We need to know the importance of becoming a volunteer. You must have experienced boredom; you must have experienced feeling lonely. So, the best antidote for boredom and loneliness is to learn to become a volunteer.

Does this need education? Perhaps, yes, because our education system since childhood, has not taught us to contribute, it has only taught us to consume. Our education system is so founded on learning by-heart, by root system; finally it is about writing an exam, passing and getting a certificate; thereby certifying you to do a certain function. So, this type of education does not care for  values, ethics, morals and integrity.

To develop the values such as integrity, moral and ethics, one has to start contributing than consuming and this needs education and training. The mind is conditioned such that you got to be a contributor or a consumer.

Do you want to be a liability or an asset to your society? Do you want to be a support to your house or be someone who continues to demand attention and acknowledgment from the people inside the house?

This is a decision that you have to take.  So, as a volunteer, the word itself suggests that it is something voluntary that means something that you contribute without compulsion. So, to volunteer for nation building, you need to get interested in things that happen in your country. You can choose a subject to lend your talent voluntarily- service and time. If the subject is the country, then you need to understand the demography, the social milieu, what goes into constructing your country, its ethos, its culture and its tradition. Now that you have decided to voluntarily participate in nation building, you need to acquire the appropriate skills. To be able to acquire appropriate skills, you need to learn, to participate and to interact. And to do this, you need to have an interest; you need to engage in areas where you can exchange your learning.

Volunteering for common cause; identify it first!

Firstly, you have a responsibility to learn where you can contribute. You cannot sit inside the house or sit on a fence and think that the entire world will become your entertainers to capture your interest and engage you in some activity and give you solace and comfort when you are in depression, loneliness and boredom. This is becoming the biggest compromise that we make to our own self development and our country. Primarily you need to identify your impediments to learn where you can contribute.

The objective of nation building is to create a country where everybody lives in harmony. Now the question is, was there a harmony at any given point of time in this country? Yes, perhaps, cultural camaraderie   and traditional commonality may have given a semblance of harmony. If that is the case then, you have to discover what the intervention that disturbed the harmony of cultural and traditional commonality. Then, there is something called a fabric that holds the social milieu together.

Once, you have discovered the intervention that has disrupted the harmony and potentially brought it to an area of confrontation, and then your objective is to clear that intervention of its conflicts and confrontation. So that harmony, brotherhood and oneness, progress and social upliftment become the objective and that is the only way for anyone to participate in nation building and to volunteer their services.

If there was no ethos holding the society together in harmony earlier, then in the context of future progress, you have to create a trendy harmony, a trendy ethos that everyone can participate.

If you were to call integrity, values, ethics and moral as good, then you have to find a way to organize these things. Once this is organized, then, on the other side is the discontentment, disgruntlement, too much demand, no rationale, too much emotional surges etc, all these can be made into the fringe, then you have a clear idea of what is harmony and disharmony and what is good and bad.

Once you have identified the good, and organized the good, then, you have to deliver the good.   Goodness organized and delivered is ‘GOD’. So godliness is nothing but goodness organized and delivered. After having eliminated the other tendencies of encroaching, capturing, captivating, dominating and demanding unfairly, goodness has to be organized on one side and delivered. Then the other things, the fringe will simply vaporize. Your objective should be to vaporize fringe.


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  1. shilasivan · July 2, 2013

    Goodness organized and delivered is ‘GOD’. Interesting definition of GOD


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