Everybody needs healing. Hence the relevance of the word ‘therapy’. But there are some bizarre therapies. Can going to do shopping be categorized as a therapy? Well, for some people it is almost meditative to do shopping in the mall. Window shopping can also be a therapy. But I would call these pass times. But some experts claim that boredom and loneliness can be cured when people walk through the mall, keep in touch with other people or even when they socialise. These rantings may not be supported by scientific data, but then in matters of results, these are testimonies.

Smell therapy, flower therapy or even food itself is considered as therapy. Councilors may claim that every food that people consume, can have therapeutic value. Walk therapy or even simply opening your mouth and talking out loud is considered therapy for some emotional imbalances. Hug therapy is when you decide to go to professional huggers. They hug you for specific duration for against a cost. Yes. All therapies are linked to a cost.

A bizarre therapy, that is switch therapy. Couples who are considering divorce as the only way out of misery get another last chance. They articulate their aspirational qualities in their spouses. The marriage councilors and psychology experts have a list of few married couples who has these aspirational qualities. Then the troubled couple are paired with strangers for two weeks. The strangers have these traits of aspirational qualities. They live together as if husband and wife. Yes, total strangers but having matched the corresponding aspirational behaviour and qualities are coupled for two weeks. This is switch therapy.

Do these bizarre healing or behaviours qualify to be called therapies ? You are licensed to a research on the authenticity of these behaviour modulations. Music therapy and other games and exposures are common. But water, sand, mud and shout and scream are also used as therapies to bring confidence and other healing. You can predict the future trend of bizarre therapies. Can taking ‘selfies’ on your cell phone camera qualify as a therapy? May be to those introverted people who seek a window and door to express themselves, ‘selfies’ may be good therapy.

Romance therapy may be a bizarre trend of the future. Has romance already outlived its therapeutic value in sixties, seventies, eighties or nineties? We have not yet heard of technology therapy. May be technology therapy is the bizarre trend for the future.Dance therapy and other physically exhaustive technique has some base in the art of healing. But in days and years to come, it is normal to look forward to more number of bizarre therapies. Beach walk, terrace stroll, park benches or even camping and trekking may be listed on the menu of therapies to choose.

So, normal, alternative, mainstream, parallel or even bizarre, there is no end to therapy. Living well itself has much therapeutic value. The merit can be discovered only if we probe to find correctness in our living. The worth of the self esteem, confidence and many personality traits will decide the quality of your living. Skills, talents and domain expertise will bring the needed resource and livelihood. But then, when everything is as expected and predicted, the therapy may have no place to exist. Developing a personality of progressive ideas, initiatives and innovations are outside the ambit of healing and therapies. That will bring the need you, to work intellectually.

Giving away gifts is a welcome therapy. Does training other people, qualify to be called a method of healing to the trainer?Another bizarre therapy is ice bucket or dancing in the rain? It is a great relief that prayers and meditations and yoga and breathing techniques are not therapies. They are called a growth exercises. What ever be the case, it is important to have a scientific understanding.

The regulators and government must find methods to license and certify the therapy practitioners. The seekers of the therapies must become informed of the risks and benefits of the bizarre therapies.

Why are not there rules and regulation for the burgeoning therapy industry? These conduct of therapy initiators must follow a standard and certification from government. Ensuring these methods are not irrepairably intrusive or irreversibly invasive.

There can be amusement if in case a touch therapy is invented where people would simply sit a touch each other’s body in the guise of a therapy. Well, in imagination if drinking coffee and cafe sittings are a therapy, then I can offer as the master therapist of the cafe circuit, considering the enjoyment I derive from leisure and lounging.

Social support and encouragements from family system is on the low.When people become too distanced from family and friends, then issues and imbalances in the mind become evident. Mental health also needs exposure to therapies. Good amount of yoga, breathing techniques and meditations must be administered only by trained and certified practitioners. Much of these therapies may look shallow and empty if they are not supported with scientific research and evidences. The research must be done at molecular and atomic level and not limited to the superficial and general rhetorics.

Have you heard of the gold fish swallow therapy? There is a claim that some breathing troubles are healed by fish swallowing. I am sure, all of these must display a disclaimer to consumers to protect the therapist from liabilities. Well, the popular line, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, seems to validate these therapists. Wonder for how much longer will it all last.

In the mean time, due diligence on the part of the purchaser of the therapy must be recommended.

Do some spot jogging. Five minutes of jogging in on spot inside your home. Drink up to one litre of water everyday. Twice a week, spend fifteen minutes to stretch your body and bend your joints. Fresh vegetarian foods. These may be your own contributions to keep your body healthy. Many doctors, clinical specialist, and physicians are very poor in communication skills. The authoritative tone and lack of verbal skills in doctors may be a deterrent for patients to go to modern medicine. These rebutted patients also queue up to the therapist who exhibit an additional skill of good conversation and communication with their patients.

I recommend that a reflective and introspective practice, in to their mind is essential. Do the necessary talents, transact and encourage a social hobby? Be healthy and happy and ensure that you keep the big smile as your signature-expression.


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