]"There's a varied degree of passion in the mentor. Learner discovers the multiple ways by which the mentor is able to complete the task."

Live & Lead

Leadership springs forth from an attitude. Primarily an attitude of accountability. What is your attitude towards the things happening towards you? This attitude cannot be transferred to other people. This attitude of accountability of the environment cannot be educated. It can only come through learning. Experience of accountability of the environment you are in, is learnt by observing the ways of your mentor. There is a varied degree of passion in the mentor, but the learner discovers the multiple ways by which the mentor is able to complete the task. Mostly it is seen that the mentor communicates not only in the level of detail but also from the level of a visionary. Therefore, the mentor is always at comfort in an interaction with people. Though he is cognizing the limitations of the listener, the visionary’s focu
s is on the potential maturity of the listener. The visionary bypasses most of the hostilities with limited confrontation, controversy and contention.

It is imperative that you develop your ability to innovate. Have you experienced that you have arrived at a dead-end or a bottle neck? Have you ever felt that the frame around you is closing in on you. What to do when you have arrived at the next road block in the way of your life? You need to innovate. Your brilliance has only one measurement. And that is your ability to innovate. How do you perfect the art of innovation? Only by choosing to solve ample problems. Perhaps the opportunity to innovate comes to you only in the form of problems. Are you seeking problems, so that you can practice innovation?

Visionaries are large-hearted. One of the indicators that confirms the expanse of the mind is the ability of the visionary to include multiple facet of living into his purview. He has a broad spectrum of events and situation, above which he experiences the ownership. You may not find much irritability and annoyance in the behavior of a visionary, yet there is much evidence of his capacity to initiate. Devoid of courage to initiate, you cannot call him a visionary. The next important skill in a visionary is the ability to complete the task to the satisfaction of the user/consumer.

Enthusiasm is an important element to drive you to success. Are you a person who nurtures enthusiasm and nourishes energy? Do you have a drive which is unstoppable that compels people to action. Is your smile and charm infectious and will catch on to others? These are the profiles of a person of enterprise. The enterprising person explores new possibilities and is capable of taking risks. He encourages other people towards finer living, yet educates them to stay clear of being reckless. The person with enterprise discovers opportunities and understands th
e methods of creating products.Live n Lead

Leadership, innovation, vision and enterprise have all come together as the word “LIVE”. There is no running away or looking back. It is your connectivity as an integral part of your social practice that enables you to handle the situations. It’s only a matter of time before we are going to have to deal with situations. It could be academic, career, relationship, economics or even health. Decide to make a plan that you will deal with the situations today. Like the phone has the charge, what is the currency inside you? To increase your social reach or influence, you need to enhance your interactive currency. Increasing turnover of transaction alone can give you the required social maturity. Are you ready to be a social change agent? You have to lead the way. You have to be able to inspire others so that you can bring reforms. The equation is very simple, the more you deal, that much you can lead. Welcome to the journey of leadership.  So, how do you provision effort to learn breathing techniques, yoga and meditations?

Let’s live well and let us lead.