Dhoti-8Did you know that the high court judge was turned away from the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association club on July 11’th, 2014? The matter was discussed in Tamil Nadu Assembly. Hours and hours of air time by television channels debated this dhoti issue. Chief minister Ms Jayalalitha was compelled to give an opinion. Certainly the issue here is not about poverty, refugees, cost of living, impatience, disinvestments or even nuclear pollution. The traditional Tamil Nadu attire such as a ‘dhoti’ was able to stir up almost a national furore. Did the judge have the right to be offended? Was it reasonable to reject the gentleman? Welcome to the circular logic of legitimacies. Circular logic is when “head’s I win and tails you lose”.

What logic allowed the highhanded approach to the visitor? Has this visitor ever meted out high handedness to any other in the past? Is there a correlation such as what you emit or emote can boomerang back to you? Sometimes it is not easy to get a taste of your own medicine. What is the scope of broad basing this argument? The traditional clad for an Indian woman was called sari. One walk into the mall or market will give you the shocking truth. The traditional sari has become undoubtedly marginalized attire in India. Why isn’t there a furore? The pizza, pasta, noodles & burger has marginalized the traditional dosa and idli eateries. But they did not feel that they have a right to experience offense or hurt. Whenever there is a condition to the behavior, then there is fallout due to the rejection of the other. In a community of people, the pets can feel marginalized. Some people cry out for animal rights. If this is so, who is crying out for those who have experienced rejection and are marginalized? Where is the voice for all who are marginalized? Have you ever heard of marginalization due to profession?

E.g.: When you enter into a swanky bank, there is a class of people called staff of bank. Then, there is another class of regular and competent consumers and a third class who might be ignorant about the swanky and sophisticated banking system. Does this third class among banking consumers have a right to feel hurt & marginalized? I know of graduates of twelfth standard who have attempted fourteen entrance exams with a simple and noble objective, which is to enter college. In an unparalleled and extremely competitive environment of education, there are hundreds of thousands of students who experience rejection each year. Though they go through excruciating pain, yet they do not have the luxury to claim justice due to marginalization. In what we call is a fair world, not a single person can escape this exposure to being rejected and marginalized. Has all these excruciating pains been fairly dealt with? Is there an ultimate platform of reconciliation?

We have a community that is excessively crystallized into academic qualifications. The productivity of all people is assessed based on academic qualifications alone. It is evident that those who have dropped out of this academic system might never get the social sanction to prove their quality.

At any point of their life, these dropouts will be considered as non-graduates. Some people made the error by not conforming to the set academic and graduation standards in their late teens. The social stigma of under graduation is reminded to them for an entire lifetime. At this instance we do not bestow upon them, their right to feel hurt or experience marginalization.

Do you know of some hypermarkets & huge departmental stores that allows into it, only people with membership cards to make purchases? It was meant only for wholesalers, engineers and doctors and the likes, those that have a Commercial Sales Tax registration. So how do you group the common citizen who experiences the rejection at the entrance of these stores? Can you bestow on them a right to feel emotionally injured or hurt?

So, is there a solution to exempt yourself from the experience of being marginalized? Most of our businesses and interactions today are limited to Internet and its compatible gadgets. Essential services such as bus ticket booking, railway ticket booking, passport applications, paying of electricity bills and even procurement of an application for education is routed through internet. Do you sincerely believe that this is fair to all the Indian people? What is the recourse for internet illiterate citizens, so that their grievances are heard? These marginalized people may be even looked at condescendly by the high and mighty and learned. Yet these common tech illiterates who have to go from pillar to post for essential services may not have the right to take cover under their helplessness. Certainly there exits the vulnerability of being marginalized by profession, economic class, bureaucratic hierarchy, education of good social competence or even the street smartness. These vulnerabilities will exist in mankind.

The solution should come from that privilege classes to express matured behavior and understanding to those who become marginalized. These matured and learned and those with leadership must consider the marginalized in every field with patience, understanding and even compassion. On the other hand, the unlucky those who are exposed to taunts must explore their weaknesses. They must invest energy and time to identify the skill and tact that must be procured. Having learnt the method to update and upgrade, they can create a strategy to confront social and ethical inadequacies. Nobody can have an automatic claim to the right to be offended. When legitimate solutions can be discovered, the majority of people can achieve a social merger by including the predator and the prey into one group. The perverted mindset that chooses to be in a confinement of being marginalized will then become classified into a new subset.

In such case, the people of the subset have rejected the opportunities to escalate their status. A true redemption of pain of being marginalized needs sincere and authentic approaches. With courage and honesty alone can we eliminate the experience of being marginalized?

The debate on dhoti, trousers and pants can be shelved temporarily.


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