People inhabit various regions on earth. They cultivate specific mannerism of behavior and different life-styles which is primarily suitable to the terrain. You may call it civilization. Many civilizations have flourished in as many regions and after many centuries they have disappeared. We know every civilization had their time of glory and otherwise. What is the glory of the civilization? Comfort, Conveniences, Economic strength, protection of civilization, Administrative & Political system and may be expansion of territory. Some initiatives in to art, music, romance and all other attributes of daily living is also visible. But does all of the above make the civilization complete?

All the civilizations which had the comforts for its people yet may have had lack in wisdom & happiness. We can agree that devoid of wisdom & happiness all else is finite. All finite experiences and civilization are conditional. The joy in the finite system is dependent on conditions that are bound by shelf life. Is it sufficient that the civilization is established on fault lines? Are the stability assured and the steadiness ensured in the civilization? How deep we should understand the human behavior? Has our civilization have any systems that provides happiness & wisdom. Does humanity need to learn further?

Has humanity shut itself in to a framework that stagnates learning? Rearranging the raw material in to appropriate product or infrastructure may not be consistent with the inner drive to be wise and happy. How much ever products are manufactured for human conveniences, yet the number of presents, psychiatric clinics and hospitals are not reducing. The reason is very simple. In our insatiable chase to procure happiness perhaps we have slipped in to wrong trajectory. Consumption of materials for indulgences alone will not bring wisdom & happiness

Does our civilization need to graduate into the realm of wisdom & happiness? If so then where is the exit out of current framework & the bridge into the fresh dimension? People, who have regularly practiced alternate breathing techniques and specific stretches for the body, seem to know the answer. They have claimed that solutions are hidden to people who does not subscribe to meditation. Meditators seem to have the key to unlock the secrets of fine living. Our civilization seems to be molded on a practice that compels citizens to procure more. Isn’t it inside your experience that your search is not complete even though your procurements are immense? So the Guru encourages civilization to move in to the dimension of wisdom & happiness. Only happiness & wisdom is consistent. This is because the Guru converts each citizen into a contributor. Consumptions are finite yet contributions are infinite. What if humanity positions itself as a raw material for the nourishment of the entire earth? What can human beings do to poster itself as the raw material to nurture the environment, the animals and all other flora & fauna? Consider this hypothesis. Human beings are the raw materials for iron ore. People become useful for photosynthesis in plants or even your civilization produces nourishment for the goats than its reverse. The entire eco system will then thrive when the civilization starts complementing the nature. But this paradigm shift into happiness & wisdom needs education. It needs a relationship of trainer with a trainee. The ignorant nature of civilization that compels it to dominate others makes people into poor learners. A good student welcomes upon himself the necessary sacrifices so that he can liberate himself from the shackles of confinement. Every civilization was confined into its own understanding of luxury, growth, development & success. Whereas the paradigm shift is an opening where success is defined as talent, skills, sharing, caring & a collective global cause. 

A leader who provides the vision & training that gives you a global perspective will connect not just by mannerism but also from the heart. A mature adult must show traits of willingness to evolve. The fruit that ripens naturally will be more sweeter than the other which is compelled to conform. The adult who has ripened & matured through the processes of evolution will have equipped himself with the qualities to discover the true leader. The opportunity has submitted itself to everybody. You are also exposed to possibilities of happiness & wisdom. The leader has expressed the willingness to provide guidance. Where is the catalyst that hastens the evolution of civilization? This catalyst perhaps was the missing link. Will the innovator be justified if he articulates the missing catalyst as time? 

When the time, opportunity, willingness and maturity has all come together to welcome the guide, the civilization can call itself complete & ready for happiness & wisdom. Welcome to infinity…


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