Differences and distances between people are evident in all relationships. We know about generation gaps. This is a living full of gaps. Gaps cannot be avoided, Between genders, economics, academics and even social classes. But in times of internet, new gaps is between academics and industry.

Always there is first an experience. And then the person speaks about his experience. Somebody else, notes the content of this experience. And then the academic part is constructed. Words are articulated so as to describe the experience. And here begins the academics. Academics are written by scholars. This structure that is built, using word crafting becomes the academics. The industry has begun and then the contents for teachers, follows. Regulators then invent a new process, by which to do, action. They break it down to it’s basic components and fundamental elements. All these tiny pieces , are fitted in sequence by administrators. They call it the procedures. People of corporate governance manufacture  a set of protocols. Design and maintenance department creates, the structure. This structure ensures, sustainability and stability and steadiness. New  systems and suitable methods are innovated for safety and security. The mathematics and arithmetic are used by the accounts department. So here we have the experience, academics, product and industry.

The humanists will develop the values. And finally, the academicians will set curriculum and syllabus. Now we are ready to train the new young minds about the product. The positions are clear. The experience, academics, product and the industry. How to eliminate gaps among these four factors?

The only method is to do Transaction, Intelligence, Participation, Endurance of disruptions, and Adaptability (TIPEDA). Do not forget this acronym. Practice this acronym to be able to delete the gap between academics and industry. Doing the TIPEDA will generate communication between two or more adverse situations.

The communication must blend the opposite and rival, stand points. Communicate so as to merge with the other side. Communication must not be limited, to only business objectives. Open up multiple channels to talk to each other. The academics and the Industry must enable the flow of information. They must exchange the needs, requirement of skills and ideas of talents. The communication must be delivered through multiple media methods. Social media, electronic media, internet sites and also the conventional mediums. The academicians must get immense in sights about quality of messaging. Excellent content and a good story are essential for the industry to take note. The recruiters from the industry is seeking outstanding quality from the academicia, about the products. The industry wants to hire experts of the domain.

The academic and the industry is vulnerable for disruption by the market behavior. As consumers will never stop demanding more varieties and diversities. They need choices. Therefore continuous learning and adaptality will be established norm, for the industry. Can you endure?

The attitude must be corrected, to get success in facing disruption. The future market behavior will dictate the way, that you must respond. Even products has to take new shapes. Innovation will become the new compulsion. The attitude to cope and scale up the range of products, will allow to bridge the gaps. The academics and the industry has to come together, work together. They have to learn to stay together. Expert knowledge of political interaction, and economics of production, is  essential. The next necessity is the culture of corporatising.

Your brilliance has to be made evident. The market will exihibit vibrancy and dynamism. Can you catch up with freshness of scholastic rigour. Continuous learning is the new normal. The applicant for the job and work must be ready to do different roles. Scaling up your ideas are essential. The other products and your competition, are getting  louder. You must focus on deeper study of technology. Advanced technology will help to innovate.  Your products has to do the talking. The academic education must include the ways to animate your product. People want to come closer to the experiences. Identify the disjointed spaces and weak link between academics and industry. How to identify the new compulsions? Only impositions can make people to change their habits. The pattern of change in the industry has to be matched by transformation in the academics.

The students, graduates and the faculty members on the side of academics, must participate to bridge the gaps. They must make industry visits and do interning at regular intervals. Open up your profile and personality to be as much part of the industry, as possible. Develop possibilities that will ensure that you connect intimately with the industry.

Disrupt your stagnations in academics. Do not accuse the environment. Simply managing a hostile environment is not sufficient. Pierce through the rigidity and transform to flexibility. Practicality and functionality in academics can bring it closer to industry.

You have to evolve and mature, to increase your employability quotient. Industry will resist mediocrity. Industry wants quality output from workers. Your prospective employer is looking for innovative propositions. Does your academics have any new things to offer? You must represent your views effectively. Only then you will be allowed deeper reach and influence into the industry.

May be, one more instrument or tool must be added, in between Academics and industry. A bridge. The capacity to compete with circumstances. Achieve a knack and tricks of universal work-place behavior. Develop the mentality of enterprise. Learn to be an associate of the industry, even while studying, in the college. Show resilience when you have to move through failures and losses. Express that this graduate from college has patience. Are you equipped to cater to diverse demands on your intellect, and memory. Maybe the industry need that you cross over to another job description. Then can you show versatality? The industry will probe whether they can trust you with tasks and projects.

You are hired into the industry to solve their problems. The graduate must emit resourcefulness. The industry must know that you pose absolutely no threat, to the speedy  pace and their ambitions.  Technical fitness and soft skill dextirity and domain expertise must become your aspiration.  Determination and the will to connect the academics and the industry is urgent requirement. Stretch to deliver performance, a little more than your duty. Do not limit your productivity to just as much money, that you get as salary. But instead give more intensity, so as to make a pleasant experience to the consumer.

The academics stretched into it’s own stream, then becomes the industry. Brilliance is in establishing methods to integrate the subjects of academics into it’s mature side called industry. The collaboration between academia and the industry will eliminate any gaps. Transact and do the connection.

Have you done the lessons while in school? In your examination was an instruction called “Fill in the blanks”. So any gaps, difference and distance is actually the blanks. You must work to fill in the blanks. The academic students and graduates can take accountability to make themselves known to the people in the industry.



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