Next innings stop chasing!

But then what are you chasing?

When have you really been honest to your self? Have you ever violated the traffic rules or the parking rules in the last one month? Do you know what  jay walking or jay talking is? Have you been an expert in hiding your own flaws? If you deconstruct your behavior and activities into an atomic level, there are breaches, from compliances and departure from adherences. Perhaps, you strayed clear from even considering making a service level agreement. Then why this hypocrisy? If Sreesanth is a symptom then who is the cause? Every time you disregard  your own integrity, you have shared values with Sreesanth. Climb down from your moral high ground and see the real environment of Sreesanth.  When was the time in your society that was devoid of corruption? Bringing an isolated event under the scanner can provide ample entertainment. But then IPL itself has all the ingredients of an entertainment. Is the solution in banning IPL or the players? You may just be discarding the baby out along with the bath water.

Why did it not stop with Hansje Cronje or our own Mohammed Azharuddin. As much as they were greedy for money, the consumers of the game were seeking a past time. Both came out of discontent in the mind. Why did you buy the tickets and go to the stadium? Seeking joy or to express joy? Can we blame the discontent in the mind as a reason for unethical behaviour, but then, who is squeaky clean? Be it in your relationships, in your pleasure, in your profession, academics or even your religion?

It may be either in public, in private, in official or even in personal interactions, All the people have sought comfort, convenience, resources, desires and power. Who does not want more of it?  Wouldn’t you want it in better quality? Did you have the courage to pick on everything unjust and unfair?  Then where is the solution? How to transform the ‘sreesanth’ within you? Do not ask the faithful because they too are seeking. Only the methodology of  seeking is not confined into a limited framework of procedures, process, protocol and other paradigm. The prayers are offering the seekers the freedom to stray from all conservative methodologies. The prayers offer the devout the luxury of straying from conservative and archaic norms. The procurement from divinity, can then be begotten any which way. The corruption inside the desires and wishes are mostly invisible. As the wants that you have for excellence of any kinds, or even your apathy and lethargy, are they much different from greed of the cricketers? Under what moral authority can we classify someone as legitimate?  May be prayers are legitimate, or are they really? Who has the moral ground to classify the norm as ethical or perverted? Therefore the solution must be devoid of relativity. Where there is faith that supply will always be there to the demand. That all needs are being satisfied. Abundance is there for the contented and scarcity is visible only to the searching eyes.  So if only ‘one’ exist, then there is no two. In such case, how can you be corrupt? Even the show of sanctity and serenity has the potential to become a mental experience as different from a spiritual reality. External experience of reference and sacredness can be practiced even by the anti-social.

Complete spiritual experience is something a guru can bring. Your readiness, humility and willingness will ensure that the guru works in you. The solution mix is an exit from indulgences inside the opposites. Spiritual experience, is no doubt sacred and revered but the authentic reach is  assured only by the grace and blessings of the Guru. That will make a ‘srisanth’ within. (‘Sri’ means resource ‘santh’ means peace and harmony within)

Next innings stop chasing!


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  1. amruthavkumar2 · July 10, 2013

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    Identify, Rectify and Deconstruct the Srishant in you!!!


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