The initiative is the first requirement. As in anything else, so is the case, for you to become a story teller. Every human being tells stories. And every activity that we indulge in, can become a story.

Certainly, every human being expresses, and seeks a voice and gives opinions. But mere talks and speeches cannot become stories. The craft of storytelling is a precious talent. And not many have taken interest in this valuable art form. Perhaps it may not be the most monetarily enriching stream. But certainly, listening to a story can motivate and inspire the individual and society.

Bed time stories that allows the child to go to sleep is a universal phenomenon. And so are stories of romance, family, commerce, adventure, valor and even wars.

Every human being who exposes himself to risks and changes in living is, a story by himself. Goodness, bad, pleasure, pain, success, failure are all part of the art of storytelling. Happiness, grief, bitterness, cynicism and sarcasm are all the nuts and bolts of the story within other stories. And there are skeptics of the story tellers.

The start of story-telling has to capture the attention of the listener. This is achieved if the listener connects with the content of the opening lines in the story. So, examples have to be relevant to understanding of listener.

The content creation is toughest part of story. How much open, are your ears and your eyes? Do you recognize, subtle and details and other insights that are going on around you? Every situation and event is information to eyes of story teller. He picks up most sensitive message and can sensationalise this, into various formats. The story teller can cut into very many, tiny pieces, every part of an event. May be to its molecular and atomic and nano level of the existence of the event. Then the small and bits and pieces are classified. Their categories are studied. Because only then can these appropriated pieces be given designation inside a structure. The structure will conform to a specific sequence of events. The story-telling has begun.

Immense clarity of mind is an absolute need to enable the writing of a story. The story teller visualizes the forms and shapes, as story plays itself out in the mind. The coherence of various frames and synchrony of situations need much care and attention. Any mismatch or mishap in relating the action, emotion, event and it’s expression, to each other, will make it unattractive. The adherence to a principled style of expressing the story is expectation of the listener. The viewer of story must not be, made to exert, to comprehend the visuals. Many stories are shown visually. Very good visualists, who create appealing visuals for the story, may not need much words and languages.

The visualists communicate the story by manufacturing visual scenes. But only experts at visual communication can become effective in this genre of storytelling.

It is the genius in each person, if they can discover, even newer mediums, to tell their story. The domain expertise needed is the ability to persuade your listener.

What is content that you want to communicate? Everybody has many ideas, feelings, thoughts and even deep experiences. But all those need to come in a specific and articulated sequence to make it to the story line. The tone and sense must be strong, so that even if interspersed with humour, yet goal and target of the story remains steady.

There must be stability in characters so that story has strength of consistency from beginning, till finish. The pace at which, story rolls on is a factor that many amateurs over look. The expert story teller sets the rhythm in revealing each segment. The suspense, thrill and introduction of each separate sector within the same story, adds the intrigue and curiosity in the listener.

The experienced and expert story tellers have invested much time and effort to study the psychology of consumers. They have investigated on how the listeners assimilate and learn the content of the story. The process of recall of frames from the beginning, and fitting it in, to the middle portion and then, stringing it till the end, is all a fascinating education in our nervous system.

The listener will be impacted only if,messaging and coding of the matter is efficient. The short sentences and expressive language will give desired effect.

Relying only on visual communication is an advanced method of story telling. Actually, when you go inside a forest or on the high mountains or even on the beach of the ocean, the language ceases to exist. The visual content then impresses your mind. Observe these scenes for about forty minutes. Can you visually innovate a method to express the impression of your mind? This nature, communicated to you only with visuals. The nature did not use a language to talk to you. The story teller can learn new techniques to visually narrate the story. It is not easy. The exercise must ensure that the listener can comprehend much of what you intend to say. Many disconnected separate incidents are woven together into one single theme and the story.

To a normal person, it is just that the monkey sat on tree. But the story teller will tell that the monkey on the tree looked below. Then he will continue to tell that the monkey looked down and located an ant’s nest. Then the monkey looked above and identified a bird’s nest.

Both the nests served same purpose but looked absolutely different from each other. The function of the nest being the same, yet the shape and form are different. This confused the monkey……..and the story teller can continue.

