Many people use words liberally. One of such word is excitement. It is only in the last two years, the word excitement has found place in every day use. Now, people seem to use the word ‘excite’ every half a day, or even every hour. People say, “ I am excited to have this lunch”. Haven’t you heard people say, that they are excited to take a bus ride or even go shopping? You will agree that your parents or grandparents rarely used the word excitement in their discourses. So it is not rocket science to know that what has changed. Lack of stamina and depth in interest, are the symptoms. Take example of purchasing a new shirt, trouser or shoes. It is a very simple thing to do, procuring few costume essentials. There is an element of happiness in being able to put some clothes on your body and shoes on your feet. They are basic necessities. In every purchase of a basic amenity, should your mind be tipped off to be excited? Then it is shallow and limited to the visible. If the basic purchase of clothes and shoes circumvents the experience of satisfaction and arrives at happiness, then where is the capacity to probe deeper? Happiness is certainly deeper than satisfaction. Where does excitement fit in? Is it on the circumference or in the centre?

It would be a difficult world if all people at all times remain excited about all the basic consumptions. Human race seemed to have trivialized the superlatives. In the past, these superlatives would almost have been revered. The superlatives were used only when achievements were supported with real hard work and toil. In effect, not all satisfactions can be pronounced as excitements.

The same shop from where you were excited to purchase your shoes and costumes has a training program for its staff. The training program is called ‘customer delight’. I would like to think, de- burdening one’s mind and arriving at an experience of lightness, would be delightful. Heaviness of new purchases in your hand, an exhausted and light wallet and having to increase storage space for new possessions cannot give a result of delight. Whereas, the shop owner is starting to target customer delight. Perhaps the superlatives of excitements in consumer and delight in purchaser can be categorized as misnomers.

These are not without consequences. This dependence on trivializing of nomenclature, limits our minds to the very surface levels. It inhibits our interest to probe the depth. Let us exert ourselves to discover the meaning for our routine, a method to achieve the targets and to set a noble goal for ourselves. We need stamina and intelligence to be able to articulate all of the above. We need wisdom to bring into an understandable measure, the purpose of our living. Delight and excitement should become a discovery when we have sharpened our drill and arrived into the depths of the mind.

There are indicators of an incisive journey into the mind. You have seen people from whom there is gushing out of fun, humour and playfulness. People, who make spontaneous decisions, which gives progressive directions. People, by their very presence   seem to embrace you with the warmth of their hearts.

There is a definition to the word personality. It is not in the superficiality of excitement or in the frivilousity of delight. Your personality is evident only when your expression is a proof of the warmth in you heart. And this warmth in your heart is very natural, simple and ordinary. There is nothing extra about this. Is it alright to be of a small name? Is it okay to have a tiny cause? What is the nobility of the objective? To discover and nurture the warm hearts.


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