Engagement Value

Engagement Value

The price of travelling to the airport in a taxi is Rs 700. It is 15 kilometer from your house.  It is important that you travel this day. It was a shock when you realized that there is a work strike, a ‘bandh’ by the taxi union. What can you do? You remember Hashim; in his visiting card was his phone number. Hashim said that it being a bandh, it will cost you Rs 4000 to go to the airport. Do you remember such situation where you relented to pay more than the quoted price? This is because the journey for you was very valuable. You cannot afford to miss the flight. You valued that taxi ride as fair at Rs 4000. Your need, want or even desperation brought out a new value.

Everything in the world has a price. Apart from the price they have yet another value. When you procure a product of service , then your attention is on the price or  is it value? In summer you may sell off your old rain jacket at a price of Rs 2000 but yet in the rainy season its value may be Rs 5000.The circumstance and the context will define the value. But then who decided the price? Have you tipped the waiter, driver or a porter over and above the listed price of service? Is it not because you understood the value ?  What about them that you employ? Is their compensation fixed on the price of labour or the value of labour?

Have you ever felt that you deserve more than what you are getting? That is because just like you, your society has decided your price. But your attention is on the value. So who is loosing because of the fixation on the price. Is there some gain that we can get, if we live by values? There is a cost that you are paying as social disharmony because of your fixation on the price alone. Many disputes in interactions and many conflicts in relationships are because of the fixation on the price.

What is the solution? The solution is the graduation to relate and measure, in terms of value. Perhaps, if we can eliminate the cost of demoralization, disheartenment and discontentment. The measurement and calculation in terms of value are encouraging and elevating. When people face hostilities or obstacles then they choose to disengage.  It is easy to find reasons to disengage so as to avoid pain. But if growth and progress is the objective then it is imperative that you choose to overcome hostilities.

You have to learn to keep moving on without disengaging. This needs you to get established on human values that enables engagement. It is easy to eject oneself out of challenging situations such as a job, a competition or even a relationship. Your maturity will be measured as your ability to get established on positive stamina. The positive stamina can be the diving board to push you through challenges.  Repeatedly the practice of choosing to rely upon engaging values will get you established as a successful leader. One of the criterions of a successful leader is his ability to get established in engaging values.

Engaging values are values that ensure that you remain engaged to situations in spite of hostilities and obstacles. The second quality of a successful leader is the ability to unite the hearts and connect the minds of the people under his commitment. Chaos and crisis is a new normal. How equipped are you to stay steady and stabilize your environment?  People who are educated in human values will have the competencies,  to not only remain engaged but even to lead. Trust and faith are the two most essential values to keep you engaged.

The trend forecaster says that change and innovation will drive the functions in the future. Successful living will be defined as the ability to stay energized. Amongst the storms and floods, can you endure to be fully immersed in the appropriate activity? Your focus on the required operation at this time will be the game changer between people who succeed and others who perish.

Today can become a turning point if you evaluate your readiness to identify the values that keeps you engaged. The keywords for the future are creativity and innovation at all times. This is called the flow of living. This is priceless and is the engagement value.  Where is your attention? Is it on the reasons to disengage or the values that engages? Is it on the price of being a volunteer or on the value of being a volunteer?