]"There's a varied degree of passion in the mentor. Learner discovers the multiple ways by which the mentor is able to complete the task."

Live & Lead

Leadership springs forth from an attitude. Primarily an attitude of accountability. What is your attitude towards the things happening towards you? This attitude cannot be transferred to other people. This attitude of accountability of the environment cannot be educated. It can only come through learning. Experience of accountability of the environment you are in, is learnt by observing the ways of your mentor. There is a varied degree of passion in the mentor, but the learner discovers the multiple ways by which the mentor is able to complete the task. Mostly it is seen that the mentor communicates not only in the level of detail but also from the level of a visionary. Therefore, the mentor is always at comfort in an interaction with people. Though he is cognizing the limitations of the listener, the visionary’s focu
s is on the potential maturity of the listener. The visionary bypasses most of the hostilities with limited confrontation, controversy and contention.

It is imperative that you develop your ability to innovate. Have you experienced that you have arrived at a dead-end or a bottle neck? Have you ever felt that the frame around you is closing in on you. What to do when you have arrived at the next road block in the way of your life? You need to innovate. Your brilliance has only one measurement. And that is your ability to innovate. How do you perfect the art of innovation? Only by choosing to solve ample problems. Perhaps the opportunity to innovate comes to you only in the form of problems. Are you seeking problems, so that you can practice innovation?

Visionaries are large-hearted. One of the indicators that confirms the expanse of the mind is the ability of the visionary to include multiple facet of living into his purview. He has a broad spectrum of events and situation, above which he experiences the ownership. You may not find much irritability and annoyance in the behavior of a visionary, yet there is much evidence of his capacity to initiate. Devoid of courage to initiate, you cannot call him a visionary. The next important skill in a visionary is the ability to complete the task to the satisfaction of the user/consumer.

Enthusiasm is an important element to drive you to success. Are you a person who nurtures enthusiasm and nourishes energy? Do you have a drive which is unstoppable that compels people to action. Is your smile and charm infectious and will catch on to others? These are the profiles of a person of enterprise. The enterprising person explores new possibilities and is capable of taking risks. He encourages other people towards finer living, yet educates them to stay clear of being reckless. The person with enterprise discovers opportunities and understands th
e methods of creating products.Live n Lead

Leadership, innovation, vision and enterprise have all come together as the word “LIVE”. There is no running away or looking back. It is your connectivity as an integral part of your social practice that enables you to handle the situations. It’s only a matter of time before we are going to have to deal with situations. It could be academic, career, relationship, economics or even health. Decide to make a plan that you will deal with the situations today. Like the phone has the charge, what is the currency inside you? To increase your social reach or influence, you need to enhance your interactive currency. Increasing turnover of transaction alone can give you the required social maturity. Are you ready to be a social change agent? You have to lead the way. You have to be able to inspire others so that you can bring reforms. The equation is very simple, the more you deal, that much you can lead. Welcome to the journey of leadership.  So, how do you provision effort to learn breathing techniques, yoga and meditations?

Let’s live well and let us lead.




Connecting with other people is the quality that makes one into a leader. The connection could be through language, emotion, or even profession. Many people have a traditional or cultural connect with leaders. Take a look at the way you communicate. Do you have any plans to improve your speech and communications? Many relationships turn over due to lack of communications. Negotiations, discussions, debates all needs good communication skills. The good leader also knows to establish cordiality and collaboration.

Implement, Inspire

The quality of soldier is courage. The soldier is not afraid of obstacles. The obstacle is the target of soldiers. The soldier makes himself adept in identifying the obstacles. The obstacles could be in the environment, circumstance or within the habitat. How do you deal with the events which are frightening to you? Have you seen this hostile situation from the eyes of a soldier? Overcoming obstacles and hostilities is the chief mission of the soldier. Such a quality is essential to be able to implement your plans. You become an inspiration to others when you make your plans actionable. Good command over logistic management is essential. Understanding of all permutations, combinations, calculations and articulations are needed to overcome obstacles. Good mathematical skills, engineering knowledge and expertise of information technologies become essentials to implementation. A soldier has no certainty about the type of hostility that may spring forth in front of him. Even if it is an ambush, the soldier has to exercise his mastery of innovation.


