Differences and distances between people are evident in all relationships. We know about generation gaps. This is a living full of gaps. Gaps cannot be avoided, Between genders, economics, academics and even social classes. But in times of internet, new gaps is between academics and industry.

Always there is first an experience. And then the person speaks about his experience. Somebody else, notes the content of this experience. And then the academic part is constructed. Words are articulated so as to describe the experience. And here begins the academics. Academics are written by scholars. This structure that is built, using word crafting becomes the academics. The industry has begun and then the contents for teachers, follows. Regulators then invent a new process, by which to do, action. They break it down to it’s basic components and fundamental elements. All these tiny pieces , are fitted in sequence by administrators. They call it the procedures. People of corporate governance manufacture  a set of protocols. Design and maintenance department creates, the structure. This structure ensures, sustainability and stability and steadiness. New  systems and suitable methods are innovated for safety and security. The mathematics and arithmetic are used by the accounts department. So here we have the experience, academics, product and industry.

The humanists will develop the values. And finally, the academicians will set curriculum and syllabus. Now we are ready to train the new young minds about the product. The positions are clear. The experience, academics, product and the industry. How to eliminate gaps among these four factors?

The only method is to do Transaction, Intelligence, Participation, Endurance of disruptions, and Adaptability (TIPEDA). Do not forget this acronym. Practice this acronym to be able to delete the gap between academics and industry. Doing the TIPEDA will generate communication between two or more adverse situations.

The communication must blend the opposite and rival, stand points. Communicate so as to merge with the other side. Communication must not be limited, to only business objectives. Open up multiple channels to talk to each other. The academics and the Industry must enable the flow of information. They must exchange the needs, requirement of skills and ideas of talents. The communication must be delivered through multiple media methods. Social media, electronic media, internet sites and also the conventional mediums. The academicians must get immense in sights about quality of messaging. Excellent content and a good story are essential for the industry to take note. The recruiters from the industry is seeking outstanding quality from the academicia, about the products. The industry wants to hire experts of the domain.

The academic and the industry is vulnerable for disruption by the market behavior. As consumers will never stop demanding more varieties and diversities. They need choices. Therefore continuous learning and adaptality will be established norm, for the industry. Can you endure?

The attitude must be corrected, to get success in facing disruption. The future market behavior will dictate the way, that you must respond. Even products has to take new shapes. Innovation will become the new compulsion. The attitude to cope and scale up the range of products, will allow to bridge the gaps. The academics and the industry has to come together, work together. They have to learn to stay together. Expert knowledge of political interaction, and economics of production, is  essential. The next necessity is the culture of corporatising.

Your brilliance has to be made evident. The market will exihibit vibrancy and dynamism. Can you catch up with freshness of scholastic rigour. Continuous learning is the new normal. The applicant for the job and work must be ready to do different roles. Scaling up your ideas are essential. The other products and your competition, are getting  louder. You must focus on deeper study of technology. Advanced technology will help to innovate.  Your products has to do the talking. The academic education must include the ways to animate your product. People want to come closer to the experiences. Identify the disjointed spaces and weak link between academics and industry. How to identify the new compulsions? Only impositions can make people to change their habits. The pattern of change in the industry has to be matched by transformation in the academics.

The students, graduates and the faculty members on the side of academics, must participate to bridge the gaps. They must make industry visits and do interning at regular intervals. Open up your profile and personality to be as much part of the industry, as possible. Develop possibilities that will ensure that you connect intimately with the industry.

Disrupt your stagnations in academics. Do not accuse the environment. Simply managing a hostile environment is not sufficient. Pierce through the rigidity and transform to flexibility. Practicality and functionality in academics can bring it closer to industry.

You have to evolve and mature, to increase your employability quotient. Industry will resist mediocrity. Industry wants quality output from workers. Your prospective employer is looking for innovative propositions. Does your academics have any new things to offer? You must represent your views effectively. Only then you will be allowed deeper reach and influence into the industry.

May be, one more instrument or tool must be added, in between Academics and industry. A bridge. The capacity to compete with circumstances. Achieve a knack and tricks of universal work-place behavior. Develop the mentality of enterprise. Learn to be an associate of the industry, even while studying, in the college. Show resilience when you have to move through failures and losses. Express that this graduate from college has patience. Are you equipped to cater to diverse demands on your intellect, and memory. Maybe the industry need that you cross over to another job description. Then can you show versatality? The industry will probe whether they can trust you with tasks and projects.

