This couple is married for the past three years. But the fault lines are getting louder and more visible. A close investigation will reveal that there are no serious reasons for dissent. If only this couple knew, how to hold a healthy conversation. Many disappointments are due to misunderstandings. It is imperative that all people must learn to have healthy conversations. One must practice to converse so as to bring consensus and agreements. By conversation as a means of speech, we intend to exchange ideas or feelings. This is conversation.

We can decide to make conversation into a tool for precise communication. Let’s call it precise conversation. The objective is to pass on an information. An informal theoretic point of view, of people. It’s a conversation only if you are able to engage another people into it. Reciprocity is an integral part of a conversation. The participation can be made equal when there is interest in listening to other people and then to represent your case in a logical manner.

Identify the slack instance when the conversation is becoming trivialised by a specific participant. Here is the danger of a healthy conversation, converting itself into a flippant and frivolous occasion. Decide to sanitize your talk from word pollution. Keep the talk clean. If it becomes too casual and idle then it is a platform for scandals. Avoid exaggerations or fabrication of malicious stories. Be cautious that you are not revealing personal and sensational facts about somebody who is absent at the time. It is in bad taste to demean or tarnish or even slander other people’s reputation while inside a conversation.

It is nice to talk so as to reach a decision. Then the topic is specific. The discussion is in detail of the topic. The topic is broken down to its smaller elements, so as to get clarity on the subject. Multiple opinions about the particular subject are considered. All the people contribute by a variety of ideas about the single topic in discussion. It may take some duration to explore solutions. Discussion must not get corrupted. If it is intervened by deceit, then it may graduate into dispute. The objective of discussion is to end arguments. Ensure that discussion does not escalate into debates which are louder than necessary.

Stray clear from stories which have no surety. Put a stop by yourself to dialogue, which are full of doubts and confusion. The higher likelihood is that unfounded talks are falsehoods. Most propagandas with no numerical evidence and factual verification may be classified as rumours. Rumours about objects, or issues of public concern or even some events, can be misleading to the listeners. It will be a healthy discussion, if the conversation is laced with investigated evidences. Some expert advice along with documents can bring credibility. A report on analysis and scrutiny can further enhance the legitimacy quotient. Access to firm evidence that is registered with legal institutions can make your conversations enriching and binding.
A conversation is a healthy entity to talk about outlook, attitude and other mental position that people have about their situations. The way that you have assessed the specific incident is different from that of others. Therefore it is imperative that we familiarize ourselves on conversational attributes.

Conversations can be enabled so that, long and careful considerations go into the selected topic. This is called deliberations. Deliberation is a process where a team of people have commissioned themselves to understand a condition or a circumstance. They may open it up threadbare, to intelligently weigh the options. Deliberations allow very little room for creativity or dialogue. It is more routed in theories of logic and analysis. Developing alternatives and arbitrations, by careful examinations are the skills involved in deliberations.

Conversation can become formalised so as to arrive at collaborations among many people. A consultant can provide expert advice on a project or a work that must be done. Then this conversation is behaving like a consulting session. The group of people can seek advice and gain operational information. The opinions are written down and documented for reference in future.

The married couple and all members of the family must apportion a family time – a time when all cell phones and devices are banned from being used. All families must have a practice session in good conversation. Almost like a conversation workshop. They must intentionally sit together, only so as to converse, share and exchange views and ideas. We must have a flexible attitude to ensure that human sentiments and feelings get its due respect.

Articulation and vocabulary learning will make enriching conversations. Suppositions and hypothesizing and other speculations make risky conversations. Assumptions without evidence must be avoided. It is nice if somebody will moderate a conversation. Though there are people with shared interests, yet they may need a moderator to direct the conversation, to a specific inference. How else will the conversation get the value when being concluded. The closure of a conversation needs precious attention so that, new imaginations are captured, any innovations are incorporated and much wisdom is shared, before its advent. The moderator can connect the most interesting parts in the diverse renderings and yet make the conversation into a whole story.

So let us understand the benefits of good conversation. Then we can come together on a common purpose. The entire family can collaborate on a specific project. They can get serenity into their intra family transactions. Prosperity in the family will come when we establish harmony. We must merge the interests and blend the efforts into one big alliance. The solution is to have effective conversation – closely and neatly packed ideas with workable concepts. Relationships can be founded on a combination of behaviour and different styles of speaking. Let us respect the multiple methods that people have, to communicate with each other. All conversations must converge into one single entity. An entity called the progressive family.


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  1. Sunil · January 6, 2016

    Nice to know in detail about different variants of conversion. I feel rumours and gossips are the most dangerous species of these.


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