Once again, Indians will wake up to a yet another festival. This time, it is called “Shiva Raatri.” Literarily it means, the night of Shiva. People stay awake throughout night. This wakefulness in times of darkness is one indicator that this person has subscribed to the method of Shiva Raatri.

Is Shiva, a method or a skill?

Shiva can be skill and simultaneously be the method also. Attributes of Shiva is unending. But we cannot leave it all to infinity. We are people who analyze and thereby make sense of events and activities. We are capable to articulate and define. So there is a frame for Shivaraatri.

When, Shivaraatri began, as a celebrative day, will remain uncertain. But that, this festival is getting prominence among the Hindu people, is certain. More people are flocking to venues, to participate in the splendor, that is Shivaraatri. Not that all of these people, understands the context of this person called Shiva. But yet some celebrations, transcends reasons and logic.

Aggregation is a trendy word in business and industry today. Then what is dis – aggregation? Consider a unifocal pursuit to become a microbiologist, or an orthopediatrician. These professionals become too specialized. They are effective in their respective trade to such an extent that they cannot understand the wholeness of healing and the hospital. Their capacity to treat and cure a common cold is diminished, owing to their excess detailing of a specific and narrow subject. This is dis – aggregation. Some standardizations have become rigid and stagnated. Now they cannot scale up their trade and aspects of living. Their brains become skewed to a single department. This excessive segmentation will isolate people. Alienation from the whole can make you strange to many other things. Shiva is the concept that will disrupt such Status Quo. Shiva intrudes into stagnation. Eliminate sense of strangeness. Shiva is the method to scale up your operations.

This scaling up may have rough corners. A meal laid out to you in a five star restaurant, is customized and personalized. You can take joy in the opulent ambience. The designer foods can qualify as diligent because of many expert chefs that attended to your meal. But things are different at the Langar. Yes, Langar is a place where hundreds of thousands of people are fed a sumptuous meal. This is achieved by people who Volunteers their talent, skill and services. The eaters do not pay any money for the fulfilling meals. This is an example of scaling up in number. Some bruises on the roundedness of the Chapati (Indian Bread) can be forgiven. The server, host, eaters, the entire guest, the donors and workers, all of them blends and merges into one unit. There is absolute allegiance to the cause. No divisiveness in attitude is visible in such work cultures. Management concept is evident. This wholeness is Shiva tattwa.

Consider a bundle of currency notes. One hundred dollar notes. A hundred pieces of such notes makes a bundle. A rubber band is used to fasten it together. One rubber band is wrapped over these notes, to make it manageable. But if over a fifty rubber bands are over and around one bundle, then you cannot spend the money easily, and at will. Because the notes are all, too tied in. This is confines and controls. In India the word is Vashi for confines and controls. Shiva is freedom and liberation. The reverse of the word Vashi.     

Shiva is fresh and new. The chewing gum is moist and tasty and colorful. But after an hour of chewing, then this gum loses all its utility. Such has become of most of the habits and patterns of behavior. Such has become the routines. In such cases, the Shiva concept eliminates this metaphor, of used chewing gum. Shiva comes as a fresh breath, new innovations and solutions.

Inclusiveness of all varieties and diversities makes Shiva very attractive. This is because, Shiva is free from compulsion to analyze, assess and give verdicts. Shiva has a focus on vastness and therefore ignorance is neutralized. Accommodating of adversity and opponents, with immense poise and magnanimity, Shiva has postured himself as a role model.

Symbolically, Shiva transforms and metamorphosis. Perhaps this change of form is driven by the fire element. People observe fasting from food during Shivaraatri. May be, to respect and recognize the fire element of digestion. In all, any method of celebration is welcome. Much personal skills has to be taught, for people to out live their emotional challenges. So, open up to new initiatives and interests. Everybody can make some space of this concept of growth and development.

Irritations and Annoyances are like class rooms. Intrusions and disruptions are the examinations. Adversity and opponents are material for your research. Bottle necks and other obstacles are further training programs. Hecklers and protesters are your private tuitions. Pleasures and profits are like weekends. Accomplishments and achievements are like long holidays. Spectacular and fabulous events that are in your favor are long annual vacations. Shiva is the canvas on which all the above situations are painted on. So, the twenty fourth of February, people meditate together. They adhere to the method and the skill of the “Shiva learnings.”        


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