Where people recognize that you are one of them. If all at home, look to you with suspicion, then it is not home any more. Can you trust the people who are talking to you? At home, this must be a possibility. May be at home, you are not under severe surveillance.

Home is where you can reveal to the others, who that you really are. Home is where, that you know, your transparency will not be unfairly exploited.

Where else can you go to for safety and security? A home is where you can courageously communicate. Even though the other is offended, yet they do not hold it against you. And also a place where you yourself can forgive and forget, the injustice. You freely express yourself to people who accept you. They are not a threat to you, because of their assessments.

Because you are oriented towards home, you are able to comprehend the events at this place. If not, you may even experience a sense of being lost. But every home, that  is a sense of sentiment to you will also lose its lustre.  Every home, the intimacy of  a home is vulnerable to be compromised. At times the home is like the blank screen, after the cinema show is finished. It is all about getting used to the new environment. An ambience called nothing.

Home may appear to you at times which is loaded with stillness and silence. What if the only movement and sound is that of your breathing? Can such a day be an experience of home?

What if it has no colours or freshness or form? Only an imagination called home. The relatives whom you thought as your own, are really distant and dim. They are disconnected. Then how can that be home? This is the essential discovery. And harmony and innovation is embedded in this relation of you, with yourself. Yes home can be a relationship of you with yourself.

Ability to agree to the loss of emotion is home. Home is not a place that is devoid of losses. But a loss that happens at home, is cushioned by other people. There is experience of gain and of loss, at every home. If you are willing to take the position of an experiencer of either gain or loss, then you are the initiater of cordiality. The real leader constructs a sense of homeliness, to people near home. Home may not be of brick and mortar. But , a sense of being nurtured. Where injuries are healed. Wounds are comforted.And the weakness demolished. Wisdom is nourished, so that it transforms to health. All answers may not be available. But there is no compulsion. No demand of care, to your curiousity. At home you have freedom to enquire without fear. Make your words sweet, so it is like medicine to the listener.

You have duties, that you make your surroundings into a home. But reject your temptation to accuse or allege. You can manufacture homeliness when you refuse to complain and blame. When everybody who connects with you, elminates any sense of deprivation towards them, then you are the creator of home. Others rejoice in your leadership. When all others, get some actual relief by inclusions into your analysis and verdicts, then some trust can develop and grow. You have heard this “home is where the heart is”. But heart must be exalted beyound the position of arguments. If heart is limited to a rigid and stubborn stance, then the homeliness is subordinated. Friendlyness is an art. The skill is needed to attain and retain the sense of friendliness at cost of other aspects. Friendliness is the engine that drives the sense of welcome to the home. Sometimes the results are pleasant. But there are times when consequences come to you. These are when you face obstructions and obstacles.

But then if this is your home, then you must own up to all your environment. May be this is your time and opportunity to build your own home.This world has multiple deceptions. Therefore, your home could have some decieving opinions. But your talent must be to get insights. Analyse the data of conversations. Evidently, it is foolish to base your happiness on expected results and rewards. The very premise is that this world has never seen a time which is totally devoid of sorrows. Complete eradication of chances of grief is impossible. So, your contentment and enthusiasm must have a platform of wisdom. Your energy is your own. Your idea of perfection is erroneous. For any achievement or functionality, then an idea of perfection, merely exists, as an imagination.

But in a very large scale of operations, many imperfections must be accepted. If you are adamently, focussed on perfections then your aim is deflected. Your goal is set, but  your actions and arrows must have visibility of your target. This needs a clear and clean mind. So, do not compromise your darting towards the goal. Some imperfections can be tolerated.

Smart home, is where the people transact easily. The solution is to work towards opening up to smart living. Some wrongs are only contextual. Mistakes are only a natural phenomenon.Wait for the complete story. Then some wrongs will appear as agreeable. Because the intentions are towards progress.Work to make a home, wherever that you are living.


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