Has the mankind or the woman kind or the humankind, got an objective? 

Have we here got any specific objective today? Do we really need any more answers or even solutions? I will be justified to think that most of us are saturated with answers and solutions.

Well yet, there is a search or may be a curiosity; though the search and curiosity is unending, perhaps the interests and research are compromised. Certainly, all of us here today have a common objective. We all need to grow, though not all of us may want to grow. But all of us need to grow. Whether we want to grow or need to grow, it is certain that we just may have to grow. Whether we mean grow up or grow- into or grow out-of, can be debated at another appropriate time. The opposite of growth is stagnation; stagnation makes us stifled, suffocated or may be at least stressed. 

So, now the big question is do we need any change? 

In the past we learned to grow. We learned to grow into technicalities. We learn to grow into specificities. We learned to grow into metrics, calculations, analysis, assessments, articulations and severe accuracies. If all of these were rubber bands, then we have stretched them and stretched them and stretched. Many of these parameters may collapse, some paradigms of managements has collapsed. Much has to change before the rubber bands starts snapping one by one. Has technicalities, protocols, processes and criterion become such over stretched rubber bands? If so, then change is welcome. 

So why change?

Do you like to hear the songs of Kishore Kumar or Sonu Nigam ? Of Mohammad Rafi or A.R Rahman? Of Lata and Asha or of Sunidhi Chauhan? Well do we like to hear older songs of our generations or new songs of current generations?

Well evidently there is a generation gap, many of us may not even want to acknowledge this. But are we becoming victims to a condition, which makes us, avoid doing necessary things but which we are averse to? Are we in a condition that we listen to and do things, only that we like to do? 

If this is true, then we have simply grown into a set of corporate and management mannerisms that has even become over stretched. So, who will initiate our growing out of this paradigm?  Who will make us do things that we may not like to do? When and how will we bring-in the change, are some of the questions we need to answer.

I had a function in Cochin the other day. I made meticulous travel plan. Then, descended due to the fog in Pune airport, I did not realize this air craft also touched Pune and Ahmadabad, Bangalore and then Cochin. Well, my flight delayed three times totaling three hours; my point is how do we handle uncertainties.

Has the technicalities, factored in to it a component called uncertainties?

So we now have, 

  1. Over Stretched about to snap.
  2. Grown –into specificities.
  3. Need for change.
  4. Dealing with uncertainties.

I believe that human resource department can be made part of the Business decision making process. The big question is, can it work in reverse too if we make the delivery and the technical team, as part of the human resource decision making process? Well ,either way, we can be judiciously adventurous. This is a great way to introduce the collective growing-out of the severe constraints of the present. Each one of us can become equipped to take full responsibility to bridge these gaps of knowledge capital, technical dexterity, business functions and generation gaps.

Conversely the technical experts and professionals can make opportunity to get a little rounded by understanding the human resource and human capital processes. Together we can create a synergy called human energy. When global competitiveness may become the only reality, this growth of human energy and cross industry- functional knowledge may become imperative if not inevitable.

There was an immense gap between management and other employees. We reduced the gap through the methods as conceived by the HR department. Further we introduced welfare schemes. Equity to profits were made possible through stock options. Yet, we continued to close the gaps, flexi times and working from home, virtual meetings , conferences and presentations have all attempted to ease the stress. But yet, employee engagement and aligning their interests with common company agenda, needs a re-visit. When there is inter departmental cross over and participation in business decision making, the gaps will be eliminated and employee engagements to company agendas can be optimized.

So how to enforce a methodology to convert concepts in to practice and then a reality? That we have to re-skill our personnel that could be anybody’s guess. But along with exposing the people to corresponding risk of interdepartmental and cross over functions, we need to identify a critical number of people. These people must be experts at their domain. They must have a non- compromising professionalism to work culture. This critical number of professionals who are domain experts and are experienced in your corporate culture must undergo a training. They must be trained to become NURTURERS. They must hand-hold and train the next layer of candidates from HR, to introduce them to participate in business decision making. Both the sides namely the technical delivery and business team must learn to collaborate with the visiting HR team. This merger of ideas and skills are essential in manufacturing service, and in IT enabled industries. Considering the competitions that are emerging, in offline, online, onsite and other interactions, work competencies are being re-defined by market dynamics.

It is in this context that the merger of ideas within your personnel will add value to the company. The company can then not only fortify its state in the market but also project a robustly cohesive ad engaged workforce. We can together row out the severe technicality warp.


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