People need something to occupy their mind. You may call it as activity. Nobody can live devoid of things to do. People become restless and chooses to indulge. Some indulgence keeps the mind occupied and results in solace. Though temporary a relief is essential. Is it the coffee relief?


Everybody needs comforts. People call this as lounging. A suitable ergonomic seating with a centre table, a pushback chair, reclining backrest, high armrest and tall headrest. Maybe something below your feet to allow the stretch of your knees. Nice light, pipe music or a light piano recital with soothing notes for your listening pleasure. This is lounging. Is it the coffee lounge?

Don’t you want freedom from having to think of confrontations, competitions and comparisons? Do you want some time devoid of having to make profits? A time that you may call as your own. It’s not surprising then that people gravitate towards leisure time. A coffee leisure?

What do you do when you feel moody? Many methods of relaxation may have looked futile. Probably that is the reason that you have reached out for a cup of coffee. Everybody enjoys the stimulants by way of coffee even though it is not permanent. Yet the stimulation from coffee cannot be dismissed. The taste, the aroma and the temperature are all appealing to your palates. It is no wonder then that coffee drinking seemed to have gained an overrated popularity in the last decade.

Then there are the lonely people. Or may be they are bored. Have you seen a cluster of three chair and one table occupied by just one person. She may have the wandering eyes. Her eyes would fall on everybody who has walked in to the cafe. This is the eternal day dreamer who can buy one coffee and sit for an hour. The cafe is the companion with a poetic licence.

Stimulation, leisure time, lounging comfort and a social activity have all come together into a formula called a neighbourhood coffee shop. You will agree with me that the number of coffee shops have increased exponentially in your neighbourhood in the last decade. As people grow in to adulthood the coffee drinking exposure has become a statement of adulthood. Social indulgence, professional meetings, book reading and even dating have all been done on the platform of a coffee shop.

Are you in the land of the traditional south Indian decoction coffee? Inside your house today, the youth pronounces it as cappuccino, expresso, café latté and by many other names.  Coffee is pronounced in your town in Italian, French or even in Spanish names. People vouch for the soothing effect on their minds while they are in a conversation in the coffee shop. Even the companies founded on the concept of instant coffee such as Nescafe and Bru have started to feel the heat of the local coffee shops. Accompanied with chocolate cakes, confectioneries and other snacks, coffee drinking has become an irreversible trend. The bitter seed of coffee have found sweet acceptance among all segments of society. It has captured the sentiments of people to the extent that a break from stress is termed as coffee break. The traders, the coffee growers, auctioneers, distributors, retailers and others in the assembly chain have all a stake in the burgeoning market called the coffee drinkers. Most sophisticated professions such as the coffee tasters and the blenders have also fitted into the niche among the coffee fraternity. Very beautiful hill stations has sprouted on the slopes of hills with coffee plantations. The advertising industry sometimes claim conflict resolutions among relatives by serving each other this popular beverage.

Today the revolutions in coffee drinking has cold coffee, ice cream coffee and other fusion products among the product range. It is no more surprising to see coffee shops and cafes have become a regular place for the bonhomie amongst us. Specialised newsletters, specialised radio channels, studied ambiances and trained waiters have all made the café experience into the most satisfying indulgence. Emotions, intellectual discussions and much work, which were earlier done in office premises are today shifted to the local cafes. Is it an integral part of today’s times or something that will be replaced by other beverages and venues is a debatable topic. But for now one thing is certain, the seductive attraction to walk in and to settle into a lounge chair in the coffee shop seems to be a legitimate indulgence.


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