We - The Owners!!! The corporate success is co-dependent with worker fulfilment. Co owning the company by the worker and with the corporate is the way forward.

We – The Owners!!!
The corporate success is co-dependent with worker fulfilment. Co owning the company by the worker and with the corporate is the way forward.

Let’s consider page one. Everything begins with a holistic context. Here the activities are holistic. Many people articulate this as heartfelt. Every activity that emanates from the holistic context is done wholeheartedly. Doing things wholeheartedly not only brings forth commitment but also gives a sense of fulfilment to the doer.

When people attempt to decipher the holistic context, then begins an intellectual approach. Once we decipher, then everything has to start making sense intellectually. One single attribute within the holistic context is identified and extracted. It is then converted into a specific intellectual sense. For E.g. At one time eating is part of a holistic activity inside the home, among many other activities. But then one may choose to convert this, into calling it as hospitality or even catering services. Now this specific attribute is developed and worked upon. It is evolved into an industry which is not any more part of the holistic context. This intellectual sense has its own orderliness.

In this case it being the catering or hospitality service is researched and evolved into a saleable product. The subscribers of this industry are all then trained to be unifocal to the cause of this industry. More often than not, their vision is then limited to the food industry. Welcome to the world of professionalism. He then strives to perfect this product and then become its domain expert. The next in line will be efforts to scale up its production. Achievement of targets, profits, accounting procedure and other mental infrastructure would be invented. Once all the mental infrastructures are in its place, then this methodology will be fortified. Everything will become articulated and measurable Then is invention of the new persuasive narrative, of rules, laws, regulations, guidelines and strict norms. It is imperative that every operational detail is reported on a daily basis. Yes, centralising everything to one headquarters becomes essential. All communications are also centralised.

Let us now consider page two. Can you now go back to your home that was? The home that has a holistic context to the simple act of eating. At home everything was multidimensional. There were thousands of diverse activities. The relationships thrived on varieties. The routines at home flourished on a mix and match interaction. The new order of professionalism has no room to express spontaneous ideas. But at home everything could be, instantly and at will be reconfigured. At home the interactions were rich in sense of the heart.

Let us open page three. Have you ever experienced a surge within you? A surge that just may not be conforming to reason? You may be justified to call this surge as emotion. But in the business and industry, emotions have little value. The business is transacted on a different rationale. In business and industry every little bit of output is subjected to assessment. Using psychometrics every state of mind is submitted to scrutiny.

The industry and business makes sincere effort to eliminate any potential of deception. Human resource audit has enough intelligence to identify communications that may be deceptive. You have heard of emotions of the workers getting organised. Sometimes, the workers align their interests in one single order. Haven’t you heard of trade unions?

Let’s open page four. Are you ready to enhance your people skills? How to arrive at a balance? Have you attended any stipulated courses enabling you in tact of public relations? Almost everybody that I know wants to arrive at a balance of work in the office and that of living at home. The counsellors call this as work life balance. The stress is when there is no resolution. Optimizing the learning from interacting, transacting, negotiating and trading can give us pointers to new directions.

Many companies have opted to introduce meditative techniques for busting stress. Successful companies are initiating breathing techniques to address the issue of rising medical bills. Strange as it may seem, the three day business review meeting start with stretches for the body. Yoga seems to be on its way to show that productivity can be achieved without stress. It is for the human resource department to create the mental infrastructure that encourages employee participation in stress management program. It is a universal wish that the workers experience sense of integrity with the company. In short, a company is successful only if all employees have an evidence of their stake in it. In the holistic context, the home is where the heart is.

The workers must increase their stake in the corporate community. The corporate success is co-dependent with worker fulfilment. Co owning the company by the worker and with the corporate is the way forward.


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  1. Sunil · October 28, 2014

    Nice one and need for the hour. When the holistic activity matures to an intellectual activity the holistic element is completely lost. Is there any way to retain this holistic element when the holistic activity develops in to any industry?


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