You are hired into the industry to solve their problems. The graduate must emit resourcefulness. The industry must know that you pose absolutely no threat, to the speedy  pace and their ambitions.  Technical fitness and soft skill dextirity and domain expertise must become your aspiration.  Determination and the will to connect the academics and the industry is urgent requirement. Stretch to deliver performance, a little more than your duty. Do not limit your productivity to just as much money, that you get as salary. But instead give more intensity, so as to make a pleasant experience to the consumer.

The academics stretched into it’s own stream, then becomes the industry. Brilliance is in establishing methods to integrate the subjects of academics into it’s mature side called industry. The collaboration between academia and the industry will eliminate any gaps. Transact and do the connection.

Have you done the lessons while in school? In your examination was an instruction called “Fill in the blanks”. So any gaps, difference and distance is actually the blanks. You must work to fill in the blanks. The academic students and graduates can take accountability to make themselves known to the people in the industry.





Once again, Indians will wake up to a yet another festival. This time, it is called “Shiva Raatri.” Literarily it means, the night of Shiva. People stay awake throughout night. This wakefulness in times of darkness is one indicator that this person has subscribed to the method of Shiva Raatri.

Is Shiva, a method or a skill?

Shiva can be skill and simultaneously be the method also. Attributes of Shiva is unending. But we cannot leave it all to infinity. We are people who analyze and thereby make sense of events and activities. We are capable to articulate and define. So there is a frame for Shivaraatri.

When, Shivaraatri began, as a celebrative day, will remain uncertain. But that, this festival is getting prominence among the Hindu people, is certain. More people are flocking to venues, to participate in the splendor, that is Shivaraatri. Not that all of these people, understands the context of this person called Shiva. But yet some celebrations, transcends reasons and logic.

Aggregation is a trendy word in business and industry today. Then what is dis – aggregation? Consider a unifocal pursuit to become a microbiologist, or an orthopediatrician. These professionals become too specialized. They are effective in their respective trade to such an extent that they cannot understand the wholeness of healing and the hospital. Their capacity to treat and cure a common cold is diminished, owing to their excess detailing of a specific and narrow subject. This is dis – aggregation. Some standardizations have become rigid and stagnated. Now they cannot scale up their trade and aspects of living. Their brains become skewed to a single department. This excessive segmentation will isolate people. Alienation from the whole can make you strange to many other things. Shiva is the concept that will disrupt such Status Quo. Shiva intrudes into stagnation. Eliminate sense of strangeness. Shiva is the method to scale up your operations.

This scaling up may have rough corners. A meal laid out to you in a five star restaurant, is customized and personalized. You can take joy in the opulent ambience. The designer foods can qualify as diligent because of many expert chefs that attended to your meal. But things are different at the Langar. Yes, Langar is a place where hundreds of thousands of people are fed a sumptuous meal. This is achieved by people who Volunteers their talent, skill and services. The eaters do not pay any money for the fulfilling meals. This is an example of scaling up in number. Some bruises on the roundedness of the Chapati (Indian Bread) can be forgiven. The server, host, eaters, the entire guest, the donors and workers, all of them blends and merges into one unit. There is absolute allegiance to the cause. No divisiveness in attitude is visible in such work cultures. Management concept is evident. This wholeness is Shiva tattwa.

Consider a bundle of currency notes. One hundred dollar notes. A hundred pieces of such notes makes a bundle. A rubber band is used to fasten it together. One rubber band is wrapped over these notes, to make it manageable. But if over a fifty rubber bands are over and around one bundle, then you cannot spend the money easily, and at will. Because the notes are all, too tied in. This is confines and controls. In India the word is Vashi for confines and controls. Shiva is freedom and liberation. The reverse of the word Vashi.     

Shiva is fresh and new. The chewing gum is moist and tasty and colorful. But after an hour of chewing, then this gum loses all its utility. Such has become of most of the habits and patterns of behavior. Such has become the routines. In such cases, the Shiva concept eliminates this metaphor, of used chewing gum. Shiva comes as a fresh breath, new innovations and solutions.

Inclusiveness of all varieties and diversities makes Shiva very attractive. This is because, Shiva is free from compulsion to analyze, assess and give verdicts. Shiva has a focus on vastness and therefore ignorance is neutralized. Accommodating of adversity and opponents, with immense poise and magnanimity, Shiva has postured himself as a role model.

