It is natural that we seek information. There are some people who are skilled at collating data. It is a real art to sieve through the complete data and to write a presentable report. Also there are others who have curiosity for the data. When these two categories of people come together, then they give birth to an industry called the ‘ News  industry’.

Have you walked on to the Bangalore airport lately? There is a news stand announcing the arrival of up to nine brands of newspaper like, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Times Of India, Economic Times, Hindustan Times  and DNA.  Among many others there are about three additional brands of regional news papers. My intrigue is that the availability of information is such an overload. In that thirty minutes that you wait in the departure lounge do we really need information in so many choices and options of newspapers? Even if you carry some of these with you, do you really put them in to optimum utility of twelve pages of paper and print?

Have you ever seen news papers used as paper napkins in restaurants? I have even seen news papers being used on floor of trains to rest and lie down on. In many housing complexes we find people cleaning wind shield of the car and its windows. They say the carbon of the print is a good glass cleanser. The news papers are also used as packing material for glassware and as packaging wrapper for gifts. News papers have become a bonus to anti-plastic bag activists; they have created carry bags from news paper. Is it the humble news paper or the news in it that is of more utility?

How many hours do you surf through news channels?  I am sure, in your memory you have stored the names and brands of at least 10 news channels. You may be intrigued of the competitiveness of one news channel over the other. All of these are information that we are consuming.  How many gigabytes of information are you exposed to everyday? And today the news consumption has a new medium; have you heard of Internet news channels? It is safe to say that we consume over five gigabytes of information daily. How addictive is the product called ‘news’? If you really do a research, you will be amazed to know that not more than one third of the news that you are exposed to today really contributes to the process of taking important decisions.

It is only intelligent that, now we learn to isolate this one third of the news that is of utility to us. Who will create this methodology? What are the mechanics to categorize the news that we can really use. Conversely speaking what duration of your time and mind space can you retrieve, that is currently occupied with information that has no significance?

Have you entered in to the psychology of a news miner?  There are people who have graduated in an instinct called ‘nose for news’. Whether this is an art or science is debatable. But certainly one needs immense education in the art of mining the data from the environment. Where is that environment, which is rich in data that is of optimum utility to human race? We need an alternative environment which has news, worthy of consumption. We need access to information which is not limited to academics, industry, social relationships, entertainment and other such streams. Isn’t it interesting that even Bollywood entertainment, cinema review and nostalgic reel experience and film releases are available on news channels.

Where should your gaze be? Have you mined the data that is available when you turn your gaze into introspection? Where are the data that reporters should be bringing to you about the knowledge and wisdom about your inner environment? What is the mechanics by which the data of self development is confined? Is it not confined to an industry called the industry of ‘development and progress’? Even the wellness industry looks shy to proclaim the origin of the Vedas.  What a social transformation would it be if the news channels and news papers would have an initiative to represent harmony and well being among the human race? Which will be the news company that will champion the cause of pranayama , meditation and yoga.  Certainly these champions can be credited by replacing the two-third of rhetoric information in the name of news. They will invite the reliance of readers and will be considered as a leader who brought in the social change and transformation. All the news industry together can then be the leaders and implementers of the change. The news watchers can be gifted with this new dimension. The fresh content from the news rooms can be credited to bring relief and solace to many minds. The children and the youth who perhaps generally shy away from hard core news can be drawn back with the new News appeal. Many gadgets, raw material, soft ware, hardware, news paper and the labour that goes into the news industry will reflect the purpose of transmission of data and information.