Connectedness to disconnectedness

One is the dimension of connectedness and the other is the dimension of disconnectedness. So there are two clear dimensions. Oneness exists in the dimension of connectedness; the other dimension is devoid of any oneness. This dimension of disconnectedness will always have the boundary lines. Sometimes the boundary lines are bold and strong, other times these boundary lines may be very thin and weak, it is for sure that the dimension of disconnectedness is characterized by the dividing boundary lines. There is no benefit in temporarily blurring these boundary lines. These lines can never be diffused. Pretending that these lines are deleted cannot graduate anybody to connectivity. You may exit from disconnectivity and arrive at oneness, this may be a possibility but pretending that the dividing lines are absent and yet living in disconnectivity will be proved futile.

These dividing lines have their functions, however weak and thin they are, you neither have to delete them nor exaggerate them. Personal identities, respective functions and corresponding forms are here to stay. These lines give definitions, characteristics and features that enable you to recognize the context. There is beauty in the diversities and the variety of behaviours and expressions. Nobody has ever succeeded in standardizing all the people. There can never be an absolute uniformity for the living style of all the people, though certain functions are common to the whole of creation and specific species, much discord and differences are inevitable.

How to learn to move through this realm of crisis and chaos?

Many social systems have already evolved their own methods of rules, regulations and norms. But in your day-to-day living, haven’t you seen people who are reluctant to comply? What can you expect when you hire a taxi, is it just a vehicle to move from point A to point B, some claim that it is justifiable that , the driver does not know the route, a multi channel FM radio or an air conditioner. A passenger may even claim the taxi must have a digital meter that displays kilometer reading and the fare.

But has your experiences been different from your expectations? Are your interactions and trade found on trust or distrust? Do all the parties involved in one transaction adhere to single guidelines, which is common to all?  In such cases, to what extent, can you invest in due diligence.

Neither can you make corrections continuously in all your interactions nor can you be perpetually curious to learn the solutions. You have to submit to the doctrine that honesty, integrity, ethics and morals are also existing in the dimension of disconnect. Ethos, refinement and aesthetics of what you call as ‘art’, are also in this geography of disconnect. How much are you investing in learning these thin lines? Any mannerism that expresses oneness will be temporary, if you do not exit from the disconnect.  Can there world without ‘ Lakshman rekha’?

Mutual benefit, value-add and co-existence is possible when there is clarity and there are indicators of the ‘lakshman rekha’. Though connectivity is energizing, the practicality of the energy is in the dimension of the ‘Lakshman Rekha’.

So how to have the harmony in this tangible realm. Human energy has the potential to learn and also the potential to avoid learning. Here too there is a thin line which ensures the fine balance, you either decide to be nurtured or to be pampered.

You can chase comforts and conveniences by establishments or commitments. This is your checklist, which you can use or ignore. In this dimension you are in-charge in making decisions. How can ‘blame’ exists when you have positioned yourselves as the cause of your world. Are you ready to get your feet on street and hands busy? It is your own energy that you can use to create your own resources. This sincerity, discipline and security of learning of your living will ensure your progress.

In this maturity alone can you exit the disconnect and then arrive at a sustainable connectivity.


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