Symbolically, Shiva transforms and metamorphosis. Perhaps this change of form is driven by the fire element. People observe fasting from food during Shivaraatri. May be, to respect and recognize the fire element of digestion. In all, any method of celebration is welcome. Much personal skills has to be taught, for people to out live their emotional challenges. So, open up to new initiatives and interests. Everybody can make some space of this concept of growth and development.

Irritations and Annoyances are like class rooms. Intrusions and disruptions are the examinations. Adversity and opponents are material for your research. Bottle necks and other obstacles are further training programs. Hecklers and protesters are your private tuitions. Pleasures and profits are like weekends. Accomplishments and achievements are like long holidays. Spectacular and fabulous events that are in your favor are long annual vacations. Shiva is the canvas on which all the above situations are painted on. So, the twenty fourth of February, people meditate together. They adhere to the method and the skill of the “Shiva learnings.”        



Where people recognize that you are one of them. If all at home, look to you with suspicion, then it is not home any more. Can you trust the people who are talking to you? At home, this must be a possibility. May be at home, you are not under severe surveillance.

Home is where you can reveal to the others, who that you really are. Home is where, that you know, your transparency will not be unfairly exploited.

Where else can you go to for safety and security? A home is where you can courageously communicate. Even though the other is offended, yet they do not hold it against you. And also a place where you yourself can forgive and forget, the injustice. You freely express yourself to people who accept you. They are not a threat to you, because of their assessments.

Because you are oriented towards home, you are able to comprehend the events at this place. If not, you may even experience a sense of being lost. But every home, that  is a sense of sentiment to you will also lose its lustre.  Every home, the intimacy of  a home is vulnerable to be compromised. At times the home is like the blank screen, after the cinema show is finished. It is all about getting used to the new environment. An ambience called nothing.

Home may appear to you at times which is loaded with stillness and silence. What if the only movement and sound is that of your breathing? Can such a day be an experience of home?

What if it has no colours or freshness or form? Only an imagination called home. The relatives whom you thought as your own, are really distant and dim. They are disconnected. Then how can that be home? This is the essential discovery. And harmony and innovation is embedded in this relation of you, with yourself. Yes home can be a relationship of you with yourself.

Ability to agree to the loss of emotion is home. Home is not a place that is devoid of losses. But a loss that happens at home, is cushioned by other people. There is experience of gain and of loss, at every home. If you are willing to take the position of an experiencer of either gain or loss, then you are the initiater of cordiality. The real leader constructs a sense of homeliness, to people near home. Home may not be of brick and mortar. But , a sense of being nurtured. Where injuries are healed. Wounds are comforted.And the weakness demolished. Wisdom is nourished, so that it transforms to health. All answers may not be available. But there is no compulsion. No demand of care, to your curiousity. At home you have freedom to enquire without fear. Make your words sweet, so it is like medicine to the listener.

You have duties, that you make your surroundings into a home. But reject your temptation to accuse or allege. You can manufacture homeliness when you refuse to complain and blame. When everybody who connects with you, elminates any sense of deprivation towards them, then you are the creator of home. Others rejoice in your leadership. When all others, get some actual relief by inclusions into your analysis and verdicts, then some trust can develop and grow. You have heard this “home is where the heart is”. But heart must be exalted beyound the position of arguments. If heart is limited to a rigid and stubborn stance, then the homeliness is subordinated. Friendlyness is an art. The skill is needed to attain and retain the sense of friendliness at cost of other aspects. Friendliness is the engine that drives the sense of welcome to the home. Sometimes the results are pleasant. But there are times when consequences come to you. These are when you face obstructions and obstacles.

But then if this is your home, then you must own up to all your environment. May be this is your time and opportunity to build your own home.This world has multiple deceptions. Therefore, your home could have some decieving opinions. But your talent must be to get insights. Analyse the data of conversations. Evidently, it is foolish to base your happiness on expected results and rewards. The very premise is that this world has never seen a time which is totally devoid of sorrows. Complete eradication of chances of grief is impossible. So, your contentment and enthusiasm must have a platform of wisdom. Your energy is your own. Your idea of perfection is erroneous. For any achievement or functionality, then an idea of perfection, merely exists, as an imagination.

But in a very large scale of operations, many imperfections must be accepted. If you are adamently, focussed on perfections then your aim is deflected. Your goal is set, but  your actions and arrows must have visibility of your target. This needs a clear and clean mind. So, do not compromise your darting towards the goal. Some imperfections can be tolerated.

