The plain ground of ten acres lays unused for most part of the year. Just on the outskirts of the city is this mega sized land with no utility value. Nobody would go there for a stroll, a pass time, to play games or even to park vehicles. This is the reason that the organizers of the Music Expo And Concerts (MEAC) chose this as venue for 2016. Suddenly, this scrap land got much value.

MEAC became the most popular word trending in city and neighbouring township. This sleepy society suddenly woke up. Every individual in this geography became provoked to procure and acquire a piece of the activity called MEAC. Everyone wanted to make profits. A stampede enroute to the path of making gains, became imminent. The society has discovered a new mental experience. That is scarcity and deprivation.

Before, MEAC decided to occupy this scrap land, the individuals and citizens was in a sense of abundance and surpluses. How did this sense of prosperity, downgrade it’ self to lack?

The arrival of MEAC and it’s occupying of this piece of ten acre land, that nobody wanted, has kick started new dynamic in behavior. The people became divided. Each began competing with the other. Many fought to retain prominence in this public music concerts. Disputes has now become common, to attract the organizers, to choose appropriate vendors. Contracts will be awarded and nobody wants to be left out. The social map and space became virulent. The tone of confinement and shortages became evident. Now it has opened up to an opportunity for social reformers, to step in and work for social harmony.

Have you been in such, situations of hostility between people? Do you have an accountability to resolve conflicts in your society? Well, we can debate about this topic. But actually, these confrontations, though external to your neighbourhood, are not isolated events. Your home may not be isolated or immune from rogue social behaviors.

Disorder in any part of your neighbourhood can have repercussions in the way you live. The people of your community, can impact the comfort and conveniences that you need. Your parochial and limited social view will be demolished. Now, opening up to learning of demography and new social order will be inevitable.

What method will you use, to scale up your social Reach and Influence? Identify and recognize that many parts of your culture need to be upgraded and updated. It will be difficult for all to hide and stagnate behind the cover of tradition. Such Veil of ignorance must be busted, internally. Within you lies the strength to remove the cobwebs in your understandings.

New normals of economic and political indulgences can enhance, your clout and leverage in your society. The objective is to discover the serenity and tranquility that prevailed, before the arrival of MEAC. Strangely, modernism of MEAC and progress, will not be reversed. There are strong equalizers of social conduct and tenets that levelise all equations. These rules and laws will prevail.

The lethargy and complacence has to be vanquished. But you want to remain invincible. For this, the method, is to train yourself to be the persuader. The persuader will shake off all psychological grips and other controls, upon himself. The persuader is aspiring to be an expert in transactions. The persuader can profile and calibrate the sentiments of the mob and public. The persuader gets the training to dilute the torments, and diffuse any turbulence in the people. He participates in social issues. The persuader is eager to express spontaneously and work with strong intent. The responses from the persuader has traces of intuition and lots of good luck.

The persuader is benevolent and charitable. He exudes generosity and kindness. The public spirit gravitates to persons who work for other people. You may term it as social conscience.

But there are adversaries to persuaders. The adversaries are rogues and bullies. They charge with duress and are a menace to social harmony. Intimidation to others is a common weapon with rowdies, who coerce those who comply with law. The persuaders are energized and lively. They can activate the people’s attitude, so that the threats can be neutralized. But the skills and talents to be elected as the persuader in society, is not easy to achieve. For, this, we must prepare, work, qualify and be experienced. Everybody has basic abilities. But your honesty, courage, integrity and confidence will help to be a persuader. Invest in your own daily improvement, towards accomplishing, the art of good social quotient.

Construct the plan by which to improve the way, that you live. Decide to be nominated as the social persuader. Social harmony is a result of joint effort. Therefore, you must work to get your listeners to align to the same page, as you.

The lifestyle of the social persuader has three indicators. That is sacrifice, service and austerity. Persuaders get dividends from social capital. They are never ignored, neglected or discarded. The trail and analysis shows that the rise in cost of living, inflation, monthly earnings and inflations does not destroy the social persuader. He has no fear of big purchases like the buying of a refrigerator, car or not even the house. The requirements and home needs are given to the persuader at the cost price.

The centres of social care also comes to help the persuader. The hospitals and services of care are willing to give support, to the social persuader.

Therefore, take your mind audit. Are you a coachable person? Will you enhance your responsibility to make a New Harmony Zone in your society? There is an obligation to be engaged in the events and activities of our neighbourhood. The talent of the future is to be able to converge and merge, the people who are polarized. The people have the right to be diverse. But the inclusiveness and the ability to accommodate pluralistic lifestyle can make you the master persuader.

The people need the education. That the concerts from the Musical Expo And Concerts is limited to a duration of two weeks. After the fortnight, they will dismantle all equipment and leave the city. All the expensive tickets and precious car passes will have lost all value. The entire ground will once again remain wasted. All things that you thought as rare, will become almost garbage. The performances and entertainment will be shelved, as only a memory. The perceptions will change and be transformed.

The social harmony will be restored. The futility of all confrontations, will become revealed. The persuader need to be alert. The expert persuader must make this, a society of learners. The persuader is the behavior coach. The MEAC is only a temporary activity. The social authority is reward, that stays for the longer time period. Salutes to the social persuader!