They are children of four years old each. These children are playing together in the ground. You may not understand the game that they are playing. But evidently they are in high activity and happiness. They may even relate to a sense of achievement. They may just be running around at random. Are there complexities in the game that they play or is it simple?

What about the way we live? We cannot tolerate any disorder. Evidently there are interruptions into our routines. You cannot eliminate disruptions. Probing methods to deal with disruption are the way to progress. Therefore, we have to learn to construct a new design. We have to produce a method that will ensure that, we live well. Go near the tiny details of living. Constitute them into a new formation. We may call it as the design approach to living.

Every tool that is produced, serves a purpose. Whether a match stick, the electric bulb or even a knife, are all manufactured to bring some comfort. The chair, a table and all the gadgets and devices are invented to give conveniences. They are all functional. All these products are subjected to the test of practicality. Whether it is your clothes, shoes or even your ornaments are result of a design approach.

Consider a reverse order that, primarily living phenomena is very complex. And then our brain, its intellect, emotions and other faculties converge into a discussion. Then they evolve with strategies to convert the complexities into a simple living. Therefore the birth of design approach! They make plans. They innovate new patterns, models and drawings to produce axe, vessels and even vehicles. The intention is to simplify movement, travel and all other attributes of living. The objective is to identify complexities inside the way that we are compelled to work. Then replace the hard work with simpler, useful objects. These objects will actually be tested to rate its practicalities. The proficiency in incorporating excellent design into manufacture can make your product as popular. Mechanical, artistic, chemical and other functions of living need to be approached from the angle of good design skills.

The apparent complexities are because of limitations in concept of research. There is a need to examine multiple methods to resolve the complexities. An intense investigation alone will bring forth new facts. A thorough enquiry will enable the discoveries. And then we can put together all these information. An accurate scrutiny of the data is essential to make most effective design. The excellence in the design is the only way that will ensure the efficiency of the product.

You may agree, that it is rare to see happy people. And lesser number can we see, people who enjoy immense freedom. It is very precious to get this attitude of happiness and freedom. A living that is stabilized in happiness and steady with freedom must be brought within a framework of your imagination. Into the notion of design!

The future belongs to design ideas. The living, interactions, behaviours and transactions must become tied into proper design perspectives. The spirit and sense of good design must be incorporated into plan of action. Ideal expression from people will be only from those who believe in the power of design thinking.

People are victims of distractions. And they lose focus from the target of harmony and refinement. Then they slip into troubled times. Problems are for all people. But the wise, keep vigil to potential consequences. Then they are skilled to design the day to circumvent hostilities.

Be watchful to the sensibilities of designed living. The trend is to be learning to design, all objects to enhance its utilities. The brain that is alert to designed actions will surf smoothly through tough times.

The accomplishment of generation next will be to understand design in all aspects of living. Communication, fitness, diet plan, entertainment and social reform can all be measured with the science of design. Design parameters will be the deciding factor on probable success of the service of product.

The processes, procedures, systems and methods of relationships, personality, shopping, economics and commerce and career will all be subjected to design compositions. The design calculations will dictate the form, function, frame and fitness of architecture and other infrastructure.

People will find it suitable to study every action from the perspective of art of design. The components of all subjects and its activities must withstand the scrutiny of the design tests. It is important to insert a method that will determine the alignment to strict design factors. People need new education to expose them to design realities. Setting your goals, time management, grooming, personality traits must also express its design inputs.

Study the mental view of the older generation. It is visible how the customs, tradition and culture may have been designed for the yesteryears. The neuro addictions, social norms and personal traits that do not adhere to goal designs, must be neutralized and made obsolete. Only the transactions which are designed to be pleasing, may be adjudged as winners. The wise people will create a design that will ensure that the people come together.

A lucrative career possibility is to be design consultants. In future we can see the need for design consultants. Operationalizing the design brain is a gradual process. But the progress will certainly be hastened through practice of multiple design complexes. Most of the products of excellence in the shops are due to its design quality. I strongly recommend the word ‘luxury’ be replaced. And in its place be a word for excellent quality of designs. Management systems can be made suitable by brainstorming on the principles of design.

A sense of excellence will provide for people, willingness to shoulder more responsibilities. Specific mental activities are inevitable to relate to this new and purposeful method of perception of design. Much versatility in action and thought will bring you closer to the realm of activities that are based on natural designs. Water management, recycle of products, green energy, and environmental awareness are all areas that demand better design inputs. Lowering the bench mark of design awareness is journey towards mediocrity.

The children are still playing. You see randomness, disorderliness and much entropy. Today you can convert this new pursuit of complexity into simplicity. For this, intense study of design is mandatory. Make your own future, one that is very easy to live in. Subscribe to learning of the way of the designer. Switch on the design mode.


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