The visionaries must have good experiences of implementing projects. They must have thoroughly learned the details of achieving result. The visionaries must be thorough in many methods of analysis, assessments and other calculations. They must understand the nuances and details of building strategies. To be a visionary, one has to study demographics and evolution of trends and fashion. It is important to consider the applicability and the practical terms before setting the vision. The visionary must be good to find solutions and give answers. A good understanding of Human Resources and their patterns of behaviours can enhance the skills of vision setting.  Ability to mathematically evaluate along with intuitively interact numerous detailed components of a project is essential in a visionary.


The entrepreneur is a big asset of energy and enthusiasm. He has to create new avenues. Entrepreneur is not a job seeker but a job creator as such he is responsible to create resources. Though he can share his wealth with others, a good entrepreneur will be judicious in allowing access to his resources. He will assure equity to the stake holders. A lot of creativity is required to create a new product and service. The entrepreneur also must be successful to promote the product. Good skills of accounting, operations, productions, promotions and human resources must come together in the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur must also be able to secure and protect the resources that he has made.

It is imperative that you learn and study the above four sections namely

  1. Leadership
  2. Implement, Inspire
  3. Vision
  4. Entrepreneur

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Establishing yourself in meditations and disciplines of breathing techniques and education of yoga will enhance your expertise in the above four sections. This expertise of the above four sections can bring comfort and freedom to the way you live. That is why; the first letters of above four sections together spells LIVE.



One thing that was abundant in the early twenties was ‘time’. A lot of time to discuss career, aspirations and then to set goals. Though many make such orientations from the age of seventeen itself, yet the mould may be incomplete. There are distractions.  Impatience, rebelliousness and curiosity may be the most evident expressions, but yet, these are only to suggest that the youth are unstoppable.  But then why to create any bottlenecks at all. The youth needs avenues and immense freedom to explore. Their adventurousness needs much recognition. The youth may just be seeking validations and attention from people. This appeal to be acknowledged defines their character the most.

The youth are most at disadvantage when they are also discovering their own changing features. They have to come to terms with how their mental faculties are evolving. Simultaneously, they are also etching and elbowing their personal position in the social milieu. The youth of today has immense access to search engines. The information explosion has enabled the youth to access data. But the intrigue is the ability of their mind to process the data.

The mind of the youth is exposed to over ten Giga bytes of data every day. This data-impact on tender minds can hasten the wear and tear of the intellect and memory. Moreover, much data, though creates an imprint on impressionable minds, yet are not of much direct utility in progress of its consumer. The young consumer of data though is much informed, yet may be using only up to forty percent of the stored data in their minds.     

So, now we have many a peculiar situations. The youth has to tackle, dodge and then to deal with multiple complexities of option and opportunities. The conventional norms of relationships are transforming into modern methods of complex relationships among peers. Many elders seem to be ill equipped to be counseling stations to the gen next. 

The restlessness needs direction. Ambitions have to be articulated.  Aspiration must be achievable.

The youth has much potential, not only to perform and excel, but also to inspire the older generation. Some youth have taken up themselves to be a guide to the senior citizens. Many senior citizens seem to have missed the digital revolution. The new world of computerized and digitalized services has handicapped the elderly.  The latest communication gadgets, security procedures and documentations that require biometric scanning is a foreign world to the people above seventy years of age.  Many young people are volunteering to visit the elderly who are lonely and help them back to the world of today.

This is how the youth are moulding their character. Such broadening of the mind, so as to participate in the lives of the elderly brings many benefits. It shapes the attitude and approach of maturity. The perception of the young people then, takes multi-cultural dimensions.

Much experience of the elderly then becomes the education of interactive skills to the young listeners. The society then bridges its generation gap.

Many youth who have already chosen to volunteer to the cause of updating the elderly are showing progressive traits. They seem to be more innovative and convey a good level of satisfaction. They enhance their ability to bridge the gaps in the time of conflict and stress.

The youth updates the elderly and in turn, the older people enrich the generation next.  The synergy is total and contagious. A marvelous sense of social well-being can be achieved.

The elderly in contrast seems to have very little time. The perceived scarcity of time makes the elderly, dwell in values, ethics and morals of good living. Now the youth has source of reference. The access to maturity and the innocent energy both together is an envy of any social watcher and behavioral auditor.

The youthful enthusiasm will then come-forth with progressive enterprises. The entrepreneur of today has vibrancy and dynamism.

