Welcome home is a phrase that you may have used with little awareness. Here we may decode it as “Home is a place that you come for wellness”.

But is that your reality? So what is home? We have this habit of differentiating home from another habitat called work place. Now, let us identify the differentiators. Chiefly it is limited to a characteristic of expenditure to another, of a feature of that of income. We have assumed that home is that of expenditure and work place is that of income. Who has trained us to measure home and work in terms of expenditure and income? If you had to choose between spending an hour without productivity with your grandmother at home versus an hour at work place in return for twenty thousand dollars, then which is your choice of indulgence? If your indulgence is limited to return on investment alone, then perhaps you are too narrow.

How do you measure the joy of your grandmother when you share your time duration of one hour with her. Are you really sensitized to your gains of that interaction and give and take? If not, then your objectives must be to learn to sensitize yourself to adequately relate to original and sustainable gains as opposed to temporary niche and fringe gains.

Now we have discovered differentiators. But then what is the difference between home and work? Well, the place or activity that energizes you, as and more that you are at it, is certainly home. Here at home, your enthusiasm brings forth your contribution of harmony to your habitat. Where as, that place where you are fatigued because of compelling nature of your output is called work. At work you may even experience excitements as a temporary incentive but yet may result in exhaustion of your energies.

So any work that is devoid of compulsion and fatigue, but that work which is springing forth from enthusiasm and energy is certainly home. Now, we have to discover method to convert the stress of the work place to make it more like home and perhaps eliminate complacency at your house to make it more productive.

So, now we have arrived at “Welcome Home”.


Now, converting the complacency into productive and gainful activity needs kick starting movements. May be movement of body or even of emotions. Some physical fitness exercises coordinated with the correct eating habits are essential of wellness. Wellness also will demand some reading for intellectual rigour and immense readiness to learn new skills, so as to develop freshness of emotions.


All of us are endowed with immense skill and talent capital. The resources of skill and talents that you are endowed with, gives you self-respect, esteem and confidence. But do you have any methodology to discover these and develop them. These are your most intimate resources. Discovering resources and enhancing them ensures your welfare. Economic management and use of your resources are imperative for the longevity of your access to welfare. Some learning of welfare schemes both for home and at work is recommended.


It is important that you put much effort to develop new skills and talents. For this you have to enable yourself with the infrastructure and environment that will allow the practice of your choice vocation and hobbies. Repeated practice alone of your choice activity, can bring to you the necessary dexterity, to take you to the competitive standards of your vocation, hobby or even trade. Only then can you give yourself a well done pat on your back and later pamper yourself to a deserved rest and relaxation.


Having now, practiced thoroughly the principles of Welcome, Wellness, Welfare and Well done, we are now eligible to open another vital dimension of well-being. This is a dimension that drives all others. Neglecting this dimension of well-being can cause imbalance in all the other areas of your interaction. You must establish yourself in the regular practices of meditations, correct breathing techniques and stretches of the body as in yoga. Your stamina and strength to negotiate the interactive challenges will certainly improve if you learn them correctly and practice them regularly and appropriately use your new learnings.

The nature of challenges and conflicts which is inherent in interactions needs a completion. Well being is their companion. The challenges together with it’s source called the “Being” is called fulfillment.

There are people who are your inspirations. They are called well-to-do families. They are successful because of their practices of well-being. You can also decide to be well founded in progressive and well crafted routine and lifestyle. The ultimate rule is “Only that what is the input will come as the result and output”.


You have a potential to become caring to other people. Have you measured your charity quotient.

Can you discover a methodology to loosen your grip to command people and diffuse your wish to be in control? If you are well-off, then you will reach out to become an asset to your society.

Therefore welcome home now!


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