Mind your Mind

Mind your Mind

Follow Through:

 A mind that can easily grasp new instructions and communications.

If your mind is loaded with prejudice, bias, then your listening ability is compromised. So it is important to learn to improve your listening. When your listening is optimized, then you get insights into those things that you observe. These insights help to open up your mind. It is then easy to take instructions. Such a mind is necessary to enable you to follow through the important tasks.

Logical End:

If you have good insight, then your intuition will start working. You may have heard fifteen minutes of instructions. You may have inferred ten minutes of listening and then five minutes of derivations. Through good calculation and arithmetic you can arrive at a destination of the desired result. But then it is the intuition that will reinforce to you the correct action that you have to pursue. A passionate implementation of this action in its framework of specific structure and detailed plan brings to you immense favorable results. Thus taking the concept into its logical workable end.


Though it is one of the pillars of good workmanship , many people compromise honesty to be able to survive. You are not deceiving the other person, the employer, the customer, the vendor. You are deceiving yourself when you are dishonest. 

Though you must have made a mistake or an error, do not take recourse into the comfort of dishonesty. Honesty may neither be comfortable nor convenient. It may hurt your  personal sentiments or mind when you are honest. But as the old adage says,“honesty is the best policy”.


Check your own interest levels in the work that you do. Start articulating the personal rewards that are coming your way. Lack of interest to do work can bring dissatisfaction. Works which is not virtuous and noble will not bring fulfillment. Get interested in the work so that you get the personal rewards, fulfillment and satisfaction. 


Count the number of people who are simply choosing to keep you occupied inside their whims and their fancies. You have allowed them to influence the way you think. Maybe there are other kind of people, who are your sycophants. Their sycophancy has ably captured your imagination. Take a check on what is occupying the bandwidth of your mind. You have to reject these sycophants . Bring back your focus on to prudence, productivity, progress and performance. At all cost reject and eject these sycophants from your work culture.


Only you can enhance the credibility of your business. Train yourself to accomplish impeccable punctuality. You must learn to do whatever that needs to be done, so that you accomplish perfection in the discipline of timekeeping. This appeal of on-time delivery of goods and services will increase the dependability quotients in the mind of a consumer.


Compare your mind with that of your counterparts who are successful. When your mind is restless, over-ambitious, agitated or even jittery, have you then seen your behavior? At these challenging times your expressions can become knee-jerk and impulsive. The others may be justified in terming you erratic. Your practice of meditations, yoga and pranayama can bring the much-needed composure and calm. 

Then your responses to circumstantial challenges will convey maturity. Consumers needs to see such predictable behavior to attract their engagement.  


If you really study the habits of your mind, you will see its pattern. You have conveniently created numerous alibis. You have secured many definite comfort zones. You have learned many excuses and other arguments that has enabled you to slip away from challenges. You have to be courageous to face these challenges. You cannot escape forever. These  are opportunities for you to overcome the habits by which you have repeatedly escaped from hard work.

Loyalty to Longevity:

Recall the old saying “The grass is greener on the other side”. Any analyst or trainer will vouch that there is a time line to break even. So loyalty to the work culture even in challenging times and downturn may be a good advice. A good strategist may use his tact of total participation in revival of your ailing company. This longevity will give you dexterity and authority in your career.


Here is the magic letter. You may believe that it is a serpentine line in front of the movie theater. But the buzz word in corporate sector is ‘QUALITY’. Have you held yourself accountable if your product is not of high quality? It is certainly matter of pride if you are able to provide goods and services of high quality. Your sincerity to enhance quality of your deliverables will certainly make you a worker who is sought after by your company, industry,market, the society and even your family.


How do you handle obstacles? How do you deal with hostile people? Study your perceptions in detail. You may be amazed to know that these were all in reality, not challenges ,but opportunities. Ask any mathematician, have you heard them relish in their knowledge of permutation & combinations? There is an arithmetic to everything. If you specialize in calculations then you can change your perception. Identify the individual factors and components in your circumstances. ‘Deconstruct’ your painful environment. These are opportunities  to learn and make appropriate studies. Your wisdom will tell you everything has a ratio and proportion. It is for you to establish your relevance and fine tune your balance. Having done all these, rest assured that nature is your friend.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? An introvert may have extreme talent in technology and skill in theories, equations and  scientific disposition. Many financial geniuses and economists are introverts. Therefore there is evidence of immense strength even  if they are introverts.

What skills are needed to promote a product?

One has to overcome mental inhibitions and intellectual resistances. Product promotion and selling needs a good understanding of human relationships and interaction between people. 

Though one has to become expressive and communicative yet we must have appropriate restraint. Over indulgences and exhibitionist attitude may become counter productive. 

People who are good at promoting a product should also have a strong resolve in actioning entire sales process. A business interaction may remain incomplete at the cost of total recovery of product and services. An additional talent would be to design the procedure that ensures retention and loyalty of your clientele to your product.

It is always a pleasure to deal with informed employees, trained workforce and staff that are tutored in favorable work culture. All the stakeholders who share the work culture of  cohesiveness and co-operation will ensure the victory of the brand. 


How much of “selfishness” do you have? Are you most concerned about your wants and needs alone? If so, then,  you will not think from other people’s position. Do you know the components and factors that enable them to make their decisions? If you knew that, then your communication to them would be more total and complete. You have to provide them with more data. You must research and learn all the details and specific touch points before you make a presentation. You must be equipped with all the statistics and logistical details. All support documents and relevant information must be presented. So ability to compile and document all the information within the context is essential. Then there should not be any gap in the sequences of your submission of data. 


Learn to cross check your own work. Ensure that you have critically audited your own work for flaws and mistakes. You must ruthlessly hold yourself accountable in case of any error or omission in your presentation. Do you have the courage to run your presentation through some external audit practices, so that a critical feedback can be obtained? Then you can re-work your presentation with enhanced communication potential. 


It is important to an ability to read the unwritten and sense the unspoken. When your mind is clear and free from clutter, then your listening is at its optimum. A good listener practices the art of labouring to listen. He should be enabled to infer the sense and the meaning behind the words of the speaker. “What exactly is the speaker attempting to convey through his words?” So we must have the talent to put a structure and sequence to the spirit of the content. Derive the actual sense, meaning and spirit of the entire lecture of the speaker.


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