Good bye to Attrition

Good bye to Attrition

Attrition (or leaving a job) is not intimate to the employee. The employee wishes to continue in his familiar establishment. Just like being organized is more comfortable, similarly the current organization that he works for is favorable. People resist change, so, worker feels secure and safe, where there is an experience of certainty and security. Then, why does, company lose its labor to attrition?

It is actually, a deception that livelihood is linked only to salary, and compensation from company. Many companies have compensation policies, founded on insecurities in the workers. Instead, the compensation policy must consider market realities. The company must learn the practicality of social living of its workers. The organization must learn to compensate the emotions of the workers. Even, advanced psychometry has failed to calibrate the heart felt labor, that the worker puts into his output.

Wholehearted rendering of service is not limited to domain expertise. Many policy makers have mapped output, as their objective. Productivity and performance alone cannot calibrate sincerity. The establishment has to open its eyes to subjective decisions, that is made by the employee. The ability to corporatize is certainly a skill. The administrative talent of process and procedures are incomplete without incorporating the heart metrics.Here, it is evident of the subordination of psychometrics to a superior heart metrics.

Consider the guest in the hotel – A regular guest who stayed one week, in every month, in a hotel. His complimentary breakfast would begin at 7am (seven in the morning). In the day, when his business began, much earlier, he was compelled to exit at six am, at which time he took two toasts in the restaurant. The guest needed an emergency treat of a couple of toasts with butter. But the waiter protested and said that the entitled breakfast will begin only at seven am. At six am the guest could get a full package of “Cold breakfast”.

And cold breakfast will be given only for urgent checkout guests. This is certainly a corporatization without common sense. Courtesies cannot be rejected while building the corporatized infrastructure. It is easy to integrate an affordable margin for human values. Such inclusion of care to customers can, and also must become justified.

But your employees in your company are also persons and people. As such, they are justified to be driven by emotions at specific intervals.

But a dry corporate culture which has absence of emotions and hearty gestures may have to yield to pressure of attritions. Persons and people cannot all be, converted to function like machines.

People will work to generate revenue for themselves. Persons will identify if their transaction with the company is profitable for the employee. The workers have all right to protect their resources. Their emotions will seek some leisure, relaxation and entertainment.

The learning they get at the company is paramount. So we need a course correction. The employee must be conferred a company social status. The worker can be treated as if he is valuable, guest or customer within your payroll. Then the equation is favorable to the employee. The compensation package must express that it has relented. Consider the employee as a high net worth person.

The employee is exposed to multiple talent hunts in the society. He has diverse means to exhibit other personal talents. Sometimes the company must study the deterrents. In society there are mechanisms to poach your trained workers. It is certainly a valuable investment, if the organizations can open doors and windows for a social integration of employee talents, within the purview of the company.

Your employees want to gravitate towards leadership. This urge must become encouraged and compensated. If the route to leadership has bottlenecks, then the employee will be compelled to seek the leadership opportunity, elsewhere.

Collectively, can your company convey the respect that it gets from the market? Does your company enjoy the award winning status? The, worker identifies with the reputation of this company, to get social status. He will then have reasons to reject other ambitions. The corporate must have a wider range of tools to align all its employees and workers to its capital. The workers confidence will then be directed to be an integral part to develop and grow their establishment.

Every worker is seeking opportunity to innovate. Is the company hearing what the worker is expressing? Then the company can make it visible. The worker’s idea is incorporated. A communication to this effect also holds loyalty from employee

Incentive, compensation, learning, innovation, work culture and leadership are the values that neutralizes attrition.

The concept of corporatizing must be enriched with a new element – A transition from narrow profit alone to wider human emotions. A heart felt transactions with people, can empower the dignity of your establishment. All harvest of talent and skills can then bring the needed profits. All the stake holders will then help in working together. Say goodbye to Attrition.


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  1. Sunil · January 6, 2016

    This makes a lot of sense. Luckily my employers are very considerate and approachable so i am very comfortably placed at my workplace :).

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