Welcome Humanity

Welcome Humanity

Growth and learning are mutually exclusive. Everybody is endowed with the ability to seek. The pursuit of this, primarily categorizes things as favorable and not so favorable. You will agree that people seek things which are favorable, but then where is learning?

Accumulating events, situations, environment and experiences which are favorable can give you a sense of safety and security. But protection at all times will depend on your wit and intelligence for, and at that moment. This comes only by learning. Learning begins with a discomfort. The status quo of ignorance and routine has to be compromised. So are you willing to move out of your safe zone and into areas which are risky?

Most of the people fear of a potential harm in the path they have to tread. Do you remember some situations in your childhood which were not favorable, then had left a bad taste? Your brain made a learning. Decode this trail of learning. You made learning of how to avoid this non favorable experience. You may name it as avoidance-learning. Avoidance-learning has limitations. This traps you into a paradigm which stunts evolution. So what you need is another type of learning which enhances progress. So now can you identify your avoidance –learning and dismantle it.

There is another behavior and that is by which you repeatedly indulge in favorable experiences. Look back at your life and identify all your favorable indulgences. All these have contributed to calm your nervous system. Or so you think. If every time you are restless or disturbed, then don’t you seek to indulge in one of these favourable experiences? Collectively these have created a pattern of your behavior. Your behaviors have become predictable. Most of the behaviors of animals are predictable.

But then what differentiates you as a human. You think you have choices but in reality you are a victim of your habits. This is the beginning of the next set of ignorance. Study all the things that you think you own. A sense of your rights and entitlements are all result of your repeated practice of your habits. The irony is that habits cannot give you a progressive learning.

So then what is it that you are seeking? This sense of entitlement appears to you as power or resources. They seem to be able to satisfy your desires and wishes. Is it not in the realm of your experiences? That you have witnessed the change in all the results and consequences have changed?  Then how to pursue learning? Are you a victim, of your routine? Can you invent a meter to grade your alertness? Look back at times where your routine was mutated. Did you experience a handicap at that time ? How do you rate your state of alertness at the time of the handicap? When is your awareness at its optimum? Is it when the routines are intact or when exposed to crisis? This is where learning is. All the chaos has taught you to move ahead. And the comforts and conveniences have limited your potential.

Do you have an opinion on the disorganized sector, the informal approach, or even a friendly attitude to the way we live? Why are you seeking to frame this into a standardized format? How do you categorize rest and relaxation? Is rejuvenation, a part of friendliness or formality?

Here is another opportunity to learn. Can you compromise on the pursuit of power and resources? The compensation may not be visible to others. It may be even impossible to put a unit of measurement to this compensation. At best it can be called as happiness and naturalness.

This is the opportunity to express freedom from avoidance-learning, indulgences, habits, entitlements and rights.

Welcome to the spirit of meditation and the sense of breathing techniques. Stretch your body into yogic-posture and know the expanse that you are. Exert a little more to arrive into a risky journey which is beyond your limits. Reach into the depths of the possibilities and the varieties that this living is capable of offering.

Welcome to humanity!

Thank you.