The Indian social conditions are unique and so psychometric tools must be designed indigenously. Many psychometric understanding may not correspond to Indian situations and mindsets because they don’t have their roots in local culture and traditions.


We are sure of three things that just do not seem to leave us—risks, uncertainties and change. Challenges are inevitable. So, the people must undergo specialized training in attitude development.

How do we perceive a challenge? A challenge is either a hostility that brings stress, or an opportunity that teaches us a lesson. So, how to transform our perception? Accordingly, we can adapt our mental positioning to that specific situation. Has the circumstance impacted the way you feel?  If so, you must be able to identify the details and many factors that empowered the circumstances. What has weakened your determination and resolve? You must hold yourself accountable for the way the ecosystem or the habitat has destabilized your equipoise. If you invent an alternative approach, then you can circumvent the external dilemma. Such posturing is possible if you can work on your own attitude.


It is not just your academical learning that has decided your career. Many external elements, such as social, economical and trade, and even political policies have compelled you to choose your career. Technological enhancements have also played a role. Some of the skills were linked to our natural abilities, while others were acquired through deliberate effort and practice. Therefore your capacity to be a continuous student and ability to relentlessly research and learn is essential. Even if you have some talent, the competition can get the better of you if you do not upgrade and update your skills. Many of us are in a career due to its relevance to our geographic location. Even the appropriateness of what we do in relation to other people is important for career growth. So the aptitude of each individual is an important factor to make a worker who is free from the stress of work.


Most training programs are weak and are simply imported. Many trainers may themselves lack conviction or the expertise in the content they are teaching.  Our attempts must be to penetrate the construction and the source of business mechanisms. Human resource department must understand the product development, assembly chain, profit, business processes and then the people. Only when they become an integral part of the supply chain can HR design suitable training programs.


Are the motivators adequate? Do all the departments share the scope, scale and pace of the company as a whole? The compensations may be calibrated with deep study of talents. But yet, mismatches of incentives and recognitions and appropriate acknowledgements are evident. Here the employees must have techniques and tool to learn to negotiate constructively. They must learn to endure the duration of dialogues and persuasions. Some breathing techniques and other meditative methods are introduced by the department to equip the workers with fortitude and patience. The long-term plan can be achieved only when we can bear and tolerate slow-downs. Even rewards and awards may look to be at a distance.


If the Human Resource department is convinced that they are involved in the Business Decision making, then we can optimize their engagement with the company.Each individual can then assess whether personal goals and interests are in alignment with the collective vision of the company.The Human Resource Department has to know how to attract new talent. They are responsible to retain the talent and reduce attrition.


They have to initiate training program to bring clarity in the minds of the people. Only clear and clean minds are equipped with the intelligence needed for correct decision-making. The choice of the correct work and method is efficiency. Actioning the chosen plan impactful is effectiveness. The work culture that has both efficiency and is effective is essential for a company to be globally competitive.


Many rigid bureaucratic procedures have already outlived their utility. Many regulations were traditionally appropriate for managing people, but today job descriptions and work roles are merging and overlapping. This overlap must not be seen as an encroachment or over reach of jurisdiction because the neutralization of the identities of separate entities is an irreversible and progressive trend. This chemistry and organic bonding of people will accelerate the evolution of knowledge, business strategy and better workforce planning.


Who is accountable if the workers lack competency, expertise and dexterity? The HR department must constantly map and monitoring the performance of each individual. They must be able to communicate newer education, so as to cope with fresher demands on the workers. When people meet and confer regularly, or even when they have opportunity to work together, then much of the skill transfer can be easily effected. This way, familiarity is already established and thereby gets the attention of the trainee.


There must be education to eliminate ignorance of one’s personality. Most people are victims of prejudices and biases. Their minds are occupied with severe likes and dislikes. They may even be having some insecurities or threat perceptions. The HR department must possess the wisdom to address such personal facets of individuals. Then working together can become meaningful.

Many potential internal talents can be assessed and new assignments can be allotted. Such integrated talent management system will have more designations but with in a leaner workforce. Such cross departmental accessibility will give confidence to HR members. They will experience an access to equity in the company’s resources. They will feel that the owners have trust in this department.


If most of the critical mass of personnel is exposed to each others work in diverse departments, the core values of the company can be carried forward without roadblocks. Such learning is invaluable in times of crisis and chaos. Business continuity is ensured when there is collaboration and good co-ordination.


Is there emergency and urgency for a paradigm shift in the way we have dealt with the people? Yes, because people are energy and have values. When we commoditized people and monetized their skills, we miss the subtler aspects of their enthusiasm and energy. The HR department has to learn to establish cordiality in the human force. The Human Resource and capital must be re-christened as HIFIVE (Human Intelligence Force Interest Values and Energy) department. At the HIFIVE department, it cannot be anymore as business as usual. With high integrity and moral, the workers can be expected to shoulder the new demands on them.

As Indian markets are the targets of the very mature marketing giants outside our borders, corporate India cannot afford to be sluggish and heavy. The image of the HR department has to be revamped to HIFIVE department. It’s no more limited to being head hunters and custodians of the labour laws. They will become accountable to monitor and track the productivity and output of each worker.

HIFIVE will have to interact with all the departments so as to have first hand inputs on their technical and delivery dynamics. Only then can the HIFIVE department create content to transform workers. The staff must be empowered to invoke a sense of ownership of the company and enriched so as to be dedicated to the growth of the Indian Industry. Such a unified vision with a loyalty to the mission can obtain the ever imaginative Team work and a sense of purpose in everybody. Such a HIFIVE department can establish itself as the bridge between the management and the staff, thereby achieving a blended work culture.

When the HIFIVE department is hands-on at every stage of production or all levels of services, then the personnel can get a grip over the required emotional intelligence that is prevalent in the company. Such wisdom will be of use in negotiation with the workforce, be it permanent workers, contractual workers, or various unions.

 Finally, a company with a strong HIFIVE department will be able to show strength of intention and inherent power in the market. The company will be seen as caring for the wellness, welfare and well-being of all its workers and stakeholders, so welcome to HI FIVE.