence the listener. Example of influencers is in the realm of governors and social communicators. Many learners can enhance their performance and achieve great level of productivity due to the communication skills of the influencers. Influencers are capable of persuading the listeners and learners. The influencer has proven his credibility. Therefore, the learner has assessed the influencer as reliable and dependable. Social behaviors of people are directed by influencers. Influencers are characterized as people who have gotten most of the qualities of good leaders. They convert learners into followers.


So where have you reached now? You have started with curiosity and need for solutions. You have travelled through an entire generation of solution industry. You have matured and upgraded your skill set. You have updated your skills multiple number of time by adapting to a changing industry. With your integrity and sincerity of learning, today there is all chance that you have converted yourself to become an inspirer. You must consider your track record of achievements. You will be rewarded when you become an inspirer to the next generation of the solution seekers. The Internet alone just may not be a complete source of learning. Thank you teacher.