The perspective of the story teller has multiple angles. He cannot be rigid with one view on any one thing. The story teller is an artist of word crafting. He is a word smith who can sculpt a story, by bringing together diverse emotions. Converging different ideas and knitting the shades of the environment into one single fabric is the art of the story teller. You can make the beginning today. Choose to be the story teller.




Everybody has a drive from within. This is a drive to do something. Nobody is free from this subtle need to be doing something. In effect you are watchful about the doing of other people. And in turn you are cautious about them, evaluating and assessing your activities. So here, it is that you have a need, which creates a ripple. The ripple pushes you. You are then driven to do an activity. You assume that others are suspicious about your activity.

Exam and performance:

So, in a day how many times have you felt that you are subjecting yourself for an examination? Everyday don’t you face the assumption of testing times? Look at children who are compelled to give exams. This isabehaviour that you have been put in to, since childhood. Are you readying yourself to give the exam? Unfortunately this habit has stayed within you. Isn’t there an anxiety about pass or failure? Are you alert to this anxiety of being examined? Everybody has testing times. And it is only natural to go through the results. Every failure or success has given you an experience. Sometimes you are too  pre-occupied with your performances alone. So you are unable to be alert to the experiences within you.

 Experience and emotion:

For example, you have readied yourself to givea driving test.  When you look a little in to your mind you will see an anxiety. You may pass or failthe driving test. Either way you are so focused on your performance.This uni-foculness is blind to the experience of failure or success. See if you can scratch and go beneath the experiences. There lies much emotions. The experience has left its residuein the emotions. Though they are not toxins, there are deep impressions on your mind. Sometimes emotions are painful. Intelligence is the ability to link these various stages and yet penetrate deeper in to the mind. What is beneath your emotions? An excruciating sensation that has no cure. It is at a deep level. Very few people have access to these sensations. They are very patient, investigative and alert to the sensations. All sensations are triggered with an impulse.

Sensation and pain:

It is in the times of excruciating pain that one has to relate with himself. That is called awareness. The objective of all activity must be an imminent freedom. We can agree that we are bound to activity and performance.  But a person, who is aware,can delink a sensation from its impulse. It is only in this level that there is freedom.The level of sensations, which is beneath the emotions has triggered many ‘gazals’. Many prayers of devotion have emerged from such sensitivity. Many artists have put colour on canvas to represent deep seated pleasure or pain. Many dancers have expressed their profit and losses as dance or songs. Theatrics, fashion, poetry and even tragic stories have narrated this principles of the mind.

It is a relief that nobody is spared from the performance anxiety. Everybody has to work to make a living. Transactions and trade are inevitable. Interactions can make relations. Many times even mere conversations can result in breakup of bonding between people.


How do you evolve an equation between two people? You have experiences of inferior/superior complexes when pitted against another person. It is not possible to be free at this level of expression. Actually all performances and productivity are only expressions. So how to correct and set the equations among people?


It is a valuable skill to be able to ‘de-link’. Are you in a rat race?  Why do you always need to catch up in cricket? It is called chasing runs. One team has set the score at three hundred runs. In the second innings the other team is chasing the score set by team A. Obviously it is stressful.

Unique and free:

Where is your uniqueness? Uniqueness cannot be found, if your excitement is limited to chasing somebody else’s score. How to arrive at individuality? Many times you do activities because of obligations. Put some intelligence called de-link in to the incidents.  De-linking from having to chase other people’s score and then de-link from your obligations. The ‘de-link’ from obligation and chase is at the level of sensations. De-link and be free. You can identify each shackle. Wisdom is living with freedom. Living is an expression. Your uniqueness is your freedom. Testing times are your expressions and unique times is your nature. And meditationsare a trendy tool to discover your unique times. There is freedom from the consequence of performance. But indulgence in activity and productivity is mandated. Trade is inevitable, the exertion of the mind is necessary but any mental worry about your business is optional.The businessman has a motive of making profits. Good investments are made only by those who have a taste of economic freedom. The times are really not testing you and the people are not examining you.



Everybody needs healing. Hence the relevance of the word ‘therapy’. But there are some bizarre therapies. Can going to do shopping be categorized as a therapy? Well, for some people it is almost meditative to do shopping in the mall. Window shopping can also be a therapy. But I would call these pass times. But some experts claim that boredom and loneliness can be cured when people walk through the mall, keep in touch with other people or even when they socialise. These rantings may not be supported by scientific data, but then in matters of results, these are testimonies.