Smart home, is where the people transact easily. The solution is to work towards opening up to smart living. Some wrongs are only contextual. Mistakes are only a natural phenomenon.Wait for the complete story. Then some wrongs will appear as agreeable. Because the intentions are towards progress.Work to make a home, wherever that you are living.


The Closed Circuit Television has become an integral part of lives. Yes, inside elevators, in corridors and on roads. The roads and play grounds, parking lots and restaurants are all equipped with the CCTV surveillance cameras. You are monitored and captured inside the camera. These visuals have become precious.

December 31, a date that is familiar to all people. Yes, last date of the year 2016.  This date is called the eve of the New Year. And Bengaluru city had a very lively and active night of the new year’s eve. Over forty thousand people are reported to have assembled near the MG road and the Brigade road. Mostly between the ages of twenty and thirty years, these young people assembled for celebration of the mid night. The count down to the new year began and all shared their festivities, to welcome the 2017.

But next morning, the newspaper and television channels had another story to report. Few young men were alleged to have misbehaved with nearly four women. Yes, there was a big crowd. In the darkness, these unpardonable behaviors of eve teasing or even inappropriate touching is reported to have happened.The television channels aired the visuals that were retrieved from the CCTV.Two male miscreants had actually alighted from a motorbike and man-handled a woman. These horrific visuals brought condemnation to the way these young men behaved on the New Year’s eve, in Bangalore. Bengaluru city took a beating on its image.

This concert of French DJ Pierre David Guetta, is cancelled. In Bengaluru, the police department denied permission to the organizer of this show. The organizers are called the Sunburn. Even their concerts scheduled in Pune and Noida, are under the scrutiny and scanner. Much conditions from the police department has disrupted the pace and preparation of the organizers. Fans of DJ David Guetta are also perturbed as over twenty thousand tickets to the show, has to be either reimbursed or re issued. In all, just like the case ofnew year’s eve, tranquility is the ultimate victim.

The Bengaluru police has claimed that the police force is too occupied with Agriculture Produce marketing and Committee(APMC) elections. So, law and order situations cannot be guaranteed. In the Noida concert too, the elections in Uttar Pradesh was the reason for denial of permission.

But let us read between the lines. Are the police in Bengaluru becoming excessively cautious? Did the public, put the blame on the police for not doing their job? The police may feel defamed by severe accusation by people. So, does the responsibility for civic behavior of citizens of Bengaluru, lie solely in the law and order enforcement department? Does the civilians, citizens and society, have any accountability for the way these young men and women, behave with each other? Who will give a good conduct certificate to all citizens of Bengaluru?

Is the fear of CCTV and the police force, the only deterrent to criminal and rowdy behaviors? The police department may not be in a play of Tit for Tat. May be the Guetta Concert could have happened with minimum number of policemen. After all, it is a music concert and the fans and music listeners come there to seek only entertainment. But it seemed to have been normal to expect disorderly and unruly behaviour, in New Year’s eve celebration and western music concert conducted outdoors. Revelers and voyeurism cannot be ruled out, under the influence of alcoholic drinks.

Even large assembly of people during political rally has much police personnel to maintain law and order. Religious festivals also bring hundreds of thousands of people together. Most of them have police protection to avoid outward incidents and riots.

Many meditation programmes are becoming trendy worldwide. Yoga programmes in India and spiritual meditations conducted outdoors have very few police. Even CCTV visualsshow, harmony in these large gathering of people. Tranquility is maintained. A sense of serenity, prevails in programmes of breathing techniques because the minds are trained. The minds and brains are trained to experience a sense of sanctity and sacredness in the assembly and its activities.Under this cover of a sentiment of holiness, the large gathering of people are evidently well behaved. And CCTV and policing is limited to a minimum.

Our communities can learn from these lessons, of expression of bullies, rogues and rowdies. If the larger number of people are calm and pious in their transactions and interactions, then we have a rich civilization.

How can we get a camera into our minds? There may be education by which we may be taught to introspect. An incisive view into our minds, something deeper than a psycho education.An education that makes visible, our innate tendencies. If we can identify our weaknesses then may be these can be corrected. If not, then the young minds are vulnerable to volatile tendencies.

The case of student suicides cannot be wished away. In Kerala state, the suicide of an engineering student called Jishnu in Nehru Kendra college, has sparked much violence. The education system and society must introduce learnings of Human Values. Then the civic sense and a good mind will prevail. An expert investigation will reveal many lapses on social education. Mental agonies and other imbalances in young minds, need counseling from experts. Safety and security will become the normal method. And policing and CCTV can be resigned to the side lines.