Sports, entertainment, professionalism and other vocations will get its competent workforce, from this generation. The perceived goodness, maturity, innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm are all the correct ingredient for flourishing of industry and thriving of social harmony.

The practices of body stretches, breathing techniques and meditation are also appropriately fitting into the gen next lifestyle. Fitness and knowledge of the mind and other profound wisdoms are giving to the youth, their much needed cool quotient.  Association to a life guru has become trendy. The youth has arrived into this world of information technology, at the times of knowledge industry. Being responsible for social service is seen as good value- add.  Values of sharing and caring are providing the feel good factor.

The youth are here to drive this change. They are capable of transforming the fragmented and shabby societies into wholesome and hygienic societies. The youth are ushering in the revolution of holistic wisdom. These are the informed people. They are claiming what they deserve.  They are setting their vision accurately farther. They know no limits. They cannot be stopped till their target is achieved. The youth are working to free people from ignorance.

You can choose to fit in too. The social harmony can return. Career, industry, economy, science and all learnings can flourish. The secrets are out, and they have become known.

Welcome to the present. We are here today. The moment is young. So get this new perspective.

 Let us make it happen. Learn from the youth and let us back them up. When we support them, we can all move forward together.




Welcome home is a phrase that you may have used with little awareness. Here we may decode it as “Home is a place that you come for wellness”.

But is that your reality? So what is home? We have this habit of differentiating home from another habitat called work place. Now, let us identify the differentiators. Chiefly it is limited to a characteristic of expenditure to another, of a feature of that of income. We have assumed that home is that of expenditure and work place is that of income. Who has trained us to measure home and work in terms of expenditure and income? If you had to choose between spending an hour without productivity with your grandmother at home versus an hour at work place in return for twenty thousand dollars, then which is your choice of indulgence? If your indulgence is limited to return on investment alone, then perhaps you are too narrow.

How do you measure the joy of your grandmother when you share your time duration of one hour with her. Are you really sensitized to your gains of that interaction and give and take? If not, then your objectives must be to learn to sensitize yourself to adequately relate to original and sustainable gains as opposed to temporary niche and fringe gains.

Now we have discovered differentiators. But then what is the difference between home and work? Well, the place or activity that energizes you, as and more that you are at it, is certainly home. Here at home, your enthusiasm brings forth your contribution of harmony to your habitat. Where as, that place where you are fatigued because of compelling nature of your output is called work. At work you may even experience excitements as a temporary incentive but yet may result in exhaustion of your energies.

So any work that is devoid of compulsion and fatigue, but that work which is springing forth from enthusiasm and energy is certainly home. Now, we have to discover method to convert the stress of the work place to make it more like home and perhaps eliminate complacency at your house to make it more productive.

So, now we have arrived at “Welcome Home”.


Now, converting the complacency into productive and gainful activity needs kick starting movements. May be movement of body or even of emotions. Some physical fitness exercises coordinated with the correct eating habits are essential of wellness. Wellness also will demand some reading for intellectual rigour and immense readiness to learn new skills, so as to develop freshness of emotions.


All of us are endowed with immense skill and talent capital. The resources of skill and talents that you are endowed with, gives you self-respect, esteem and confidence. But do you have any methodology to discover these and develop them. These are your most intimate resources. Discovering resources and enhancing them ensures your welfare. Economic management and use of your resources are imperative for the longevity of your access to welfare. Some learning of welfare schemes both for home and at work is recommended.


It is important that you put much effort to develop new skills and talents. For this you have to enable yourself with the infrastructure and environment that will allow the practice of your choice vocation and hobbies. Repeated practice alone of your choice activity, can bring to you the necessary dexterity, to take you to the competitive standards of your vocation, hobby or even trade. Only then can you give yourself a well done pat on your back and later pamper yourself to a deserved rest and relaxation.


Having now, practiced thoroughly the principles of Welcome, Wellness, Welfare and Well done, we are now eligible to open another vital dimension of well-being. This is a dimension that drives all others. Neglecting this dimension of well-being can cause imbalance in all the other areas of your interaction. You must establish yourself in the regular practices of meditations, correct breathing techniques and stretches of the body as in yoga. Your stamina and strength to negotiate the interactive challenges will certainly improve if you learn them correctly and practice them regularly and appropriately use your new learnings.

