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Sharda wanted to learn a new stream. She loved interacting with people. She succeeded in getting a job in the human resource department of Squirrel Tech Company.

Sharda’s induction into this department of her choice was not easy. There was a stiff opposition from within the human resource department at STC. The existing clique did not want an additional intervention. They had fortified their comfort zone in the human resource department. The work in this department was to maintain a routine. Dynamism and change was resisted. Sharda had to break into this status quo. Her aspiration was not only important to Sharda, but she even had an urgency. She had always wanted to be a career woman. She linked a job at STC to her professional wellness. In the changing social scenario, a career woman made more sense not only in her house, but also for marriage alliances. She knew her wellness depended on her being perceived as a resource person at home. The timing was also of urgency because she conducted dance classes in the evenings, in her neighbourhood. The HR department of STC was in her neighbourhood and a vacancy and recruitment happens very rarely to this branch and unit. The chance may not come again. The time saved everyday and the convenience of commuting added to the perceived wellness. Her encouragement of the dance classes made her well founded in the physical fitness and additional talent.

Sharda was rebuked by the existing Human Resource Personnel. Sukumar gave leadership to the ninety-two people who worked in this department. Unanimously they could make a new recruit’s working day very miserable experience.  Sharda had to strategize. She knew the clique functioned to satisfy their vested interests, over and above that of the company. The lack of appropriate training to the other departments of STC did not bother them.

No innovation was introduced in the Human resource practices, in the last four years. The clique of people, who is driving their personal agenda at the cost of collective labour happiness, was impediment to the image of STC, as a good company to work in.

Sharda had to position herself as a protagonist, if not, for anything else but at least, to procure a job in the HR department of STC.

Harrison  Anand bumped into Sharda at the gate. She was having a squabble with the security guards. They wanted information about her which was irrelevant. They refused the entry pass. Harrison Anand could not, but observe the intensity and the attitude of an activist in this woman. She was full of integrity and conviction. She knew cause and most of all, she was polite. Harrison Anand the CEO of STC, called her to be interviewed, by his personal staff.

Sharda was given the job of choice with in a week. The interview of Sharda was easy, because they were well-informed about her traits in negotiation with the guards.

Sharda soon analysed the stagnation of Human resource department. She had to dismantle the reinforced emotional home of lethargy and apathy of Sukumar’s loyalists.Under his influence, the entire ninety-two people would work against the progressive policies. In all, they themselves were victims of unhealthy corporate and professional behaviours.

Sharda caring for the other workers in the company, readjusted the welfare schemes, so as to benefit the workers. This sharing of company’s wealth with its employees invigorated their loyalties towards sharda’s policies, away from the emotional bullying of Sukumar.

She opened up many avenues for all the employees to benefit from the company through equities. Job securities and critical feedback possibilities became encouraged.

The workers experienced a new-found ownership of their own daily activities. They became eager to contribute time and talent to the well-being of the company as a whole. But yet Sharda chose to do more intervention. She had already achieved wellness, welfare and was well founded.

Now through additional investment training and fund management opportunities, Sharda’s people of STC became well-to-do families and town ship.

She then had to take care of the personal growth of the people. The Squirrel Tech Co, CEO, Mr. Harrison Anand read out Sharda’s recommendation during a review meeting. The proposal was carefully researched and studied. The board then sanctioned the development of the meditation centre in the township. The Department of Training in Pranayama and Yoga Asanas was commissioned. The personal well-being of all the people of STC became a reality. The practicality and implementation power of Sharda’s intention became noteworthy.

In her address to the people, she dedicated all her capabilities, to her ability to meditate and practice a lifestyle of personal progress and development. Sharda demonstrated a well-to-do, welfare, wellness, well founded and finally well-being.


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  1. shilasivan · July 2, 2013

    from bud to blossoming 🙂


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