Smell therapy, flower therapy or even food itself is considered as therapy. Councilors may claim that every food that people consume, can have therapeutic value. Walk therapy or even simply opening your mouth and talking out loud is considered therapy for some emotional imbalances. Hug therapy is when you decide to go to professional huggers. They hug you for specific duration for against a cost. Yes. All therapies are linked to a cost.

A bizarre therapy, that is switch therapy. Couples who are considering divorce as the only way out of misery get another last chance. They articulate their aspirational qualities in their spouses. The marriage councilors and psychology experts have a list of few married couples who has these aspirational qualities. Then the troubled couple are paired with strangers for two weeks. The strangers have these traits of aspirational qualities. They live together as if husband and wife. Yes, total strangers but having matched the corresponding aspirational behaviour and qualities are coupled for two weeks. This is switch therapy.

Do these bizarre healing or behaviours qualify to be called therapies ? You are licensed to a research on the authenticity of these behaviour modulations. Music therapy and other games and exposures are common. But water, sand, mud and shout and scream are also used as therapies to bring confidence and other healing. You can predict the future trend of bizarre therapies. Can taking ‘selfies’ on your cell phone camera qualify as a therapy? May be to those introverted people who seek a window and door to express themselves, ‘selfies’ may be good therapy.

Romance therapy may be a bizarre trend of the future. Has romance already outlived its therapeutic value in sixties, seventies, eighties or nineties? We have not yet heard of technology therapy. May be technology therapy is the bizarre trend for the future.Dance therapy and other physically exhaustive technique has some base in the art of healing. But in days and years to come, it is normal to look forward to more number of bizarre therapies. Beach walk, terrace stroll, park benches or even camping and trekking may be listed on the menu of therapies to choose.

So, normal, alternative, mainstream, parallel or even bizarre, there is no end to therapy. Living well itself has much therapeutic value. The merit can be discovered only if we probe to find correctness in our living. The worth of the self esteem, confidence and many personality traits will decide the quality of your living. Skills, talents and domain expertise will bring the needed resource and livelihood. But then, when everything is as expected and predicted, the therapy may have no place to exist. Developing a personality of progressive ideas, initiatives and innovations are outside the ambit of healing and therapies. That will bring the need you, to work intellectually.

Giving away gifts is a welcome therapy. Does training other people, qualify to be called a method of healing to the trainer?Another bizarre therapy is ice bucket or dancing in the rain? It is a great relief that prayers and meditations and yoga and breathing techniques are not therapies. They are called a growth exercises. What ever be the case, it is important to have a scientific understanding.

The regulators and government must find methods to license and certify the therapy practitioners. The seekers of the therapies must become informed of the risks and benefits of the bizarre therapies.

Why are not there rules and regulation for the burgeoning therapy industry? These conduct of therapy initiators must follow a standard and certification from government. Ensuring these methods are not irrepairably intrusive or irreversibly invasive.

There can be amusement if in case a touch therapy is invented where people would simply sit a touch each other’s body in the guise of a therapy. Well, in imagination if drinking coffee and cafe sittings are a therapy, then I can offer as the master therapist of the cafe circuit, considering the enjoyment I derive from leisure and lounging.

Social support and encouragements from family system is on the low.When people become too distanced from family and friends, then issues and imbalances in the mind become evident. Mental health also needs exposure to therapies. Good amount of yoga, breathing techniques and meditations must be administered only by trained and certified practitioners. Much of these therapies may look shallow and empty if they are not supported with scientific research and evidences. The research must be done at molecular and atomic level and not limited to the superficial and general rhetorics.

Have you heard of the gold fish swallow therapy? There is a claim that some breathing troubles are healed by fish swallowing. I am sure, all of these must display a disclaimer to consumers to protect the therapist from liabilities. Well, the popular line, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, seems to validate these therapists. Wonder for how much longer will it all last.

In the mean time, due diligence on the part of the purchaser of the therapy must be recommended.

