Simply sitting with eyes closed is an external expression. The others may look at you and see that you are silent. They have had an experience of noise within them. This makes your posture of silent sitting, more valuable to them.

Harish knew this well. He was astute and shrewd. He won the attention of the noisy people by using his calm expression. People always saw Harish as a person of commendable composure. Harish was consulted by many about the importance of silent sitting. Those who imitated Harish’s habit of silent sitting, vouched for its benefits.  Miracles, healing and manifestations from the wish list became the prime motivators.

Sheetal just did not understand the narrative of silent sitting. This athlete simply loved the tracks and field events. Over eight hours daily, she was practicing at the stadium grounds. Sweating the body by the athletics became her mantra.

Silent sitting of Harish seemed to be conflict with Sheetal. The movement of the body to enhance its capacity to sweat when outdoors was the mantra of Sheetal. The conflict became evident only when the two got connected through mutual friends.

The silent sitting connected with the mantra of sweat from movement needed a leveler. A new connectivity had to be established by consensus. One had to compromise if friendliness has to emerge, and that is evolution. So, what will be the name of the result of this friendly evolution?

How about the word ‘meditation’ asked Chaithanya. But why meditation? “This connects both silent sitting and movement “said Chaithanya.

Meditation is not limited to a posture of sitting. It is not an expression of external silence. But the silence has to be within the person.  A dimension of silence exists beyond the realm of the mind, said Chaithanya.

Sheetal has had the experience. She would sweat it out externally. In all her movement in athletics, never had she any stress, anxiety or worry. She had connected to an immense silence realm within her. Her movement looks very noisy externally but an internal harmony had settled her in contentment and patience.

 Harish envied Sheetal and humbly decided to learn the skills. His sincerity impressed Chaithanya. Chaithanya was the domain expert on the art of meditation.

But any skill transfer from Chaithanya was costing too much. In this case asking rate was nothing less.

To learn the meditation in movement, Harish had to disconnect with his emotional attachment to Sheetal.

Harish had simply been grateful with what remained with him after the exit of sheetal. He had to reject loneliness, boredom and the sense of worthlessness.

Harish invoked the magic. He became courageous and decided to focus on his pursuit of research into his depths. He had to learn to be meditative in his movements. He discarded his naivety and deception of silent sitting.

Chaithanya became impressed and whispered into his ears.

The Sheetal was connected back , in a  dimension deeper than his own mind. Harish experienced Sheetal as his own heart. He graduated out, from the shallowness of the mindfulness. His expressions became whole hearted of the connectedness.  The completeness was profound.

All the people around him evidenced the stillness in his movement, the silence in the noise and wisdom in his innocence.

Harish, Sheetal and Chaithanya harmonized the conflicts. New resolutions were chartered. Universal living was made trendy and the evolution rejoiced.


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