sleepThis may be something that you are doing once in every twenty four hours. Your companion from the time you are born till death, is sleep. You can remember a quote by Mr APJ Abdul Kalam, he said “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping , it is something that does not let you sleep”.

Everybody can have their opinion on this quote. The fact remains that no being, can escape sleep.

This is a phenomenon that brings relaxation in most natural way. Sleep can assure restfulness for  body. Infact infants, babies and children sleep much more than adults. This is because it is in sleep, the body grows the most. Like the eyes and other metabolism , most activities of body, are shut down in time of sleep.

Have you ever honoured this entity called sleep? If in case you were sleep itself, then could you have experienced wakefulness? Is not sleep a respectful entity by itself? If it did not have its own intelligence, then how could sleep capture your attention every night? Is this entity getting its true value? Are you able to give for sleep its deserved attention?

For some people, it is a matter of extreme ease. They simply lie down in a straight line and enjoy the sleep. Sri Buddha is credited to lie in sleep with no movement of body. But we are not Sri Buddhas. People twist and turn their body. Roll around in bed as they sleep. Many are restless in mind, though in sleep. Though few in number, there are people who need medical care to fall asleep. People who work in night shifts, compromise much on their sleep. Many studious young youth eat into their sleep hours so that they can be reading their books. But nobody can avoid this transcending experience called sleep. Not everybody knows the skill to be in total sleep. Many a times you have slept for long hours and woken up tired. This is because your mind was active, though your body was asleep.

Sleep refreshes and eliminates fatigue. As people grow older, they choose to sleep an hour after lunch time. And elderly people reduce, number of hours of sleep at night. Sleep guarantees your precious routine. In many, sleep is the reason for their discipline. Many body cells get their due repair when the person is in deep sleep. Much rejuvenation must be credited to the function of sleep. Heavy eye lids and a sense of drowsiness  are characteristics of sleep, dawning on the person. Almost a sedative experience follows when a person switches off from a state of wakefulness.Though rare, there are cases of people who have difficulties to sleep. You must have heard of a disorder called somnambulism(sleep walking) and some do the talking.

Children are kept awake to do night study when actually they crave the wink of sleep. It is even funny how people feel sleepy while at work.This is because neither is their sleep complete at night nor their work, full in day time.

Superstition it may be, that they counted sheep to put themselves to sleep.This may be because they did not know the technique of deep breathing. Many number of deep breaths, abdominal breathing, while lying down can help to induce deep rest. Deep breath and then deep rest can help to bring on the sedation of sleep. Having dreams while sleep, indicates shallowness. Many children who see horror films before bed time may get nightmares.

The night dress which is specific to sleep punctuates your transition out of wakefulness. Much commerce and merchandise bring alive an entire market centered on the humble entity called sleep.

Resolving tiredness and fatigue is not an easy task. Sleep evidently enhances energy levels in your system. This too needs alertness. Because indulge in sleep more than that is necessary, can be a cause for exhaustion. Yes, it is ironic, but excessive sleep can bring laziness, delusions and even depression.

Cars, trains, buses, planes, ships and many vehicles have accommodated sleeping people. Where as tractors, bicycle, motor scooters and may be helicopters  are vehicles that cannot accommodate sleepy people.

Stimulants such as caffein, tea or even chocolates are known to disturb your sleep. Where as consumption of hot milk or oil bath before bedtime contributes to speed up, sleep process.

Immense research on sleep pattern are done by companies that manufacture mattresses and pillows. Hospitality industries, hotel rooms and hospital wards attempts to perfect their knowledge on sleep patterns. A major enemy for good sleep is a spouse that snores loudly. It is alarming that the condition called sleep apnia is becoming common.  You may not know anybody who has never accessed an alarm clock, to wake them up from this capture called sleep. Technology,  music and entertainment, food habits, commerce and relationship can all influence the quality of sleep. And  medical fitness, exercise regiments, interactions with others, the quality of bedding and even the place of sleep can impact depth of your sleep.

Many parents enjoy the act of waking their children from sleep. Though this is a daunting task, nobody is complaining. It is intriguing that how this entity called sleep has not captured people’s imagination. Not many stories, poetries or songs are woven around this nocturnal activity. Yet no being can sustain itself for long without having slept. This periodic compulsion on the human race to reject activity is actually a great boon and blessing. Occasionally artists and song writers team up to create melodious lullabies. How can a baby resist the sleep when inside the swinging cradle? Beach, park benches and hammoks are places of choice for this divine act of rest.

Every yawn has not resulted in sleep, neither has every sleep followed a yawn. We may never be able to prove any link between the yawn and sleep. But this case is different with animals. It may be that they conform to their natural sleep patterns, but humans can intellectually intervene here also.

Though much study has gone into sleep, yet much more questions remain unanswered. Very mysterious yet most practiced, utterly passive yet that charges all activity, this phenomenon called sleep is a precious gift to one and all. The prefix most expressed to indicate this readiness to sleep has two words. It says ‘good night’.

Many seldom remember the sleep dream, once they wake up. Many recover from emotional and intellectual bruise.So, they say, simply sleep on it. Even the field of yoga has invented, ‘Yoga nidra’.

Here the practitioner is wakeful internally but is disguised as in deep sleep.

Surveys by questionnaires, scientific analysis and statistic classification has brought in depth understanding.  But all the scientists and commentators will also be lying down as Mr.Sleep blankets their eyes, minds, hearts and the body. Sleep well.