Connecting with other people is the quality that makes one into a leader. The connection could be through language, emotion, or even profession. Many people have a traditional or cultural connect with leaders. Take a look at the way you communicate. Do you have any plans to improve your speech and communications? Many relationships turn over due to lack of communications. Negotiations, discussions, debates all needs good communication skills. The good leader also knows to establish cordiality and collaboration.

Implement, Inspire

The quality of soldier is courage. The soldier is not afraid of obstacles. The obstacle is the target of soldiers. The soldier makes himself adept in identifying the obstacles. The obstacles could be in the environment, circumstance or within the habitat. How do you deal with the events which are frightening to you? Have you seen this hostile situation from the eyes of a soldier? Overcoming obstacles and hostilities is the chief mission of the soldier. Such a quality is essential to be able to implement your plans. You become an inspiration to others when you make your plans actionable. Good command over logistic management is essential. Understanding of all permutations, combinations, calculations and articulations are needed to overcome obstacles. Good mathematical skills, engineering knowledge and expertise of information technologies become essentials to implementation. A soldier has no certainty about the type of hostility that may spring forth in front of him. Even if it is an ambush, the soldier has to exercise his mastery of innovation.


The visionaries must have good experiences of implementing projects. They must have thoroughly learned the details of achieving result. The visionaries must be thorough in many methods of analysis, assessments and other calculations. They must understand the nuances and details of building strategies. To be a visionary, one has to study demographics and evolution of trends and fashion. It is important to consider the applicability and the practical terms before setting the vision. The visionary must be good to find solutions and give answers. A good understanding of Human Resources and their patterns of behaviours can enhance the skills of vision setting.  Ability to mathematically evaluate along with intuitively interact numerous detailed components of a project is essential in a visionary.


The entrepreneur is a big asset of energy and enthusiasm. He has to create new avenues. Entrepreneur is not a job seeker but a job creator as such he is responsible to create resources. Though he can share his wealth with others, a good entrepreneur will be judicious in allowing access to his resources. He will assure equity to the stake holders. A lot of creativity is required to create a new product and service. The entrepreneur also must be successful to promote the product. Good skills of accounting, operations, productions, promotions and human resources must come together in the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur must also be able to secure and protect the resources that he has made.

It is imperative that you learn and study the above four sections namely

  1. Leadership
  2. Implement, Inspire
  3. Vision
  4. Entrepreneur

word-rub-ons-live copy.jpg

Establishing yourself in meditations and disciplines of breathing techniques and education of yoga will enhance your expertise in the above four sections. This expertise of the above four sections can bring comfort and freedom to the way you live. That is why; the first letters of above four sections together spells LIVE.


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