Do some spot jogging. Five minutes of jogging in on spot inside your home. Drink up to one litre of water everyday. Twice a week, spend fifteen minutes to stretch your body and bend your joints. Fresh vegetarian foods. These may be your own contributions to keep your body healthy. Many doctors, clinical specialist, and physicians are very poor in communication skills. The authoritative tone and lack of verbal skills in doctors may be a deterrent for patients to go to modern medicine. These rebutted patients also queue up to the therapist who exhibit an additional skill of good conversation and communication with their patients.

I recommend that a reflective and introspective practice, in to their mind is essential. Do the necessary talents, transact and encourage a social hobby? Be healthy and happy and ensure that you keep the big smile as your signature-expression.



There  are  wreck less  people  on  the  road.  That  is  why  you  must  take  much  care, when  you  are  driving  a  motor  vehicle.  Road  rage  is  becoming  common.  Traffic   jams in  roads  in  India  has  become  of  concern  to  many  cities.  In  New  Delhi,   regimenting cars  to  the  odd  number-­‐  even  number  scheme  is  inevitable.  There  do   not  seem  to be  any  other  solution.  Even  metro  trains  has  contributed  to  easing   traffic  but  not been  successful  to  eliminate  stand  still  traffic.

It  is  important  to  learn  rules  and  regulations  of  road  use.  A  twenty  meter  gap  is essential  before  you  overtake  from  behind  a  heavy  vehicle.  This  gives  you  the  full view  of  oncoming  vehicles  on  opposite  side.  And  this  distance  of  twenty  meters margin  can  benefit,  when  you  choose  to  fall  back  and  not  to  overtake.  Such meaningful  traffic  rules  and  regulations  must  be  given  due  respect.  Diligent   drivers are  the  ones  who  follow  traffic  rules.  It  is  certain  that  road  use  for  the  day   is temporary.  You  will  certainly  park  your  car  and  exit  the  road  use,  when  you   reach destination  or  work,  or  at  home.  So,  then  why  not  plan  to  make  the   journey,  an enjoyable  one?  If  you  plan  well,  before  journey,  then  you  will  manage   well,  your time  that  you  are  on  road.  Incorporate  additional  few  minutes,  just  in   case  of  delay along  your  journey.  Then  you  will  cease  to  be  anxious  and  not  to   hurry  in  haste.  To be  safe  while  driving,  it’s  important  that  you  are  not  in  a  rush.   Your  decisions while  you  negotiate  traffic  are  optimized  when  your  mind  is  calm   and  alert.  It  is futile  to  share  your  attention  to  another  person  on  your  mobile   phone,  while  you are  driving  on  road.

If  you  have  slept  well  and  rested  at  home,  then  you  will  avoid  feeling  sleepy  while driving.  If  in  case  your  eyes  are  tired  and  drowsy,  then  stop  your  car  in,  road  side car  park.  Rest  for  about  half  an  hour  and  refresh  yourself.

If  you  have  other  passengers  in  car,  then  their  safety  is  in  your  hands,  when  you are  driving.  Do  not  indulge  in  entertaining  all  passengers  inside  the  car.  Refrain from  involving  into  their  conversations.  Your  attention  and  focus  on  road  must  be undivided,  especially  on  high  way  and  at  high  speeds.

Always  prefer  to  reduce  speeds  in  curves  and  turning.  Never  get  competitive  on road,  with  and  along  other  cars  on  roads.  Do  not  let  rudeness  of  other  drivers  to provoke  you.  If  there  are  other  wreck less  drivers,  then  it’s  okay  to  let  them  move on.  And  you  may  trail  but  surely  you  will  be  safer.  Many  roads  in  India  may  be built unsafe.  It’s  common  to  read  the  signage,  that  cautions.  They  say  danger  zone   or accident  prone.


As  a  driver,  you  must  know  to  read  all  the  signages  and  also  to  communicate  with indicator  lights  of  your  vehicle.  You  must  not  make  an  entry  into  a  road  without conveying  indication  to  the  approaching  traffic.  Right  indicators  must  be  blinking when  you  enter  the  road,  parallel  from  the  left  side.  Many  drivers  still  use  the hand signals  of  yester  years.  Well,  that  is  optional.  But  ensure  that  the  fellow  road users get  sure  and  advance  Indications  of  your  turns.

