Agriculture, Information Technology, services, infrastructure or even manufacturing are various sectors that need attention. All of these were very engaging by the average population. But today things are different. There is a distance among people and manufacturers. A distance between consumers and sellers. We need a new culture that will engage more people into culture of entrepreneurship. We must develop the attitude of industriousness. Therefore, culture of start ups.

New generation has an opportunity to warm up to culture of startup. Though recklessness is a behavior of young, yet where investment towards a startup is considered, judiciousness is correct value.

To begin production with an objective to sell, is but a natural phenomenon. This has to be regulated with adequate checks and controls. There are systems and procedures that are enabling to startup culture. All young people must expose themselves to understand this culture of start ups. The start ups are triggered with freedom to create, liberty to produce and freedom to transact. But these interactions must be founded on defined and principled positions that are socially approved. Welcome to this 2016, which is dedicated as year of start ups. Begin a new career progression. Begin your startup development plans.

Specific solution

You must have a specific purpose. That product you desire to make, must be practical to do. The purpose to make product is that, this product will become solution to a specific discomfort or pain area among people. Focus must be on development by means of product development. Your new product must provide an experience of additional convenience to people and society. E-bay, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Red bus, Flipkart, Make my trip and banking applications are all brands that began as startups. These need immense and intense expertise about digital domain. Information Technology is a key aspect of many startup companies.


IT startups have an advantage. ‘IT’ by its very nature has a vast extent within it, to be innovative. Large scope to innovate gives mobility, and diverse activity within Information Technology. Application, operation and effectiveness of the IT product can qualify this to be, the favourite to start ups.


But there is infrastructure, agriculture, entertainment, events and other renewable energy products that can attract join venture investments and providers of funds and capital. But these products have to be scalable so that it has numerous users and consumers. Scalability is an important factor in selecting the product that you want to make.


Study the product through a sustainability examination. Can this product outlive challenges of people behavior and competitive products? Do you have enough financial muscle to maintain the product?

Can you continue to replenish enthusiasm and energy into prolong the marketing of the product, through difficult times? If, answer is yes, then you have graduated through sustainability examination.

Situation in the country is currently upbeat that encourages startups. This circumstance is provided so that you simply ride the wave. Time has come in India that permutations and combinations can be configured so that you are part of a startup culture.


Economic activity is waiting for your indulgence. Product, productivity and performance will take charge of the market realities. Startup in service industry has potential to bring dividends. But these intangible economic goods must provide high value of utility to guests and consumers. The service industry start up is opening up in India, because tourism and infrastructure development will give required circumstances.

Government of India understands this terminology called startup. They are keen to provide that what is needed. A waver of tax for the first three years of a startup company, is encouraging gesture from Government of India.


But to keep up the spirit of new venture is not easy. Austerity and sacrifice is essential. You may not be able to take home, big sums as salary. You will have to give up on leisure activity and spare time. The venture partner who gave you seed money has authority over your company. You have to acquire skills to produce a series of fund raising activities. Your success is determined by participation of your consumers in manufacture. Eagerness to speed up your journey into your market is your next struggle. The market is your bench mark of success.


Sincerity to produce excellence in utility value, will protect your product from collapse. As a start up you must collaborate with complementary manufacturers and other stakeholders. There must be accuracy in articulating the exact problem that your product will solve. And then communicate this definition to the market.


The power of start up company comes from the dignity, self-esteem and respect that the consumer gets when he indulges in promoting your product. The consumer must also experience equity in to your start up activity. Devise a tool to collect counter prospective of your product, from it’s users. And endeavor to continuously improve on the quality and utility of the product. Consumer may be justified to study your product from the backdrop of it’s security and safety.

Putting a specific idea into effect is a unique talent of entrepreneur. A persuasive relationship building with government regulators and other accountability partners is essential. Finance and accounts department, registrations, documenting, record keeping and reporting are statutory needs and must not be compromised. If you incorporate elaborate design thinking into production and into your organization, then you will increase the subtle appeal of your startup product. Design thinking will add a favorable opinion and be rated high in emotional evaluation.


A subjective perception, of progressive attitude is a diving board to launch your start up product. Your press release and other communication collaterals must clearly impact the reader. There is no room for doubt about how you provide the method, to resolve a daily use challenge. This new product must be very simple to use and extremely user friendly.

The ease to buy, use and discover the advantages of your product must be evident from the beginning. You do not get a second chance to make the first impression.


I recommend that you repeat your research, put more effort to nuance and detail the new IT application that you want to launch. As a start up, do bring in support from mentors and experts to incubate your work and creations. Reach out so as to get support from contributors and well wishers. The large eco system of your supporters will help to withstand some your initial burdens. They will detect your handicaps and be able to be additional resource.

External to you, these supporters will understand and recognize the gaps in quality and consistency of your product. Their ability to perceive is different as they are external to your product and its ownership. What is your capacity to deal with changes in the consumer beaviour? Your flexibility can also be your strength, when faced with erratic and impulsive behavior of your workers and other employees. Do you have an unfaltering grip and tenacity in your approach? Do you have maturity to appear firm and steadfast in times of social pressures?

Start up culture will sustain even through the conflicting political situation in India. You will prevail as long as your product is a source of pleasure to the society. This is the time to invoke the entrepreneur inside you.


The start up culture can transform economic and social map in the country. Wake up to this revolution of wealth generation. Grow up to this culture of job creation. Begin your manufacture. Be a part of those who initiated this startup culture. Skill on and shape up. Your product and start up can bring social reform.


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