About Vinodji

Why does he not have a formal college degree certificate? That is Vinod Kumar. He missed his formal education because of interest and participation in non-curricular activities. “The dimension of learning cannot be confined to formal and academic boards and committees” says he. From the teen, he subscribed to expose, explore and experiment.

It is not easy to relate to Vinodji. Because, can a school drop out really be a contributor to society? Vinodji, had actually meant to reform many behavior of society. He had one interest. That was clearly about “people”.

People vouch by Vinodji’s mentoring abilities. He is a councellor, consultant, trainer and great friend to thousands of people. A role model for our society.

A go-to person if you need a solution. Our neighbor and approachable, support system. Vinodji is an enabler to many young entrepreneurs.

Vinodji is a trend forecaster. Though patient, his forecasts are precise. He knows the value of humanity and therefore respects the Human values.

His ability to converse is from subscribing to definitions to the way we live. A clear moving away from abstract discussions.

Vinodji’s personality is all about practicality, intelligence and accuracy. This makes him predictable, dependable, and credible. A real person.

His insights to events, is linked to his advices. They are nourishing and nurturing. “We depend on each other, for necessity and survival” says he.

Premium hoteliers, industrialists, businessman, professionals, homemakers and even students had benefited from associating with Vinodji. Vinodji discovers possibilities, in most tightly contained limitations. He knows to resolve the conflicts.

A good listener, he scans you from many perspectives. Your aspirations, resources, skills, relations and career.

He almost feels accountable to eliminate ignorance in other people. His attitude is that of a pursuit, to procure the total mental hygiene. His hobby is to bring solutions to the way the people live their daily living.

The entire family of all of his friends are cared for, by his ability to reach out and influence.

Vinodji is the finest travel planner that I know. May be his extreme travel practices has given him this expertise. He guides people to surreal and exotic destinations. He recognizes most exotic spices and herbs. He concotes delicious foods in Indian, continental, Arabic and many other styles. A favorite hobby is food, leisure, lounge and picnics.

The one word to define Vinodji, is work. One phrase is ‘resource and revenue generation’. One attitude is ‘ transact goods and services’. And one method of living about Vinodji is “serve others, teach and train other people”. His works are detailed, and irreversibly correct.

A living role model of commitment and perseverance, Vinodji thinks that what he talks, and does that what he talks. He is a great inspiration for thousands to subscribe to the culture of honest work.

Vinodji has a unique style, intense passion, and his presentation is content for classical frames.

Yes, he sets his high standards that others have difficulty to match. He is updated on most things of social relevance. Always ready with a fresh and new approach to challenges. Therefore progress.

Vinodji is a regular columnist of different magazines. His blogs are popular as a pointer to social harmony.

I recommend that one and all must take opportunity to upgrade and evolve, along with Vinodji.