In  India  there  are  regional  habits  and  twists  and  turns  in  driver  communication. When  highways  are  partially  built,  then  the  oncoming  vehicles  simply  move  into your  side  of  the  one  way  traffic.  They  feel  it’s  okay  to  do  so,  only  by  having  lit their  head-­‐lights.  In  such  cases,  the  onus  is  upon  you  also  to  stir  clear  of  such confusions.  And  also  unruly  drivers  who  simply  make  an  entry  from  behind  the trees  and  at  wrong  places  must  also  be  the  warning  to  you.  Be  attentive  at  all times that  you’re  driving.  While  you  drive  is  not  the  time  to  be  surprised,  shocked   or even  spontaneous.  In  India  cows  and  dogs  too  can  be  walking  astray  on  to  the road. Your  judgment  of  speed  or  even  about  a  pedestrian  running  across  the  road   is crucial.

Medians  that  seems  to  popup  in  the  middle  of  the  road,  must  be  expected. Especially  two  wheeler  drivers  must  be  warned  before  overtaking  a  heavy  vehicle, that  they  do  not  run  or  bump  on  to  a  sign  board  or  an  upright  median  in  the middle  of  the  road.  Driving  is  not  for  adrenaline  rush,  competition  or  not  even  for hurry.  Road  use  must  be  restricted  to  an  extremely  disciplined  activity  of  traveling safely.


In  India

Road  accidents  per  day  –  1682   Daily  death  by  road  accidents  –  382

Yearly  death  by  road  accidents  –  1,30,000

Yearly  accidents  of  two  wheeler s  –  7  percentage  of  total  road  accident     Yearly  accidents  by  drivers  who  are  less  than  18  years  of  age  -­‐  11,400

Source  of   information:   Released   under:   National  Data  Sharing  and  Accessibility  Policy   (NDSAP)

In  India,  deaths  because  of  traffic  accidents  are  alarming.  Under  age  must  be restricted  from  driving.  Many  under  age  people  learn  to  drive  out  of  practice.   They may  not  have  gone  to  the  driving  school,  and  learnt  the  appropriate   academics  of road  use.  In  this  case  that  you  do  not  know  the  academics  and   signage  of  road  use, then  it  is  you  who  are  a  danger  to  other  road  users.

Your  convenience  of  parking  at  wrong  place  is  certainly  harassment  to  other   people. The  government  must  put  strict  punishment  to  those  who  drive  in   inebriated  and drunken  state.  Alcohol  consumption  and  drunk  driving  must  be   banned.

Can  we  recommend  that  driving  for  entertainment  and  thrill  must  not  be  on  the highways.  Thrill  and  entertainment  in  driving  can  be  experienced  on  special  tracks and  go  carting  and  other  car  drifting  and  racing  circuits.  Driving  for  a  pass  time consumes  additional  fuel  and  petrol  and  contributes  to  pollution.  I  do  not  think   that  Indian  drivers  will  ever  know  about  fast  lanes  and  slow  lanes.  But  that  is  a minor  misdemeanor.  One  can  also  notice  holiday  open  market  popping  up  on   roads. Yes,  on  Sundays  and  at  early  hours  of  the  day,  the  farms  produces  are   auctioned  of at  specific  spots  on  road  sites.  This  is  a  part  of  open  market  or  farm   culture.  As long  as  there  are  regional  buyers,  this  road  habit  cannot  be  curtailed.

Toll  roads  have  become  popular  in  India.  There  are  cleaner,  neater  and  safer solutions.  But  some  social  agitators  and  activists  have  made  roads  as  their  venue for processions,  dharnas  and  protests.  These  hooligans  do  en mass  sit-­‐in  to  block   the roads  and  high  ways,  only  to  make  their  voices  heard.  Though  there  are  other  road users  to  be  of  nuisances  to  you,  yet  it  is  your  responsibility  to  be  poised  and composed.  If  you  practice  some  breathing  techniques,  yoga  or  even  meditation, daily, then  other  arrogant  drivers  will  not  succeed  to  irritate  you  or  annoy  you. Road  safety  is  paramount.