The nature of challenges and conflicts which is inherent in interactions needs a completion. Well being is their companion. The challenges together with it’s source called the “Being” is called fulfillment.

There are people who are your inspirations. They are called well-to-do families. They are successful because of their practices of well-being. You can also decide to be well founded in progressive and well crafted routine and lifestyle. The ultimate rule is “Only that what is the input will come as the result and output”.


You have a potential to become caring to other people. Have you measured your charity quotient.

Can you discover a methodology to loosen your grip to command people and diffuse your wish to be in control? If you are well-off, then you will reach out to become an asset to your society.

Therefore welcome home now!


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Sharda wanted to learn a new stream. She loved interacting with people. She succeeded in getting a job in the human resource department of Squirrel Tech Company.

Sharda’s induction into this department of her choice was not easy. There was a stiff opposition from within the human resource department at STC. The existing clique did not want an additional intervention. They had fortified their comfort zone in the human resource department. The work in this department was to maintain a routine. Dynamism and change was resisted. Sharda had to break into this status quo. Her aspiration was not only important to Sharda, but she even had an urgency. She had always wanted to be a career woman. She linked a job at STC to her professional wellness. In the changing social scenario, a career woman made more sense not only in her house, but also for marriage alliances. She knew her wellness depended on her being perceived as a resource person at home. The timing was also of urgency because she conducted dance classes in the evenings, in her neighbourhood. The HR department of STC was in her neighbourhood and a vacancy and recruitment happens very rarely to this branch and unit. The chance may not come again. The time saved everyday and the convenience of commuting added to the perceived wellness. Her encouragement of the dance classes made her well founded in the physical fitness and additional talent.

Sharda was rebuked by the existing Human Resource Personnel. Sukumar gave leadership to the ninety-two people who worked in this department. Unanimously they could make a new recruit’s working day very miserable experience.  Sharda had to strategize. She knew the clique functioned to satisfy their vested interests, over and above that of the company. The lack of appropriate training to the other departments of STC did not bother them.

No innovation was introduced in the Human resource practices, in the last four years. The clique of people, who is driving their personal agenda at the cost of collective labour happiness, was impediment to the image of STC, as a good company to work in.

Sharda had to position herself as a protagonist, if not, for anything else but at least, to procure a job in the HR department of STC.

Harrison  Anand bumped into Sharda at the gate. She was having a squabble with the security guards. They wanted information about her which was irrelevant. They refused the entry pass. Harrison Anand could not, but observe the intensity and the attitude of an activist in this woman. She was full of integrity and conviction. She knew cause and most of all, she was polite. Harrison Anand the CEO of STC, called her to be interviewed, by his personal staff.

Sharda was given the job of choice with in a week. The interview of Sharda was easy, because they were well-informed about her traits in negotiation with the guards.

Sharda soon analysed the stagnation of Human resource department. She had to dismantle the reinforced emotional home of lethargy and apathy of Sukumar’s loyalists.Under his influence, the entire ninety-two people would work against the progressive policies. In all, they themselves were victims of unhealthy corporate and professional behaviours.

Sharda caring for the other workers in the company, readjusted the welfare schemes, so as to benefit the workers. This sharing of company’s wealth with its employees invigorated their loyalties towards sharda’s policies, away from the emotional bullying of Sukumar.

She opened up many avenues for all the employees to benefit from the company through equities. Job securities and critical feedback possibilities became encouraged.

The workers experienced a new-found ownership of their own daily activities. They became eager to contribute time and talent to the well-being of the company as a whole. But yet Sharda chose to do more intervention. She had already achieved wellness, welfare and was well founded.

Now through additional investment training and fund management opportunities, Sharda’s people of STC became well-to-do families and town ship.

She then had to take care of the personal growth of the people. The Squirrel Tech Co, CEO, Mr. Harrison Anand read out Sharda’s recommendation during a review meeting. The proposal was carefully researched and studied. The board then sanctioned the development of the meditation centre in the township. The Department of Training in Pranayama and Yoga Asanas was commissioned. The personal well-being of all the people of STC became a reality. The practicality and implementation power of Sharda’s intention became noteworthy.

In her address to the people, she dedicated all her capabilities, to her ability to meditate and practice a lifestyle of personal progress and development. Sharda demonstrated a well-to-do, welfare, wellness, well founded and finally well-being.