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Vinod Kumar is the Managing Director of Vimpact Consultancies. He has had a good exposure as a trainer to many diverse segments of society. He was also employed in the corporate sector primarily in the areas of sales and marketing.He kick started his career in the graphic arts and advertisement design sector. He served as a visualizer in two advertising agencies and then ventured into the diversified domain of  sales and marketing. Now his expertise spreads to varied dimensions as well as domains and has different flavors.

He can be a ‘Personal Coach’ attending to all your decision making process in your Organization or a Consultant giving path breaking ideas and solutions to business crises on time.

He can be a ‘Trend Forecaster’ to identify the trend that will manifest years later and can also give advice on how to break down the context of that trend; for those who don’t have time to travel the world searching for inspiration.

He can be your Brand Strategist setting new strategies and designing new campaigns to reflect your product as the brand of the future.

He can be your ‘Negotiator’ for settling disputes with your adversaries and befriending them.

He can also be your ‘Ideator’ for promotions of your existing products/services. Association with him can also results in ideation of new projects and identification of new revenue generation channels for your industry.

Apart from all these, he is a prolific writer and a story teller. His motto is that everything is a story. You can choose to be a character or an author. A good approach to living is to be the best story teller but for this you need immense domain expertise, knowledge of components and collaboration with all the factors that makes the story successful. The one who can resource most ingredients into story gets most number of subscribers to the story.


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  1. Sunil · July 8, 2014

    That is the most dashing way to introduce a person…


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