Even  in  case  of  minor  accident,  the  arrival  of  police  may  be  delayed.  In  such  case the  on  lookers  and  regional,  public  can  cause  an  eruption  of  severe  arguments   that can  raise  emotional   temperatures.   People  who  have   no  expertise  of   arbitration  or insurance  will  claim  to  peg  the  damage  at  a  currency  value.  Most   often  it  is  a  large compensation  from  a  larger  vehicle  to  a  smaller  one.  Example  is   that  the  four wheeler  driver  has  to  compensate  a  two  wheeler  driver,  irrespective   of  the  flaw  and the  mistake.  Or  else  the  argument  could  be  lengthy  and  so  will  be   the  traffic  jam. Here,  you  must  be  equipped  with  social  and  judicial  skills,  phone   network  and  local language.  To  beat  the  severe  traffic,  it  is  wise  to  avoid  peak   hours.  Early  mornings are  the  good  time  to  begin  the  journey.

Your  vehicle  must  get  lots  of  care  too.  Keep  all  its  parts  in  good  condition.  Check the  quality  of  gears,  brake  and  other  parts  so  that,  you  can  control  the  vehicle  in case  of  turbulence.  The  tyres  too,  must  be  of  good  quality.  Prior  knowledge  of   roads and  spots  of  stop  overs  make  it  easy  to  navigate  through  the  journey.

Night  driving  in  Indian  roads  has  it’s  own  challenges.  In  many  roads  the  head  light beam  from  tracks  on  opposite  lanes,  do  hit  right  at  your  eyes.  In  such  cases  be extremely  alert  to  avoid  blind  spots  where  visibility  is  tampered.  Make  a  good practice  of  using  your  side  mirror  and  rear  view  mirror.  Do  not  change  lanes without ensuring  that  it  is  clear  and  empty.  Erratic  and  impulsive  decisions  may  be   the cause  of  many  a  traffic  accidents.  Do  not  make  jerky  movements  while  on   roads  as you  may  cause  confusions  to  other  passengers.  Patience  is  a  great  virtue   while  on long  drives.  Some  people  habitually  want  to  sleep  after  a  heavy  meal.

For  them,  small  portions  and  not  a  complete  fill  of  stomach  is  safer.  So  while behind  the  wheel  you  are  not  drowsy  or  sleepy.  Do  not  drive  if  you  have  taken medication  that  has  sedative  properties.

I  strongly  recommend  that  you  deliberately  make  a  list  of  over  thirty  items.  Write down  in  detail  the  precautions  that  needs  attention.  Share  this  list  with  other passengers,  so  that  all  are  on  the  same  page  for  conduct  while  on  the  tour.  One precaution  can  be  that,  conflicting  discussions,  and  disputing  issues  can  be  edited from  debates  while  you  are  driving.  Take  care  that  you  are  not  dragged  into   quarrel with  passengers  in  your  car.

Advance  anticipation  of  other  violations  of  other  road  users  is  a  great  skill,  so   that, your  brain  already  is  in  prepared  mode.  Then  in  case  of  other  violators,  yet   you  are ready  to  deflect  and  dodge,  potential  dangerous  driving  maneuvers.

Driving  and  long  journey  is  the  main  entity  while  in  this  act.  So  priority  is  on safety features  of  vehicle  use.  Use  your  vehicles   and  driving  skills  when  they  are   essential for  the  journey.  You  can  discover  many  more  disciplines  that  can  make   your journey a  very  pleasurable  experience.   Much  vigil  is  essential  while   approaching  cross roads. In  India  it  is  common  practice  to  see  violators,  of  traffic   indicating  signals.  At  cross roads,  the  principle  is,  to  be  sure  than  to  be  sorry.  Rule   out  any  possibility  of  a collision.

This  road  ways  of  India  can  be  a  great  educator.  You  may  also  be  moving  from   one district  to  the  next  and  from  state,  to  other  state,  to  enrich  your  social   experience. Awareness,  alertness  and  attention  on  driving  and  quality  of  driving   can  eliminate accidents.  Enroll  to  the  club  of  safe  driving.



They are children of four years old each. These children are playing together in the ground. You may not understand the game that they are playing. But evidently they are in high activity and happiness. They may even relate to a sense of achievement. They may just be running around at random. Are there complexities in the game that they play or is it simple?

What about the way we live? We cannot tolerate any disorder. Evidently there are interruptions into our routines. You cannot eliminate disruptions. Probing methods to deal with disruption are the way to progress. Therefore, we have to learn to construct a new design. We have to produce a method that will ensure that, we live well. Go near the tiny details of living. Constitute them into a new formation. We may call it as the design approach to living.

