Nobody can become a professional son, professional wife or professional father but the small unit called your family can acquire noble mindset.

Nobody can become a professional son, professional wife or professional father but the small unit called your family can acquire noble mindset.

For many people, the relationship inside the house hold has become a challenge. Sometimes, it is an effort to keep family hood intact. At one time, family was considered pristine and perfect. It used to be like a complete institution. But today the members inside family react differently. There are changes in equations between people. External forces such as neighbor-hood or even society influences decisions. This alters the sense of hierarchy in family.

Skill and sensitivity in dealing with others is the solution. How to be considerate, when you perceive offence from adversaries in the house? Some people in the family are endowed with a knack of saying the right things at right time. Some others do things with aesthetic perception. But there are others who are not tactful. They need lessons in diplomacy. Diplomacy is something that all should learn from the corporate sector. Interactions and transactions are governed by preset rules and practices. The practices of trade and exchange are controlled by specific order. The corporate relationships are managed by techniques that can balance, not only reasoning but also emotions.

The family evolves working through traditions and cultures. This is okay, when there are a few number of people. Consider when there are four children to each set of parents, two sets of parents and then their grandparents all living in the same villa. How to cope with them with conflicts, diverse views and difference in opinions? It is easy to speak about ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’. We need education to operationalize the concept of family hood. How to implement team work?

Look at the corporate sector. Many corporates imported ideas, of collective progress from looking at family relations. The companies conduct review meetings in recreational resorts. They conduct adventure games among staff to bring a sense of bonding. Many companies have food courts to encourage workers to sit and eat together. Some companies even have gone to the extent of calling the brand, a family of workers. Therefore, it will only be wise for biological families, to inculcate some ideas from corporate values such as team work.

Studying the Indian sport scenario, we see great Indian players and athletes. Many of them have all elements of a champion. Profile the Indian individual and you can see a great performer. You can destroy the champion inside him, by simply putting him inside a team. Though there is a great individual output and skill, yet many Indians find difficulty to integrate themselves in to a team of equals. Sometimes many members inside the house are great individuals but create an imbalance when compelled to integrate. This is where education can help so as to stay together.Some learning from sports about team work and collective success can change attitude inside biological families.

Corporate sector relies heavily on mutual talks, dialogues and negotiations. They resolve conflicts through meeting, consultations and counseling. The corporate sector also has many reasons to be upset. But yet they take recourse to principles of equity, equality and fairness. The corporate sector attempts to be neutral and unbiased when arriving at some rationality or justice.

Why can’t these lofty corporate ideas become part of resolutions in your families? Unlike the corporate sector, it is easy for families to rely on laughter, humour and entertainment so as to diffuse a sense of hostility, adversity or conflict. Such informal practices are introduced in modern-day corporate behavior so as to diffuse any prejudice among colleagues. Have you heard of laughter clubs? Like inside your family, the corporate sector is not immune to internal disputes. They then choose diplomatic methods to settle mutual disputes. They employ a third-party. They engage an impartial person to the arbitration. The families can also consider involving a neutral arbitrator or a social leader.

Societies have found many methods to maintain equanimity and tranquility within their geography. Politics is the most used method to govern the polity and demography. The conduct of public affairs has also much to teach in the governance of the biological family. How to get organized and make policies are imperative, if they want to scale up their operations. Knowledge on how to invest in family resources, positions of authority and power are essential to be able to increase revenues for house hold. These educations are needed to all members of the home at varying times.

The social set up has much to teach on how to run family. Every society has mechanisms to stop people from violating social norm. They may call it policing. Society has legal and judiciary to administer its rules and behavior. It has inherent system of education, health, hygiene so as to stop illness and diseases. Its intelligence has even produced defense and military regiment so as to inflict damage on rogue and rowdish intruders.

The society has principled, reliable and transparent constitution to enforce law and order. There is not much room for the sway of emotional volatility. The think tank in the society may be standby mode to be invoked when there is a need to interpret abstract outbursts.

Like the intelligence of the society, every member of family must have access to the learning of harmonious living. Many families quarrel and confront because of ignorance. They need to learn protocols and procedures and other guidelines that ensures unscathed and harmonious collaborations. The societies are founded on such principles.

The societies are large-hearted even to contain agitations and dissents. The good societies can include and deal with dissent, resistances and even protests. Every family member can strive to get such broad vision and expanse of mind.

Evidently nobody can become a professional son, professional wife or professional father but the small unit called your family can acquire noble mindset. For this every member can have education from corporate sector, sport, judiciary, business, political, diplomat and legal. Also from the all-pervading humour and entertainment. Best wishes for a harmonious and sacred institution called family.