The word called corruption is too vast and complex. It is a scenario where there is both a practical requirement as well as an ethical conflict.

Corruption is doing to others what one would not like to be done to oneself.

Where does corruption begin? When we experience loss, when we have a threat perception   or when we feel insecure, then we feel cornered. We get our backs to the wall. But we have to survive. So the survival instinct will make us do something. It could be finding some ways to circumvent the constricting rule, overcome a procedure, expedite a protocol or disrupt a process so that we can survive and flourish.

Primarily, one person must have a strong idea of contentment, patience and gratitude in order to eliminate corruption. Then, he can overcome it.

Then again, on the other side, it is very important for the concerned person to ensure that we do not experience insecurity, threat perception or perception of loss. Seeing that we are cornered and helpless and have made ourselves vulnerable, the person on the other side should lend a helping hand in the ambit of human values. He can help us to come out of our need to disrupt the existing process, protocol or procedure. Thus, corruption can be eliminated. It is a two-way process.

There needs to be a framework of ethics to deal with corruption. Ethically we should not do to others that which we would not like to be done to ourselves.

This world is beautiful and large, and so are we. We must have faith in ourselves and trust the people around us. However, in the world of duality, there will always be contest and comparison. There will always be some reason and element for conflict. Therefore, being in the world of contrast, conflict and comparison, we have to understand and agree with its very nature. There is corruption because there is pain in somebody. The objective is to eliminate that pain. And that is the reason such an action is termed ‘corrupt’.

Least Corrupted countries

We have to understand certain ground rules. It is that, sometimes, pain is inevitable. That is the way the system is. Therefore, total harmony is an illusion. If somebody is looking for total happiness at all times, then we can call him a perfectionist.

There will always be some reason for unhappiness. But that should not be our criterion to choose whether to participate or not to participate in volunteering. Our objective must be to eliminate pain for other people; to give them solace and comfort. Thus, our focus should not be on the actual corruption but on how adept we are at giving solace.

At all times there will be incompetent people; people with limited IQ and imperfection. Thus, there is an element of pain. Corruption begins with a pain element; either it is in the receiver or in the giver. In the giver, the pain element can be neutralised by patience, contentment and gratitude.

The moment we begin to deal with our pain, we will get a clearer perspective of it. Then, we will need to heighten our competence, learning level, skill and tact. Others may not be able to cope because they would be having fewer resources. Then, we will have to deal with this and live with such people.

It is really a pain. So, the corrupt way to get out of this pain is to quickly resolve it by using some unethical means or using some over-reaching influences. But the correct way is by enhancing our competence, strategy and tact. At the same time, we should learn to influence our opposition and find substitutes to replace corrupt practices.


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