Every tool that is produced, serves a purpose. Whether a match stick, the electric bulb or even a knife, are all manufactured to bring some comfort. The chair, a table and all the gadgets and devices are invented to give conveniences. They are all functional. All these products are subjected to the test of practicality. Whether it is your clothes, shoes or even your ornaments are result of a design approach.

Consider a reverse order that, primarily living phenomena is very complex. And then our brain, its intellect, emotions and other faculties converge into a discussion. Then they evolve with strategies to convert the complexities into a simple living. Therefore the birth of design approach! They make plans. They innovate new patterns, models and drawings to produce axe, vessels and even vehicles. The intention is to simplify movement, travel and all other attributes of living. The objective is to identify complexities inside the way that we are compelled to work. Then replace the hard work with simpler, useful objects. These objects will actually be tested to rate its practicalities. The proficiency in incorporating excellent design into manufacture can make your product as popular. Mechanical, artistic, chemical and other functions of living need to be approached from the angle of good design skills.

The apparent complexities are because of limitations in concept of research. There is a need to examine multiple methods to resolve the complexities. An intense investigation alone will bring forth new facts. A thorough enquiry will enable the discoveries. And then we can put together all these information. An accurate scrutiny of the data is essential to make most effective design. The excellence in the design is the only way that will ensure the efficiency of the product.

You may agree, that it is rare to see happy people. And lesser number can we see, people who enjoy immense freedom. It is very precious to get this attitude of happiness and freedom. A living that is stabilized in happiness and steady with freedom must be brought within a framework of your imagination. Into the notion of design!

The future belongs to design ideas. The living, interactions, behaviours and transactions must become tied into proper design perspectives. The spirit and sense of good design must be incorporated into plan of action. Ideal expression from people will be only from those who believe in the power of design thinking.

People are victims of distractions. And they lose focus from the target of harmony and refinement. Then they slip into troubled times. Problems are for all people. But the wise, keep vigil to potential consequences. Then they are skilled to design the day to circumvent hostilities.

Be watchful to the sensibilities of designed living. The trend is to be learning to design, all objects to enhance its utilities. The brain that is alert to designed actions will surf smoothly through tough times.

The accomplishment of generation next will be to understand design in all aspects of living. Communication, fitness, diet plan, entertainment and social reform can all be measured with the science of design. Design parameters will be the deciding factor on probable success of the service of product.

The processes, procedures, systems and methods of relationships, personality, shopping, economics and commerce and career will all be subjected to design compositions. The design calculations will dictate the form, function, frame and fitness of architecture and other infrastructure.

People will find it suitable to study every action from the perspective of art of design. The components of all subjects and its activities must withstand the scrutiny of the design tests. It is important to insert a method that will determine the alignment to strict design factors. People need new education to expose them to design realities. Setting your goals, time management, grooming, personality traits must also express its design inputs.

Study the mental view of the older generation. It is visible how the customs, tradition and culture may have been designed for the yesteryears. The neuro addictions, social norms and personal traits that do not adhere to goal designs, must be neutralized and made obsolete. Only the transactions which are designed to be pleasing, may be adjudged as winners. The wise people will create a design that will ensure that the people come together.

A lucrative career possibility is to be design consultants. In future we can see the need for design consultants. Operationalizing the design brain is a gradual process. But the progress will certainly be hastened through practice of multiple design complexes. Most of the products of excellence in the shops are due to its design quality. I strongly recommend the word ‘luxury’ be replaced. And in its place be a word for excellent quality of designs. Management systems can be made suitable by brainstorming on the principles of design.

A sense of excellence will provide for people, willingness to shoulder more responsibilities. Specific mental activities are inevitable to relate to this new and purposeful method of perception of design. Much versatility in action and thought will bring you closer to the realm of activities that are based on natural designs. Water management, recycle of products, green energy, and environmental awareness are all areas that demand better design inputs. Lowering the bench mark of design awareness is journey towards mediocrity.

The children are still playing. You see randomness, disorderliness and much entropy. Today you can convert this new pursuit of complexity into simplicity. For this, intense study of design is mandatory. Make your own future, one that is very easy to live in. Subscribe to learning of the way of the designer. Switch on the design mode.