My best wishes for a harmonious, safe and secure 2017 to all.May we be able to construct an uplifting society.May the Indian cities be progressive and be able to host good musical concerts. Let us help our police department and other institutions.



We have a new fashion in town. Call it Christmas colours. Yes, this is a formal wear. Red trousers and shirt. Punctuated with snow white wide belt and sleeve bands. Both men and women wore this attire to represent the sentiments of the many Santa Claus. This was Christmas. All the streets were illuminated. The city announced that the festive season has arrived. The time of the year when merry making is not just only licensed, but seemed to be mandated. The writing was loud and clear. Merry Christmas to one and all.

Celebrations are designed almost since a month before. Large numbers of Christians walked into the churches. They offered the traditional mid night prayers. Cities, towns and also villages were decorated. Most of the decoration is, as to mimic the happening in Nordic countries. Such as Christmas trees, reindeers, sledges and the ubiquitous blanket of snow white. The universal Christmas colours are the dark green, red and then white. The danglings on the trees are balls in golden and silver colours.

This is a period when giving gifts is at its best. Friends, family, neighbours, and all the society comes together to convey greetings to each other. Also, the people who avoided communication, used this opportunity to make up from their differences. The harmony is evident as if Jesus Christ has descended somewhere nearby.

The story of Jesus Christ is very revealing. The cross, the Christ and the resurrection. If I was permitted to deconstruct this symbolism, then there opens up the insight. The details and nuances of the way, the people live, is symbolized as the cross. The body of Jesus is life itself. And the only redemption from the crucifix is to resurrect, from the doings of the living. Jesus Christ moved into the path of prayer, social service, charity and forgiveness. He certainly knew to walk the path of sacrifice. So, what people need to learn is the method to resurrect from grip of painful habits of their mind. Probably, Jesus had this cause, to train the followers, in the art of resurrecting in their minds. What other way is there to manage the austerity of carrying your cross? Jesus Christ has given the pointer, to master the art of delinking from selfishness. He is the inspiration for millions of people to operationalize generosity. Christmas is the reminder to connect to the cause of humility and gratitude.

The hotels had their lobbies decorated. People’s imagination brought new decorative Christmas. There were, green, white, red and even a purple Christmas tree. Santa Clauses were old bearded men, pot- bellied young men, women Santa Claus. Even women with Indian bindhi on forehead, adorned the Santa attire. Christmas sometimes looked that it is not limited to the followers of the Christian faith.

The chef in the restaurant personally ensured that the foods were of a delight to eat. They boasted of the rich ingredients, exquisite tastes and excellent food decoration. Traditional western Christmas food items and Indian foods made the exotic fusion of foods.

In a town, were parades, procession on roads and in other public places. Tens of thousands of people participated in the themes of tableux presentations. Hundreds of people represented each costume. There were batches of people dressed as ostriches, goats, eagles, chicken and many others. The boys and girls, danced throughout the length of this procession. The entertainment value was much, though regimented.

Children from schools and colleges displayed their stamina to walk over ten kilometers in such appealing costumes. Some trucks had a stage built on them. Young guitarists, drummers, singers and other musician sang traditional Christmas songs. Many priests and nuns from convents in their official gowns and cloaks and uniforms, maintained disciplined during the procession. The silence of the night was reverberated by the song “ silent night, holy night’.

For the popular taste, was the melody of “Mary’s boy child, Jesus Christ” and all. The all jumping and thumping rendering of the Jingle bells, jingle bells had everybody stomping their feet and dancing all the way . Christmas Carole at the doorsteps in the neighbourhood and the collection of the gifts and money, by the local children moved the hearts of many.

Attentions was drawn to the infant lying in the crib. Many artists must have put their talents together to design the most fabulous cribs. The crib which had the infant. With the parents, kings and wellwisher, looking on into the crib. Every house that arranged the crib also had the stars dangling from the roofs. The cakes had many varieties and designs. Yet the customary plump cake did not lose any charm.

The formalities of the Christmas season has dissolved into the heartfelt brotherhood of mankind. The cowshed is the only place where the delivery of Christ seemed appropriate. The story of Jesus Christ, is a case study of graduation. That of, a journey from poverty to the wisdom of living.

There is justice in this aspiration to celebrate Christmas every year. The festive season for all is not Christian centric. May many more people merge and converge, to work these words of wisdom.