You will agree with me that a hot cup of tea along with samosa is refreshing. It has become an integral part of serving refreshments. Have you seen a tea garden / tea estate? The demography of the tea plucker, that is the labour who pluck the tea leaf from the plant is very different from the tea drinker. And yet there is an evident connection with the two demographies and that is the beauty of Tea.

Production, Plucking, Procurement, Processing, Packaging, Payments, Preparation are all very important and integral factors. Only if all the above components come together, you can treat yourself to your fine experience called ‘Chai’. So, if you were to put the magnifying glass over one of those factors such as ‘Production’, then an entire new world drops down as a fresh Science, Art, Academics & Vocation. Can you for a minute, simply attempt to relate all the details that have come together to give your cup of Chai. Though we have gulped down, infinite number of cups of tea, rarely did we investigate its source. What was the handicap?

You may have refreshed yourself with a cup of tea, to others; tea has served as hospitality, as a warm beverage in cold season, as a laxative, maybe nutrition, as an ice-breaker for conversation or even a pass-time. You may have heard Social gatherings called ‘Tea parties’ and furniture called ‘Teapoy’, but we are burdened with inhibitors for sincere research and probe into our activities.

You may have seen that many successful people are conceptualizing and instructing others to do the needful. This indicates; the mind to dwell into the details or re-visit the things that you have done in the past. There are reasons why we need to work, to sharpen and enhance the stamina of the intellect and such effort can get a new direction called introspection. How ready are you for a cross over in career? What would be the quality of a mindset of a person who can handle multiple industries with ease, such as Agriculture, Textiles, Automobiles or even Human resource? To be able to flourish in the industry called ‘Living’, it has become imperative to not only develop fresh talents and new skills, but also to relate to the dexterity and quality of thought-process itself. Therefore, living needs accompaniments – like the tea needs samosa. Along with details of intellect and direction of the emotion we also need to consider the vast and wholesome scale of living. It’s almost impossible for an individual to monopolize the activity from the production to consumption of tea. The industry has hundreds of thousands of people working together in harmony of team, so that the product can take large proportions and establish in big scales. This accompaniment of holistic perception, and focus on fine details must be the minimum endeavor of the mind.

But now, How to hold the tea and samosas? They need appropriate cutlery; cups and saucers. The presentation has to be appetizing. Devoid of appeal, taste and size, the tea and samosa may not find its destination. This dimension of setting the appropriate goal is the life energy. It is the Life energy that brings the vibrancy and dynamism into the activities of living. Therefore, it is incomplete to profile a person as a graduate of specific stream of academics or a domain expert. How to complete this status? When we delete the specifics of profiling, then what exists; Here is a simple human being devoid of your profiling and identity. It is such talent of relating from a human to a human that indicates the maturity of your mind. Such maturity has the vibrancy, liveliness, dynamism, energy and enthusiasm. How can we graduate to this maturity with three factors, which are the details, the vastness of living and the evolution to life?

There may be some joy and happiness in the ‘Chai experience’, but are you steady and stable in the absence of this external stimulation.



(An article that was published in the magazine “Unique Times” 14th December 2012)


Everybody wants to survive. Primarily there is an intense need to survive.  The survival of the body is perhaps the most intimate and closest need to a person. So, the chief drive is to keep the body alive. Then comes innate desires. There are gross desires such as an urgent need to satisfy the senses such as taste, sight, hearing, smelling and touch. Among these senses, perhaps the sight, taste and touch are the most intense. Therefore, food and sex and then sleep become the most immediate needs. Further from this is the need to learn.  This is driven by curiosity. Intellect starts developing at this stage. Also is a development of memory and the individuality and identity.  The person will want to express his new found identity.  He starts identifying himself with things he thinks he owns. There begins ownership and proprietary.

So now, we began with the need to survive, graduated to gratification of senses and then to satisfy curiosity and finally to establish one’s own identity. It is at this point a person feels completed as Stage 1.

Stage 2 in hierarchy will be to protect all of Stage 1. To categorise things and to sort the environment. One begins to put nomenclature to things, objects, and other situations. Then the person learns to sort diversity and variety into specific and respective categories. Slowly he evolves into the world of structured learning. This learner now starts creating structures around himself in all attributes such as interacting with the environment, creating shelter for himself and developing other infrastructure for his comfort and convenience.  He starts organizing his environment, people, and resources so that it is easily understood and can be communicated.

Now begins the Stage 3 of interaction, communication, protection and evolution. Suddenly there is organized and structured method of inference and conclusions. Also, there is a sorting and classification of material and people.  To enable these interactions, there comes in place some understanding of the code of conduct, social norms and other rules and regulations. Further invention of tools of interaction becomes inevitable.  The ownership criterion and leadership eligibilities then become established. Hierarchy and sequences become factored into their corresponding slots.  The evolution then brings forth the sharing of knowledge, educating each other and trainings. They have now conversed and evolved into one social creature or organism.

Stage 4, But change is inevitable. Just like a unicellular mutates inside become multicellular, so does social structure start to divide itself to its own replica. Slowing everything that is unique mutates into multi. In other words, the one multiplies into many.  There is a new drive. The drive to extend one’s reach, dominance, influence and control. Slowly every motion will start getting departmentalised. To convenience this model of social development, many interactions become institutionalized.

How to exit this dimension into its maturity? The maturity is the chief and core living where there is much integration as opposed to division, where there is much permanence as against change; there is much wisdom as opposed to subordination and subservience.

Stage 5 evolves the society further into art, music, beauty and other extremely refined formats of living. Much sophistication in every attribute and aspect of living becomes a necessity.  The evolution to finer details of philosophy has now begun. But here is a catch. Who will appropriate one’s journey out of niche and fringe living into the realm of metaphysics and philosophy? How will you authenticate that someone is a master who has seen all attributes that have gone into the niche and fringe living? It is not easy to discover the limitations within the realm of niche and fringe living such as the impermanence, the imposition of change, and potential disconnect amongst everything. What happens with this boundary of fringe and niche living is in itself an unfathomable phenomenon. All the drive to achieve something which is within this boundary is limited and finite. The true accomplishment must be to arrive at a new drive established on unending energy and enthusiasm. A connectivity which is devoid of the flaw and defect of the intellect, memory and ego complex. What is the drive? How to achieve it? This drive alone is human energy. It is extremely spontaneous and explosively potent. It has within it the cool and chill of the Iceberg and yet the warmth and life support of the sunlight. This is called human energy.

Stage 6, Our limited understanding of the psychometrics created the framework and the rigid box into which we have trapped human intelligence. Our deterioration began when we perceived human as a resource to be exploited. We created a mainstream and attempted to drape everyone with our own selfish mainstream. We branded that mainstream as human capital. Today we experience the draught of innovation, creativity and intuition. The new drive is a spark and a spontaneity called human energy.